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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

 * A class that handles loading and evaluation of <script> elements.

#ifndef __nsScriptLoader_h__
#define __nsScriptLoader_h__

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsRefPtrHashtable.h"
#include "nsIUnicodeDecoder.h"
#include "nsIScriptElement.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"
#include "nsCycleCollectionParticipant.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsIDocument.h"
#include "nsIIncrementalStreamLoader.h"
#include "nsURIHashKey.h"
#include "mozilla/CORSMode.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/SRIMetadata.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/SRICheck.h"
#include "mozilla/LinkedList.h"
#include "mozilla/MozPromise.h"
#include "mozilla/net/ReferrerPolicy.h"
#include "mozilla/Vector.h"

class nsModuleLoadRequest;
class nsModuleScript;
class nsScriptLoadRequestList;
class nsIURI;

namespace JS {
class SourceBufferHolder;
} // namespace JS

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
class AutoJSAPI;
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

// Per-request data structure

enum class nsScriptKind

class nsScriptLoadRequest : public nsISupports,
                            private mozilla::LinkedListElement<nsScriptLoadRequest>
  typedef LinkedListElement<nsScriptLoadRequest> super;

  // Allow LinkedListElement<nsScriptLoadRequest> to cast us to itself as needed.
  friend class mozilla::LinkedListElement<nsScriptLoadRequest>;
  friend class nsScriptLoadRequestList;

  virtual ~nsScriptLoadRequest();

  nsScriptLoadRequest(nsScriptKind aKind,
                      nsIScriptElement* aElement,
                      uint32_t aVersion,
                      mozilla::CORSMode aCORSMode,
                      const mozilla::dom::SRIMetadata& aIntegrity)
    : mKind(aKind)
    , mElement(aElement)
    , mScriptFromHead(false)
    , mProgress(Progress::Loading)
    , mIsInline(true)
    , mHasSourceMapURL(false)
    , mIsDefer(false)
    , mIsAsync(false)
    , mIsNonAsyncScriptInserted(false)
    , mIsXSLT(false)
    , mIsCanceled(false)
    , mWasCompiledOMT(false)
    , mIsTracking(false)
    , mOffThreadToken(nullptr)
    , mScriptText()
    , mJSVersion(aVersion)
    , mLineNo(1)
    , mCORSMode(aCORSMode)
    , mIntegrity(aIntegrity)
    , mReferrerPolicy(mozilla::net::RP_Unset)


  bool IsModuleRequest() const { return mKind == nsScriptKind::Module; }

  nsModuleLoadRequest* AsModuleRequest();

  void FireScriptAvailable(nsresult aResult)
    mElement->ScriptAvailable(aResult, mElement, mIsInline, mURI, mLineNo);
  void FireScriptEvaluated(nsresult aResult)
    mElement->ScriptEvaluated(aResult, mElement, mIsInline);

  bool IsPreload() { return mElement == nullptr; }

  virtual void Cancel();

  bool IsCanceled() const { return mIsCanceled; }

  virtual void SetReady();

  void** OffThreadTokenPtr() { return mOffThreadToken ? &mOffThreadToken : nullptr; }

  bool IsTracking() const { return mIsTracking; }
  void SetIsTracking()
    mIsTracking = true;

  enum class Progress
  bool IsReadyToRun() const { return mProgress == Progress::Ready; }
  bool IsLoading() const { return mProgress == Progress::Loading; }
  bool InCompilingStage() const
    return mProgress == Progress::Compiling || (IsReadyToRun() && mWasCompiledOMT);

  void MaybeCancelOffThreadScript();

  using super::getNext;
  using super::isInList;

