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Bug 913717 - Fix placeholder text for hosted apps. r=paul

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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<!ENTITY index.title "App Manager">
<!ENTITY index.projects "My Apps">
<!ENTITY index.device "My Device">

<!ENTITY device.screenshot "Screenshot">
<!ENTITY device.title "Device Control Center">
<!ENTITY device.notConnected "Not connected. Please connect your device below.">
<!ENTITY device.startApp "Start">
<!ENTITY device.stopApp "Stop">
<!ENTITY device.debugApp "Debug">
<!ENTITY "Name">
<!ENTITY "App">
<!ENTITY device.privileged "Privileged">
<!ENTITY device.certified "Certified">
<!ENTITY device.allow "Allow">
<!ENTITY device.prompt "Prompt">
<!ENTITY device.deny "Deny">
<!ENTITY device.installedApps "Installed Apps">
<!ENTITY device.permissions "Permissions">

<!ENTITY connection.disconnect "Disconnect">
<!ENTITY connection.showDeviceCtrlCenter "Click for More Details">
<!ENTITY connection.notConnected "Not Connected">
<!ENTITY connection.changeHostAndPort "Change">
<!ENTITY connection.startSimulator "Start Simulator">
<!ENTITY connection.saveConnectionInfo "Save">
<!ENTITY connection.connecting "Connecting…">
<!ENTITY connection.disconnecting "Disconnecting…">
<!ENTITY connection.cancel "Cancel">
<!ENTITY connection.or "or">

<!ENTITY projects.localApps "Local Apps">
<!ENTITY projects.addApp "Add">
<!ENTITY projects.addPackaged "Add Packaged App">
<!ENTITY projects.addHosted "Add Hosted App">
<!ENTITY projects.title "Local Apps">
<!ENTITY projects.appDetails "App Details">
<!ENTITY projects.removeApp "Remove">
<!ENTITY projects.reloadFiles "Refresh">
<!ENTITY projects.installApp "Install">
<!ENTITY projects.startApp "Start">
<!ENTITY projects.stopApp "Stop">
<!ENTITY projects.debugApp "Debug">
<!ENTITY projects.hostedManifestPlaceHolder2 "">
<!ENTITY projects.noProject "No project linked. Add a new packaged app below (a directory) or a hosted app (link to a manifest file).">