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Bug 1203159 - Update each product's DevTools inclusion. r=glandium A new configure option --with-devtools (which sets MOZ_DEVTOOLS) is added to control whether all DevTools, just the server, or no DevTools are included. This defaults to just the server. Applications should also include /devtools within their tree, so that DIST_SUBDIR is in effect for all DevTools files if it is used by the app.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIURI.idl"

 * This interface allows the security manager to query custom per-addon security
 * policy.
interface nsIAddonPolicyService : nsISupports
   * Returns true if unprivileged code associated with the given addon may load
   * data from |aURI|.
  boolean addonMayLoadURI(in AString aAddonId, in nsIURI aURI);

   * Returns true if a given extension:// URI is web-accessible.
  boolean extensionURILoadableByAnyone(in nsIURI aURI);

   * Maps an extension URI to the ID of the addon it belongs to.
  AString extensionURIToAddonId(in nsIURI aURI);