  const nsScriptKind mKind;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIScriptElement> mElement;
  bool mScriptFromHead;  // Synchronous head script block loading of other non js/css content.
  Progress mProgress;    // Are we still waiting for a load to complete?
  bool mIsInline;        // Is the script inline or loaded?
  bool mHasSourceMapURL; // Does the HTTP header have a source map url?
  bool mIsDefer;         // True if we live in mDeferRequests.
  bool mIsAsync;         // True if we live in mLoadingAsyncRequests or mLoadedAsyncRequests.
  bool mIsNonAsyncScriptInserted; // True if we live in mNonAsyncExternalScriptInsertedRequests
  bool mIsXSLT;                   // True if we live in mXSLTRequests.
  bool mIsCanceled;               // True if we have been explicitly canceled.
  bool mWasCompiledOMT;           // True if the script has been compiled off main thread.
  bool mIsTracking;      // True if the script comes from a source on our tracking protection list.
  void* mOffThreadToken; // Off-thread parsing token.
  nsString mSourceMapURL; // Holds source map url for loaded scripts
  // Holds script text for non-inline scripts. Don't use nsString so we can give
  // ownership to jsapi.
  mozilla::Vector<char16_t> mScriptText;
  uint32_t mJSVersion;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mURI;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> mOriginPrincipal;
  nsAutoCString mURL; // Keep the URI's filename alive during off thread parsing.
  int32_t mLineNo;
  const mozilla::CORSMode mCORSMode;
  const mozilla::dom::SRIMetadata mIntegrity;
  mozilla::net::ReferrerPolicy mReferrerPolicy;

class nsScriptLoadRequestList : private mozilla::LinkedList<nsScriptLoadRequest>
  typedef mozilla::LinkedList<nsScriptLoadRequest> super;


  void Clear();

#ifdef DEBUG
  bool Contains(nsScriptLoadRequest* aElem) const;
#endif // DEBUG

  using super::getFirst;
  using super::isEmpty;

  void AppendElement(nsScriptLoadRequest* aElem)

  already_AddRefed<nsScriptLoadRequest> Steal(nsScriptLoadRequest* aElem)
    return dont_AddRef(aElem);

  already_AddRefed<nsScriptLoadRequest> StealFirst()
    return Steal(getFirst());

  void Remove(nsScriptLoadRequest* aElem)

// Script loader implementation

class nsScriptLoader final : public nsISupports
  class MOZ_STACK_CLASS AutoCurrentScriptUpdater
    AutoCurrentScriptUpdater(nsScriptLoader* aScriptLoader, nsIScriptElement* aCurrentScript)
      : mOldScript(aScriptLoader->mCurrentScript)
      , mScriptLoader(aScriptLoader)
      mScriptLoader->mCurrentScript = aCurrentScript;
    ~AutoCurrentScriptUpdater() { mScriptLoader->mCurrentScript.swap(mOldScript); }

    nsCOMPtr<nsIScriptElement> mOldScript;
    nsScriptLoader* mScriptLoader;

  friend class nsModuleLoadRequest;
  friend class nsScriptRequestProcessor;
  friend class nsScriptLoadHandler;
  friend class AutoCurrentScriptUpdater;

  explicit nsScriptLoader(nsIDocument* aDocument);


   * The loader maintains a weak reference to the document with
   * which it is initialized. This call forces the reference to
   * be dropped.
  void DropDocumentReference() { mDocument = nullptr; }

   * Add an observer for all scripts loaded through this loader.
   * @param aObserver observer for all script processing.
  nsresult AddObserver(nsIScriptLoaderObserver* aObserver)
    return mObservers.AppendObject(aObserver) ? NS_OK : NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY;

   * Remove an observer.
   * @param aObserver observer to be removed
  void RemoveObserver(nsIScriptLoaderObserver* aObserver) { mObservers.RemoveObject(aObserver); }

   * Process a script element. This will include both loading the
   * source of the element if it is not inline and evaluating
   * the script itself.
   * If the script is an inline script that can be executed immediately
   * (i.e. there are no other scripts pending) then ScriptAvailable
   * and ScriptEvaluated will be called before the function returns.
   * If true is returned the script could not be executed immediately.
   * In this case ScriptAvailable is guaranteed to be called at a later
   * point (as well as possibly ScriptEvaluated).
   * @param aElement The element representing the script to be loaded and
   *        evaluated.
  bool ProcessScriptElement(nsIScriptElement* aElement);

   * Gets the currently executing script. This is useful if you want to
   * generate a unique key based on the currently executing script.
  nsIScriptElement* GetCurrentScript() { return mCurrentScript; }

  nsIScriptElement* GetCurrentParserInsertedScript() { return mCurrentParserInsertedScript; }

