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Wed Apr 29 14:58:39 2015 +0000
b8185431beec8c4c792850cb6db7f39741b4b55cAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1110465 - Append --code-coverage to unittests on linux64-cc builds
06af30376d4c76c3139252613f6e2dad3ebec801Nick Thomas — Bug 1159548, repo v1.12.21 is broken, so are our b2g builds, r=bustage
59724a578406935eacb50fc640e7623f7c2a65d9Jonathan Griffin — Bug 1156357 - Schedule mochitest-push on trunk branches, r=jlund
2d9e77a87dfad7952b455dfd5488dfcd6e91f4bcChris Cooper — Bug 1152871 - Copy Adjust token into the mock env for Android builds - r=Callek
a11a4fce0b5af939659262326e7d7828865a4f76Joel Maher — Bug 1158845 - disable 10.10 talos on mozilla-release. r=Callek
0017cda88568561eccca877d03de5116e78f8827ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b8-build2
82032370429dc2232414f1deaab57bbbb1f8ea19ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-38.0b8-build3
ba31d186fe25cc116ba0ca1357eae7c962b76c4effxbld — Update release config for Fennec-38.0b8-build2
b518d61672ddc918458463a81c45b0564b66ae47ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b8-build1
51f623f70bfde82ea429f4c6de91a709e9e32bb4ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-38.0b8-build1
5e544a1d47f4f63096aca2db67efa5c812189f04James Graham — Make wpt debug use 8 chunks rather than 6.
cea2ef0679c40386e7e9f03df61214c95fb3ccd6ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-38.0b3-build2
6551b6f52a01ad7489995907216b084ded90610ekmoir — Bug 1155362 - enable SETA for Android in buildbot scheduling, configs r=Callek
d3beb963babb80c8d37533c7780d26c63e6115c3ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b7-build2
cea8d17dbaff92a21dc8da0e48f573c4836b847dBen Hearsum — Backout bad release config bumps.
87e01a004f2083e58fa1542408f14c7ad62ac21cffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-38.0b3-build1
1a00592a568c430d7526cf695f9c3177fe00e44fffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b7-build2
65040278e3c2e0870107c84eee17c13f396f9164ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b7-build1
2c3f3933d2a4295804861de5694eaa15c3eb14acJoel Maher — Bug 1157793 - create builder for new talos suite G2. r=kmoir
613814a06facaa7e24a9403df35658aca45c84aeRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1157801 - Make OSX and Windows Mulet builds periodic. r=catlee
2bd0fd3b12e3828fd029acfd4f68a686707762fekmoir — Bug 1155362 - enable SETA for Android in buildbot scheduling, configs r=Callek
2d2d390ff2b5350f1811bae639d9ee492d4f107dkmoir — Bug 1133833 - Android 4.3 emulator tests r=Callek
d716dedb77e55e65b0c63c5ebe382ff1be5c580fkmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=jmaher
d6a987b1fc13cd8f3268289f5c4fed96b4f55c11Rail Aliiev — Bug 1061589 - Rename of ffxbld_dsa to ffxbld_rsa in puppet/hiera. r=bhearsum
be141dd025e1575e4f8c74c58a4f62c044cc078eJordan Lund — Bug 1151642 - Tracking May-11-2015 migration work - bump bbot m-r gecko ver, r=rail
83a60eef2545f9366306ee15da88423980ba8c7eJoel Maher — Bug 990490 - stop running talos on OSX 10.6 - the right way. r=armenzg
63762f3232e5043ed1ac9dd92f0f766a3c0aca4cJoel Maher — Bug 990490 - stop running talos on OSX 10.6. r=armenzg
9c105b6c3d71aa2f7ed6a43ed55f54e5c2487082Ben Hearsum — bug 1156408: reconfigure alder for buildbot bridge testing. r=callek
23e73092ea0adec74a9932b4843aaa4318963856Nick Thomas — Bug 1154377, backout disabling sccache
eacd5a35961dabf00c0d4ecf919af3841f1fe3a8Kai-Zhen Li — Bug 1154362 - Disable some builds and update test to linux64 on v2.1s. r=catlee
ad7ce3999086da115e35a0e14e0f732d6fb3485bffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b6-build1
