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#include "nsPagePrintTimer.h"
#include "nsIContentViewer.h"
#include "nsIServiceManager.h"
#include "nsPrintEngine.h"

NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS1(nsPagePrintTimer, nsITimerCallback)

nsPagePrintTimer::nsPagePrintTimer() :

  // "Destroy" the document viewer; this normally doesn't actually
  // destroy it because of the IncrementDestroyRefCount call below
  // XXX This is messy; the document viewer should use a single approach
  // to keep itself alive during printing
  nsCOMPtr<nsIContentViewer> cv(do_QueryInterface(mDocViewerPrint));
  if (cv) {

nsPagePrintTimer::StartTimer(PRBool aUseDelay)
  nsresult result;
  mTimer = do_CreateInstance(";1", &result);
  if (NS_FAILED(result)) {
    NS_WARNING("unable to start the timer");
  } else {
    mTimer->InitWithCallback(this, aUseDelay?mDelay:0, nsITimer::TYPE_ONE_SHOT);
  return result;

// nsITimerCallback
nsPagePrintTimer::Notify(nsITimer *timer)
  if (mDocViewerPrint) {
    PRPackedBool initNewTimer = PR_TRUE;
    // Check to see if we are done
    // inRange will be true if a page is actually printed
    PRBool inRange;
    // donePrinting will be true if it completed successfully or
    // if the printing was cancelled
    PRBool donePrinting = mPrintEngine->PrintPage(mPrintObj, inRange);
    if (donePrinting) {
      // now clean up print or print the next webshell
      if (mPrintEngine->DonePrintingPages(mPrintObj, NS_OK)) {
        initNewTimer = PR_FALSE;

    // Note that the Stop() destroys this after the print job finishes
    // (The PrintEngine stops holding a reference when DonePrintingPages
    // returns true.)
    if (initNewTimer) {
      nsresult result = StartTimer(inRange);
      if (NS_FAILED(result)) {
        donePrinting = PR_TRUE;     // had a failure.. we are finished..
  return NS_OK;

nsPagePrintTimer::Init(nsPrintEngine*          aPrintEngine,
                       nsIDocumentViewerPrint* aDocViewerPrint,
                       PRUint32                aDelay)
  mPrintEngine     = aPrintEngine;
  mDocViewerPrint  = aDocViewerPrint;
  mDelay           = aDelay;


nsPagePrintTimer::Start(nsPrintObject* aPO)
  mPrintObj = aPO;
  return StartTimer(PR_FALSE);

  if (mTimer) {
    mTimer = nsnull;

nsresult NS_NewPagePrintTimer(nsPagePrintTimer **aResult)

  NS_PRECONDITION(aResult, "null param");

  nsPagePrintTimer* result = new nsPagePrintTimer;

  if (!result) {
    *aResult = nsnull;

  *aResult = result;

  return NS_OK;