   * Whether the loader is enabled or not.
   * When disabled, processing of new script elements is disabled.
   * Any call to ProcessScriptElement() will return false. Note that
   * this DOES NOT disable currently loading or executing scripts.
  bool GetEnabled() { return mEnabled; }
  void SetEnabled(bool aEnabled)
    if (!mEnabled && aEnabled) {
    mEnabled = aEnabled;

   * Add/remove a blocker for parser-blocking scripts (and XSLT
   * scripts). Blockers will stop such scripts from executing, but not from
   * loading.
  void AddParserBlockingScriptExecutionBlocker() { ++mParserBlockingBlockerCount; }
  void RemoveParserBlockingScriptExecutionBlocker()
    if (!--mParserBlockingBlockerCount && ReadyToExecuteScripts()) {

   * Add/remove a blocker for execution of all scripts.  Blockers will stop
   * scripts from executing, but not from loading.
  void AddExecuteBlocker() { ++mBlockerCount; }
  void RemoveExecuteBlocker()
    if (!--mBlockerCount) {

   * Convert the given buffer to a UTF-16 string.
   * @param aChannel     Channel corresponding to the data. May be null.
   * @param aData        The data to convert
   * @param aLength      Length of the data
   * @param aHintCharset Hint for the character set (e.g., from a charset
   *                     attribute). May be the empty string.
   * @param aDocument    Document which the data is loaded for. Must not be
   *                     null.
   * @param aBufOut      [out] char16_t array allocated by ConvertToUTF16 and
   *                     containing data converted to unicode.  Caller must
   *                     js_free() this data when no longer needed.
   * @param aLengthOut   [out] Length of array returned in aBufOut in number
   *                     of char16_t code units.
  static nsresult ConvertToUTF16(nsIChannel* aChannel,
                                 const uint8_t* aData,
                                 uint32_t aLength,
                                 const nsAString& aHintCharset,
                                 nsIDocument* aDocument,
                                 char16_t*& aBufOut,
                                 size_t& aLengthOut);

   * Handle the completion of a stream.  This is called by the
   * nsScriptLoadHandler object which observes the IncrementalStreamLoader
   * loading the script. The streamed content is expected to be stored on the
   * aRequest argument.
  nsresult OnStreamComplete(nsIIncrementalStreamLoader* aLoader,
                            nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest,
                            nsresult aChannelStatus,
                            nsresult aSRIStatus,
                            mozilla::dom::SRICheckDataVerifier* aSRIDataVerifier);

   * Processes any pending requests that are ready for processing.
  void ProcessPendingRequests();

   * Starts deferring deferred scripts and puts them in the mDeferredRequests
   * queue instead.
  void BeginDeferringScripts()
    mDeferEnabled = true;
    if (mDocument) {

   * Notifies the script loader that parsing is done.  If aTerminated is true,
   * this will drop any pending scripts that haven't run yet.  Otherwise, it
   * will stops deferring scripts and immediately processes the
   * mDeferredRequests queue.
   * WARNING: This function will synchronously execute content scripts, so be
   * prepared that the world might change around you.
  void ParsingComplete(bool aTerminated);

   * Returns the number of pending scripts, deferred or not.
  uint32_t HasPendingOrCurrentScripts() { return mCurrentScript || mParserBlockingRequest; }

   * Adds aURI to the preload list and starts loading it.
   * @param aURI The URI of the external script.
   * @param aCharset The charset parameter for the script.
   * @param aType The type parameter for the script.
   * @param aCrossOrigin The crossorigin attribute for the script.
   *                     Void if not present.
   * @param aIntegrity The expect hash url, if avail, of the request
   * @param aScriptFromHead Whether or not the script was a child of head
  virtual void PreloadURI(nsIURI* aURI,
                          const nsAString& aCharset,
                          const nsAString& aType,
                          const nsAString& aCrossOrigin,
                          const nsAString& aIntegrity,
                          bool aScriptFromHead,
                          const mozilla::net::ReferrerPolicy aReferrerPolicy);