3c777399458d9a2f23f7fefc4327118c912a6ebbffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-38.0b6-build1
3731e57ac6a30617b06a1732306690d439686978Massimo Gervasini — Bug 740142 - increase script_timeout and script_maxtime for mozharness l10n repacks. r=catlee
177570539484ccac4f4dc0359802a9fe187ea8a3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Pin mozharness for b2g builds up to gecko 30. r=rail
3e973c4c17c0a85662b21a52ffc6d0d323ad057akmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=catlee
b4542141cd00dfbf98a6b79e0c8916ac9858b195Massimo Gervasini — Bug 1156251 - fix travis builds. r=catlee
a6e367c24c844b0f30e4e53badbb866c771ce4e5Ben Hearsum — Merge heads
a4454c7a60b34c9647333feaf0d972c8bd68742bBen Hearsum — bug 1153242: update verify fails for first few beta releases after RC - set marChannelIds for beta channel in release config. r=nthomas
bbc1d105cadfa2be8360cb71055f1bb2559ba514ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-38.0b2-build1
0eb1b954f716d7d0a3148309c796298af497ef33Jordan Lund — Bug 1150320 - Schedule desktop tests only on Jamun - rm b2g jamun tests, r=callek
844d30771cef1db24d682d832b5911ece51f8e8dJordan Lund — adds 0020-29 ec2 windows builders to try, r=Q
2313f9ade16a5081117ea4d213a4ec6927d8c00effxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b5-build1
b90ef9540c76591f50bdbdf74e1014c9489e7ec7Nick Thomas — Bug 1154377 - fix typo
58939afabf7c8f2c551123bf155e45a28707fa72Nick Thomas — Bug 1154377 - disable sccache on try mac builds, for intermittent timeouts r=bustage
e422c6c8adf890592f740dcaa4d6f4a35531f118Jordan Lund — Bug 1150320 - Schedule desktop tests only on Jamun, r=bhearsum
f217f8057af6bbd054c6ab18c730829ec02533dcffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0.2-build1
702ae244be8d8c9296b1a97c2f0624ff48bcde76Bill McCloskey — Bug 1137999 - [e10s] Start running debug reftests, bc tests on Linux (r=armenzg)
8ef74b4dc1b83fdaba3265a75250d71276a26571kmoir — Bug 1133833 - Android 4.3 emulator tests r=jlund
96b822c48c55b73ac8ea0be8f4c818e61cc6070bJordan Lund — Bug 989531 - Deploy NSIS 3.0b1 to buildslaves, r=coop
6d7abbd58c725ceb487e746c4eeb541eabdcb454Jonathan Griffin — Bug 1153385 - schedule mochitest-push on cedar, r=jlund
5d1dd5091619990e01534b6834b8f3ce231dd7d3ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0.2-build1
c2cd64f540d69b4dddb5ca7efddb131056f6e165ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b4-build1
c6c9d4b038ced3420c63f8bab7d5caa54caa4320ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-38.0b4-build1
9006a2a94ee991dfdaeaf706e4674145707a771dkmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=catlee
c18e404d2b9c7f2a4fe70ec376f84d1426399babkmoir — Bug 1133833 - Android 4.3 emulator tests r=jlund
9ccdc8a458ecbb0cac8ef80a84e1c019f9bb2b64Mike Shal — Bug 1151699 - Disable cypress tests; r=catlee
9fef2e7bb9cfc32d6fac61cd2a6a29e0576f4661Mike Shal — Bug 1151699 - Disable everything but B2G device builds on cypress; r=coop
f8e34c1fa3c7c9e20496340ea033a2e88080b121kmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=catlee
f5b370e185ba65301e30a275addaef6d3f17132effxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b3-build1
4fd3c924b68fd304fd2f315b10a803e5536d4cdeffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-38.0b3-build1
1b292599a62c119296ac19fa30790a4302871873kmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=catlee
becbeb630a5ac77877b8d07dbcc109bb275d8abbJames Graham — Bug 1150141 - Increase number of wpt chunks for debug builds on cedar to 6, r=jlund
8b57b652971c561c2aa6c5efbe97b4d6ab8b4631"Chris AtLee" — Bug 1149887: disable b2g marionette tests r=mgerva
3380f9c840f0a8a64c79a755ac0c8a0e46820ae9kmoir — revert Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=catlee
