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Bug 290032 - Some files are never cached due to hash collisions which are quite common due to weak string hash function; r=(bzbarsky + dcamp) sr=bzbarsky

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#ifndef _nsDiskCache_h_
#define _nsDiskCache_h_

#include "nsCacheEntry.h"

#ifdef XP_WIN
#include <winsock.h>  // for htonl/ntohl

class nsDiskCache {
    enum {
            kCurrentVersion = 0x0001000C      // format = 16 bits major version/16 bits minor version

    enum { kData, kMetaData };

    // Parameter initval initializes internal state of hash function. Hash values are different
    // for the same text when different initval is used. It can be any random number.
    // It can be used for generating 64-bit hash value:
    //   (PRUint64(Hash(key, initval1)) << 32) | Hash(key, initval2)
    // It can be also used to hash multiple strings:
    //   h = Hash(string1, 0);
    //   h = Hash(string2, h);
    //   ... 
    static PLDHashNumber    Hash(const char* key, PLDHashNumber initval=0);
    static nsresult         Truncate(PRFileDesc *  fd, PRUint32  newEOF);

#endif // _nsDiskCache_h_