   * Process a request that was deferred so that the script could be compiled
   * off thread.
  nsresult ProcessOffThreadRequest(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);

  bool AddPendingChildLoader(nsScriptLoader* aChild)
    return mPendingChildLoaders.AppendElement(aChild) != nullptr;

  mozilla::dom::DocGroup* GetDocGroup() const { return mDocument->GetDocGroup(); }

  virtual ~nsScriptLoader();

  nsScriptLoadRequest* CreateLoadRequest(nsScriptKind aKind,
                                         nsIScriptElement* aElement,
                                         uint32_t aVersion,
                                         mozilla::CORSMode aCORSMode,
                                         const mozilla::dom::SRIMetadata& aIntegrity);

   * Unblocks the creator parser of the parser-blocking scripts.
  void UnblockParser(nsScriptLoadRequest* aParserBlockingRequest);

   * Asynchronously resumes the creator parser of the parser-blocking scripts.
  void ContinueParserAsync(nsScriptLoadRequest* aParserBlockingRequest);

   * Helper function to check the content policy for a given request.
  static nsresult CheckContentPolicy(nsIDocument* aDocument,
                                     nsISupports* aContext,
                                     nsIURI* aURI,
                                     const nsAString& aType,
                                     bool aIsPreLoad);

   * Start a load for aRequest's URI.
  nsresult StartLoad(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);

   * Process any pending requests asynchronously (i.e. off an event) if there
   * are any. Note that this is a no-op if there aren't any currently pending
   * requests.
   * This function is virtual to allow cross-library calls to SetEnabled()
  virtual void ProcessPendingRequestsAsync();

   * If true, the loader is ready to execute parser-blocking scripts, and so are
   * all its ancestors.  If the loader itself is ready but some ancestor is not,
   * this function will add an execute blocker and ask the ancestor to remove it
   * once it becomes ready.
  bool ReadyToExecuteParserBlockingScripts();

   * Return whether just this loader is ready to execute parser-blocking
   * scripts.
  bool SelfReadyToExecuteParserBlockingScripts()
    return ReadyToExecuteScripts() && !mParserBlockingBlockerCount;

   * Return whether this loader is ready to execute scripts in general.
  bool ReadyToExecuteScripts() { return mEnabled && !mBlockerCount; }

  nsresult AttemptAsyncScriptCompile(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);
  nsresult ProcessRequest(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);
  nsresult CompileOffThreadOrProcessRequest(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);
  void FireScriptAvailable(nsresult aResult, nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);
  void FireScriptEvaluated(nsresult aResult, nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);
  nsresult EvaluateScript(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);

  already_AddRefed<nsIScriptGlobalObject> GetScriptGlobalObject();
  nsresult FillCompileOptionsForRequest(const mozilla::dom::AutoJSAPI& jsapi,
                                        nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest,
                                        JS::Handle<JSObject*> aScopeChain,
                                        JS::CompileOptions* aOptions);

  uint32_t NumberOfProcessors();
  nsresult PrepareLoadedRequest(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest,
                                nsIIncrementalStreamLoader* aLoader,
                                nsresult aStatus);

  void AddDeferRequest(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);
  bool MaybeRemovedDeferRequests();

  void MaybeMoveToLoadedList(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);

  JS::SourceBufferHolder GetScriptSource(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest, nsAutoString& inlineData);

  bool ModuleScriptsEnabled();

  void SetModuleFetchStarted(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest);
  void SetModuleFetchFinishedAndResumeWaitingRequests(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest,
                                                      nsresult aResult);

  bool IsFetchingModule(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest) const;

  bool ModuleMapContainsModule(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest) const;
  RefPtr<mozilla::GenericPromise> WaitForModuleFetch(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest);
  nsModuleScript* GetFetchedModule(nsIURI* aURL) const;

  friend bool HostResolveImportedModule(JSContext* aCx, unsigned argc, JS::Value* vp);

  nsresult CreateModuleScript(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest);
  nsresult ProcessFetchedModuleSource(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest);
  void ProcessLoadedModuleTree(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest);
  bool InstantiateModuleTree(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest);
  void StartFetchingModuleDependencies(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest);