afad7503620e9387c13e083e8510db9b728cbc88kmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=catlee
f414f97c22bb373fa497f4b7e8ea0480239cb3d1Justin Wood — Bug 1151964 - fix typos to get nightly larch builds (broken since March 21). r=jlund
9103dc2b82aee5e7cf02282f8b5576c4ed969484Justin Wood — Bug 1151706 - Make travis IRC notifications easier to read. r=coop
6882eafccffc34ff69a459f30a712ce9344adcf2Nick Thomas — Bug 1127591, update rule id for firefox release channel, r=bhearsum
5e967078c0a756402a55b59ce23d809acbf8f97fkmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests
7d98967444ad5412f059b1619583c966fe8f5030kmoir — revert Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=Callek
048365e137f6d9219df2ebca68dc4323f4e945fakmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=Callek
1b3cd38a11d1e15edf56729a9b54b71e3452a6f1kmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests r=catlee
7eca3284bf95f17fdca28d93d7e5d89c907c4a61Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1054308: Add mozharness configs for mozmill tests for Thunderbird, r=Callek
0f78517216f59011b49c1443e0e005eb2114a2b9ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b2-build1
c8bcce3533a2de14ee6d52667e1d4cb021957462ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-38.0b2-build1
8d4058f55d280044ce8f1ff217371327efd4a2b3Justin Wood — Backed out changeset 26931539500e
26931539500e07aa04791a4bb66cf259d78f039fkmoir — Bug 1131269 - use SETA data to disable unneeded tests on Windows 7 r=catlee
e42097ec1f3538e68f0a17735fbe1c8ace016967ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0.1-build1
f6c71e95d97474524114d320e6574c671009adc1ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0.1-build1
1e848214b03ad98e15dc66b89f0b13184c3c9393Massimo Gervasini — Bug 740142 - Re-enable mozharness desktop repacks on mozilla-central. r=rail
04ab7b9bb92096a538d8c6a206c8369c2a8c0995Nick Thomas — Bug 1118798 - Downstream job to create partner repacks, r=bhearsum
751bd107cf0999abfa75561e7ddc836a075a3404Massimo Gervasini — Bug 740142 - backout l10n mozharness repacks for mozilla-central. r=bustage
0990e61c93ed00631973a2c5a2c303fd7dbdac81ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-38.0b1-build1
44068ffda89188e6b41cc01444fcabe59ab96c60Massimo Gervasini — Bug 740142 - Enable mozharness desktop repacks on mozilla-central. r=rail
fd1423e2d41b7a24edc516cb864ca6da32952f39Nick Thomas — Bug 1118797 - schedule source jobs for release promotion, r=bhearsum
d0d8510826bf7a955d732670bfdd4a440100c2c8ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-38.0b1-build1
6f18fa3687648399e4c0b64c4efdcafb047153e0ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-38.0b1-build1
4df304949d7aa4fe961300da43f7c91dd088de48kmoir — Bug 1144102 - enable 10.10 tests on m-b r=coop
6d78c12e5e454cd7b976b5418bb0f1b3e7e8eb15ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-31.6.0-build1
51de96203f9cd84dacf3b3c1038261a8300335feJordan Lund — Bug 1144475 - Disable mozharness desktop builds on beta/release, r=bhearsum
9678c4380ac4dffa47b284a684286bed72a1b907Jordan Lund — Bug 1123369 - Tracking 30-March-2015 migration work, m-b, m-a, m-c version bump, r=rail
df468d1dc88d4f0612be16b6894deaa5294e29d4Rail Aliiev — Bug 1148966 - Use container based travis CI to improve test wait times. r=Callek
05c0f42e3e6770655fb9ec7b4c5bd79fdad64042Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1148528 - Add buildbot-configs test to prevent removing build builders without removing their associated testers. r=rail
73a7bd03095232f2d04ac4f1018206e5fc3b5373Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1141566 - Disable debug coverage tests and jittest on mozilla-b2g34_v2_1s since there are no builds to trigger them. r=kmoir
