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Bug 702388 - Convert Makefiles to use |TEST_DIRS += foo| r=khuey Files named Makefile.in containing the expression DIRS += <foo> or DIRS = <foo> inside the conditional expression ifdef ENABLE_TESTS ... endif are changed to TEST_DIRS += tests outside any conditional expression. The files ./layout/Makefile.in ./layout/Makefile.in ./layout/style/Makefile.in ./rdf/Makefile.in ./security/manager/Makefile.in ./content/Makefile.in ./content/smil/Makefile.in ./content/xul/templates/Makefile.in ./content/xul/content/Makefile.in ./content/base/Makefile.in ./content/media/Makefile.in ./parser/htmlparser/Makefile.in ./dom/sms/Makefile.in ./js/jsd/Makefile.in ./js/xpconnect/Makefile.in ./widget/Makefile.in ./widget/windows/Makefile.in ./Makefile.in ./startupcache/Makefile.in ./storage/Makefile.in ./gfx/Makefile.in ./intl/strres/Makefile.in ./intl/uconv/Makefile.in ./intl/unicharutil/Makefile.in ./intl/lwbrk/Makefile.in ./embedding/Makefile.in ./modules/libjar/Makefile.in ./modules/libpref/Makefile.in ./build/Makefile.in ./build/win32/Makefile.in ./xpcom/Makefile.in ./extensions/spellcheck/hunspell/Makefile.in ./extensions/cookie/Makefile.in ./netwerk/Makefile.in ./netwerk/streamconv/Makefile.in ./editor/txmgr/Makefile.in ./toolkit/mozapps/shared/Makefile.in ./toolkit/mozapps/update/Makefile.in ./toolkit/library/Makefile.in ./toolkit/library/Makefile.in ./toolkit/crashreporter/Makefile.in ./toolkit/components/perf/Makefile.in ./toolkit/components/perf/Makefile.in ./toolkit/components/feeds/Makefile.in ./toolkit/components/url-classifier/Makefile.in contain the string ifdef ENABLE_TESTS but have some other statement inside (e.g. TOOL_DIRS += <foo> etc) and they remain unchanged by this patch.

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#ifndef mozilla_Hal_h
#define mozilla_Hal_h 1

#include "mozilla/hal_sandbox/PHal.h"
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "mozilla/Types.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "prlog.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/battery/Types.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/network/Types.h"

 * Hal.h contains the public Hal API.
 * By default, this file defines its functions in the hal namespace, but if
 * MOZ_HAL_NAMESPACE is defined, we'll define our functions in that namespace.
 * This is used by HalImpl.h and HalSandbox.h, which define copies of all the
 * functions here in the hal_impl and hal_sandbox namespaces.

class nsIDOMWindow;

# define MOZ_HAL_NAMESPACE hal

namespace mozilla {

namespace hal {

class WindowIdentifier;

extern PRLogModuleInfo *sHalLog;
#define HAL_LOG(msg) PR_LOG(mozilla::hal::sHalLog, PR_LOG_DEBUG, msg)

} // namespace hal


 * Turn the default vibrator device on/off per the pattern specified
 * by |pattern|.  Each element in the pattern is the number of
 * milliseconds to turn the vibrator on or off.  The first element in
 * |pattern| is an "on" element, the next is "off", and so on.
 * If |pattern| is empty, any in-progress vibration is canceled.
 * Only an active window within an active tab may call Vibrate; calls
 * from inactive windows and windows on inactive tabs do nothing.
 * If you're calling hal::Vibrate from the outside world, pass an
 * nsIDOMWindow* in place of the WindowIdentifier parameter.
 * The method with WindowIdentifier will be called automatically.
void Vibrate(const nsTArray<uint32>& pattern,
             nsIDOMWindow* aWindow);
void Vibrate(const nsTArray<uint32>& pattern,
             const hal::WindowIdentifier &id);

 * Cancel a vibration started by the content window identified by
 * WindowIdentifier.
 * If the window was the last window to start a vibration, the
 * cancellation request will go through even if the window is not
 * active.
 * As with hal::Vibrate(), if you're calling hal::CancelVibrate from the outside
 * world, pass an nsIDOMWindow*. The method with WindowIdentifier will be called
 * automatically.
void CancelVibrate(nsIDOMWindow* aWindow);
void CancelVibrate(const hal::WindowIdentifier &id);

 * Inform the battery backend there is a new battery observer.
 * @param aBatteryObserver The observer that should be added.
void RegisterBatteryObserver(BatteryObserver* aBatteryObserver);

 * Inform the battery backend a battery observer unregistered.
 * @param aBatteryObserver The observer that should be removed.
void UnregisterBatteryObserver(BatteryObserver* aBatteryObserver);

 * Returns the current battery information.
void GetCurrentBatteryInformation(hal::BatteryInformation* aBatteryInfo);

 * Notify of a change in the battery state.
 * @param aBatteryInfo The new battery information.
void NotifyBatteryChange(const hal::BatteryInformation& aBatteryInfo);

 * Determine whether the device's screen is currently enabled.
bool GetScreenEnabled();

 * Enable or disable the device's screen.
 * Note that it may take a few seconds for the screen to turn on or off.
void SetScreenEnabled(bool enabled);

 * Get the brightness of the device's screen's backlight, on a scale from 0
 * (very dim) to 1 (full blast).
 * If the display is currently disabled, this returns the brightness the
 * backlight will have when the display is re-enabled.
double GetScreenBrightness();

 * Set the brightness of the device's screen's backlight, on a scale from 0
 * (very dimm) to 1 (full blast).  Values larger than 1 are treated like 1, and
 * values smaller than 0 are treated like 0.
 * Note that we may reduce the resolution of the given brightness value before
 * sending it to the screen.  Therefore if you call SetScreenBrightness(x)
 * followed by GetScreenBrightness(), the value returned by
 * GetScreenBrightness() may not be exactly x.
void SetScreenBrightness(double brightness);

 * Inform the network backend there is a new network observer.
 * @param aNetworkObserver The observer that should be added.
void RegisterNetworkObserver(NetworkObserver* aNetworkObserver);

 * Inform the network backend a network observer unregistered.
 * @param aNetworkObserver The observer that should be removed.
void UnregisterNetworkObserver(NetworkObserver* aNetworkObserver);

 * Returns the current network information.
void GetCurrentNetworkInformation(hal::NetworkInformation* aNetworkInfo);

 * Notify of a change in the network state.
 * @param aNetworkInfo The new network information.
void NotifyNetworkChange(const hal::NetworkInformation& aNetworkInfo);

 * Reboot the device.
void Reboot();

 * Power off the device.
void PowerOff();

} // namespace MOZ_HAL_NAMESPACE
} // namespace mozilla


#endif  // mozilla_Hal_h