  RefPtr<mozilla::GenericPromise> StartFetchingModuleAndDependencies(nsModuleLoadRequest* aRequest,
                                                                     nsIURI* aURI);

  nsIDocument* mDocument; // [WEAK]
  nsCOMArray<nsIScriptLoaderObserver> mObservers;
  nsScriptLoadRequestList mNonAsyncExternalScriptInsertedRequests;
  // mLoadingAsyncRequests holds async requests while they're loading; when they
  // have been loaded they are moved to mLoadedAsyncRequests.
  nsScriptLoadRequestList mLoadingAsyncRequests;
  nsScriptLoadRequestList mLoadedAsyncRequests;
  nsScriptLoadRequestList mDeferRequests;
  nsScriptLoadRequestList mXSLTRequests;
  RefPtr<nsScriptLoadRequest> mParserBlockingRequest;

  // In mRequests, the additional information here is stored by the element.
  struct PreloadInfo
    RefPtr<nsScriptLoadRequest> mRequest;
    nsString mCharset;

  friend void ImplCycleCollectionUnlink(nsScriptLoader::PreloadInfo& aField);
  friend void ImplCycleCollectionTraverse(nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback& aCallback,
                                          nsScriptLoader::PreloadInfo& aField,
                                          const char* aName,
                                          uint32_t aFlags);

  struct PreloadRequestComparator
    bool Equals(const PreloadInfo& aPi, nsScriptLoadRequest* const& aRequest) const
      return aRequest == aPi.mRequest;
  struct PreloadURIComparator
    bool Equals(const PreloadInfo& aPi, nsIURI* const& aURI) const;
  nsTArray<PreloadInfo> mPreloads;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIScriptElement> mCurrentScript;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIScriptElement> mCurrentParserInsertedScript;
  nsTArray<RefPtr<nsScriptLoader>> mPendingChildLoaders;
  uint32_t mParserBlockingBlockerCount;
  uint32_t mBlockerCount;
  uint32_t mNumberOfProcessors;
  bool mEnabled;
  bool mDeferEnabled;
  bool mDocumentParsingDone;
  bool mBlockingDOMContentLoaded;

  // Module map
  nsRefPtrHashtable<nsURIHashKey, mozilla::GenericPromise::Private> mFetchingModules;
  nsRefPtrHashtable<nsURIHashKey, nsModuleScript> mFetchedModules;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIConsoleReportCollector> mReporter;

class nsScriptLoadHandler final : public nsIIncrementalStreamLoaderObserver
  explicit nsScriptLoadHandler(nsScriptLoader* aScriptLoader,
                               nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest,
                               mozilla::dom::SRICheckDataVerifier* aSRIDataVerifier);


  virtual ~nsScriptLoadHandler();

   * Once the charset is found by the EnsureDecoder function, we can
   * incrementally convert the charset to the one expected by the JS Parser.
  nsresult DecodeRawData(const uint8_t* aData, uint32_t aDataLength, bool aEndOfStream);

   * Discover the charset by looking at the stream data, the script
   * tag, and other indicators.  Returns true if charset has been
   * discovered.
  bool EnsureDecoder(nsIIncrementalStreamLoader* aLoader,
                     const uint8_t* aData,
                     uint32_t aDataLength,
                     bool aEndOfStream);

  // ScriptLoader which will handle the parsed script.
  RefPtr<nsScriptLoader> mScriptLoader;

  // The nsScriptLoadRequest for this load. Decoded data are accumulated on it.
  RefPtr<nsScriptLoadRequest> mRequest;

  // SRI data verifier.
  nsAutoPtr<mozilla::dom::SRICheckDataVerifier> mSRIDataVerifier;

  // Status of SRI data operations.
  nsresult mSRIStatus;

  // Unicode decoder for charset.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIUnicodeDecoder> mDecoder;

class nsAutoScriptLoaderDisabler
  explicit nsAutoScriptLoaderDisabler(nsIDocument* aDoc)
    mLoader = aDoc->ScriptLoader();
    mWasEnabled = mLoader->GetEnabled();
    if (mWasEnabled) {

    if (mWasEnabled) {

  bool mWasEnabled;
  RefPtr<nsScriptLoader> mLoader;

#endif //__nsScriptLoader_h__