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Bug 1342464 - Collect Telemetry on when a tab switch spinner is shown. r?billm, data-review=liuche MozReview-Commit-ID: 1Ss2f9A2JtK

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "domstubs.idl"

[builtinclass, scriptable, uuid(8e49f7b0-1f98-4939-bf91-e9c39cd56434)]
interface nsITabParent : nsISupports
  void getChildProcessOffset(out int32_t aCssX, out int32_t aCssY);

  readonly attribute boolean useAsyncPanZoom;

    * Manages the docshell active state of the remote browser.
  attribute boolean docShellIsActive;

   * Whether this tabParent is in prerender mode.
  [infallible] readonly attribute boolean isPrerendered;

    * As an optimisation, setting the docshell's active state to
    * inactive also triggers a layer invalidation to free up some
    * potentially unhelpful memory usage. Calling preserveLayers
    * will cause the layers to be preserved even for inactive
    * docshells.
  void preserveLayers(in boolean aPreserveLayers);

   * During interactions where painting performance
   * is more important than scrolling, we may temporarily
   * suppress the displayport. Each enable called must be matched
   * with a disable call.
  void suppressDisplayport(in bool aEnabled);

  readonly attribute uint64_t tabId;

   * The OS level process Id of the related child process.
  readonly attribute int32_t osPid;

   * Navigate by key. If aForDocumentNavigation is true, navigate by document.
   * If aForDocumentNavigation is false, navigate by element.
   * If aForward is true, navigate to the first focusable element or document.
   * If aForward is false, navigate to the last focusable element or document.
  void navigateByKey(in bool aForward, in bool aForDocumentNavigation);

  readonly attribute boolean hasContentOpener;
   * True if we've previously received layers for this tab when switching to
   * it.
  readonly attribute boolean hasPresented;