0b8d8d8a633945c68f453695fb321d1ad1776b59Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1146604 - Disable b2g test jobs for which we don't have builders. r=rail
07de6821a3d80ed949da10bd09b0cacefba3c428Jonathan Griffin — Bug 1145873 - Schedule luciddream on trunk branches, r=jlund
d8ab4126321b627d8ab5e605bb0dd1785ed7c6c0Mike Shal — Bug 1132123 - Enable mozharness builds for B2G Desktop OSX/Windows; r=bhearsum
0366f9062dd0e95b56a23003edbafc70e54cd71affxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0-build2
d4900ed7437dc145536c77fc622842c717b91a1effxbld — Update release config for Firefox-31.6.0esr-build2
9002308ceed8ad1909c9164fa6113811eee69b76ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0-build1
2f15edda43e5143fe16fe3c6f58189ba81137c40Steve Fink — Turn off the arm-sim-osx builds (leaving them on try, but off by default). They require some bbc work. r=myself
07b5232169d9b861e8ecca30f9126ec055f2bcdfSteve Fink — Bug 1146520 - Add ARM simulator spidermonkey builds on OSX, r=bhearsum
94aa6fd0baadf9accd9650d3ede16d7c71a60859ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0-build1
1a67866762a9ea2f280147014e968d77dc02a79affxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0b8-build1
8cb8713bf21966fd9e3d851747d9e09a9b111ea4Chris AtLee — Bug 1146604: Remove support for gaia-try, linux32_gecko on all branches, and linux64_gecko on trunk r=rail
3e530cd9855bbc080c3a2ba79c95fe8c45a34cf6ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-31.6.0esr-build1
22f9faca403cec1e6bae730636223795c24f0dacChris Cooper — Bug 1144985 - add missing comma - r=bustage
fe36afcc3303ff2776a58446621608edb9c76d14Jordan Lund — Bug 1145510 - add new ec2 windows builders to buildbot-configs, r=coop
b804f613e11826d4e7241721e3dbb7a4faa42118Rail Aliiev — Bug 1144985 - Serve nightly & aurora updates from the CDN. r=bhearsum
b134a9dd73c1614567b15c94af3bfc600dca0137Dave Townsend — Bug 1141767: Turn old jetpack tests back on on try. r=catlee
11791d4a43844f52f2d317b1bbaa91cf0104169bJordan Lund — Bug 1119237 - tracking bug for build and release of Firefox and Fennec 37.0, r=rail
f214144941b09b581c9be578621c023b1cc8870cJordan Lund — Bug 1123369 - Tracking 30-March-2015 migration work, m-r version bump, r=rail
8094a4146cfd00ad868474ac903ffa804d01a144Ben Hearsum — bug 1119237: tracking bug for build and release of Firefox and Fennec 37.0 - uplift split apk work to mozilla-release. r=jlund
0bc2e405e19c61d28ca20ca1e289794667d00841Jordan Lund — merges backout 2f6a581c1f05 -> default
bcbc2b52c06c11f33ccde7e115786bb276cbee90Jordan Lund — backouts bug: 1123369 - rev: 2f6a581c1f05
5d5b09f943eac194665832c25170a47d2030f21dChris Cooper — Bug 1119238 - Copy crash-stats token into mock env - r=Callek
2f6a581c1f0510d29bff3bc4fcbcd748ce4cdf3dJordan Lund — Bug 1123369 - Tracking 30-March-2015 migration work, m-r version bump, r=rail
a0cc16e5a58645bbcc98d9a6ecf34ca78815c0c8ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-31.5.3esr-build1
0ae39440a4e3f4fa6a94803bdac169b4fad96f5dffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0.4-build1
b3b31c98ac89305cc3d296e4bf8bb694809907d9ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0.4-build1
12bcdaf7cf0de318de53c2fffcbf4c527750ac18Steve Fink — Bug 1136309 - Update to new spidermonkey build variant names, r=terrence
e7eed7528bcd9e6febe2753f42a4ce25d74ac8acffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-31.5.2esr-build1
5c63a6b51c559d2ab2bac8ed9ec56881c2aca07bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1054308 - Port Thunderbird mozmill tests to mozharness, r=Callek.
