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Bug 789645 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.7.14 (Mozilla changes). r=mak

This is sqlite 3.7.14

-- Ryan VanderMeulen <ryanvm@gmail.com>, 09/2012

See http://www.sqlite.org/ for more info.

We have a mozilla-specific Makefile.in in src/ (normally no
Makefile.in there) that we use to build.

To move to a new version:

Copy the sqlite3.h and sqlite3.c files from the amalgamation of sqlite. Also,
copy test_quota.h and test_quota.c from the full source package.

Be sure to update SQLITE_VERSION accordingly in $(topsrcdir)/configure.in as
well as the version number at the top of this file.

-- Paul O’Shannessy <paul@oshannessy.com>, 01/2011

We are using an experimental quota management feature included in test_quota.c.
This file is not compiled into mozsqlite, but instead included directly into
mozStorageService.cpp for linking into mozstorage. This allows us to continue
supporting system sqlite installations.

-- Ben Turner <bent.mozilla@gmail.com>, 09/2010