fa881d28b9519bbde582d089dbf1f5789c1073c2ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0b7-build1
79b31717fc2991db2b592967ffa895b58e1a544effxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0b7-build1
063b08bdea61d73aac5f925f027c2f37d1a70552ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0.3-build1
0e0bd0da178d068de93842581368caceaaab2f83ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-31.5.1esr-build1
f79accc0a690a115d6fe3678d8c2b6d1398339fcffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0.3-build1
fb2ddc112736d1b58950ba36794f868f9b16d27aJonathan Griffin — Bug 1142641 - Schedule mochitest-chrome on B2G emulators on trunk trees, r=jlund
f0e4a67d101edfeade3bae99692c05d18a1695a7kmoir — Bug 1145147 - move thunderbird tests to run on MacOSX 10.10 hosts r=Callek
66c4b1018787cdbd21daf2ebcc3cfbc0f909ce52kmoir — [Bug 1139062] clean up configs, slavealloc, graph servers etc of old 10.8 machines that have been reimaged to 10.10 r=dividehex
1681ea2bd31f67747df5a20212a689710042592eMassimo Gervasini — Bug 1145168 - Disable the *_gecko_localizer builds. r=catlee
1d12367da5cbbfa81e39b842b963a6dad8ceb0c7Rail Aliiev — Bug 1143910 - Submit balrog data to multiple servers. r=jlund,bhearsum
6d6b3530e5166ba83d5f90f7915e8133bd42df7bMike Shal — Bug 1132123 - Enable B2G tests on maple; r=rail
bd1582014509964c4f90c2c78bdc1f71d997cb2akmoir — Bug 1142765 - Schedule Android 4.0 Debug xpcshell tests on all trunk trees and let them ride the trains r=jlund
6e758f0c91cac89fcb49a1c00ee6ad9c3fe1559fMassimo Gervasini — Bug 1143901 - Increase the number of tst-linux64-spot instances; pep8 fixes. r=rail
2b662d20887a5e0611a01060133ad80bf9b9187ekmoir — Bug 1129167 - add new yosemite slaves to buildbot configs, slavealloc etc. r=dividehex
c667541a65856fd5d6ae893c5051ae6bc6832e04kmoir — Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=coop
649e0eb53273281dd11398d0126b35a6d44e3f2dffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0b6-build1
fdb60a7d4c256ce1b483d745f7c2655a49d4d737ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0b6-build1
dd7914afe032e70554b7fe74d5383302803106d1Mike Shal — Bug 1132123 - Enable mozharness b2g-desktop builds on maple; r=rail
f4253de25db93dccfae54861749a1ca62e761deakmoir — Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=coop
85e0ddfd7ab0338a8139db41db73c170636e673dBen Hearsum — bug 1053814: update product details when shipping releases. r=rail
df2007cf96030b91be83b13e84ba911bde7a062fChris AtLee — Bug 1143766: Disable emulator jb/kk/l builds on trunk r=rail
756f369e434a8d735201326be880dbf5c462b514kmoir — Bug 1142743 - Increase chunk count for Android 2.3 mochitest-gl jobs r=jlund
6366a5b105af8044fef63511b0292cff2ecdf9a7Ben Hearsum — bug 1105485: Fix up submission of release blobs so they can be used for beta builds. r=nthomas
f2648de01e1b918da38b9d2cadf01307e4e6c495ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0.2-build2
c247245600e06fe85c65b78c64ae8ccd8b83065aChris AtLee — Bug 1141292: Remove linux64-mulet builds and tests. r=RyanVM
4d72b8f58a4ff5e11cc2169d92438104de489c64ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0b5-build1
3c76bc12cb25b5e578fcafd2c9b343b188668752Geoff Brown — Bug 1142553 - Split Android 4.0 rc into 10 chunks; r=kmoir
47fdbb980bba2189affe1462969533de31f5c6eeffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0.2-build1
b709d2e3a1537e32dad56a5ac6615b77f9f28738kmoir — Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=coop
a5d67fb7b0ccac46ced8f76c53c09e7c5af69f64Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1141566 - Disable Linux32 debug tests for b2g34_v2_1s. r=kmoir
e7541f7df40d22008e6f7ddd098a9fadbffcc364Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1141566 - Remove UX repo. r=kmoir
9c1df191b83dc55fe840a49e4e6a0ceacbc3ea32Ben Hearsum — bug 1134471: Enable Firefox What's New For FF 37 - update comment about whatsnew page.
e4ba01244839c5be74b0c5ea02ac7ea4ffe358b3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1141566 - Remove armv6 + Android jobs from esr and b2g release repos. r=kmoir
6ca6c9a824a0ed8f1245d587f4708144f4c0ffaaJonathan Griffin — Bug 1141632 - schedule luciddream on cedar, r=jlund
db4c59f3223da606d143b5c4e15d12bf63309913Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1142237: Allow running and point it to a different production-masters.json. r=rail
81e04e159952b4fde946a91cea60908f330007eakmoir — Bug 1129167 - add new yosemite slaves to buildbot configs, slavealloc etc. r=dividehex
16d096aa98e2006c29b7a5aea8b557c036db2059Massimo Gervasini — Bug 740142 - Enable desktop repacks with mozharness for windows 64. r=jlund
1909d3951d0269ee851a8036e9ecd2b4b4fa8765ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-37.0b1-build2
e512064a2a244809952413c1dab55c76306738f7Justin Wood — Merge backout
3cfd40a2cc7eeaae45da4430e47c8e7928caaa35Justin Wood — Backout 8342d69fe6b7 due to bustage
73605107199068523928b189e2814e9a7f2bb037Joel Maher — Bug 1141656 - disable android talos tests: tspaint, trobopan, tprovider. r=coop
8342d69fe6b7198f194ecc7793fe7a1721113527Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1054308 - Port Thunderbird mozmill tests to mozharness, r=Callek
fe9f5f4bbfde9f5fb890c54fb7825cb0bc8c7113Ben Hearsum — bug 1136206: Send build notifications to a notification specific list instead of r-d - only send mail to notification list + thunderbird-drivers. r=rail
cdcf0f646363bc26d4327d09f509bcdac71f4db8ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-37.0b1-build1
87f23e9b70735b6d9d0f9cc2b075e41083b665e0Ben Hearsum — moar bustage fix
a0eac491d154df569a2f2723b5ec714df9a78caeBen Hearsum — Bustage fix for bug 1140123 to add graphene platforms to try platform list.
3a3fa2f61b43f1aa3d3371538d7248515b9d44efChris AtLee — Bug 1141205: Make opt OSX B2G Desktop builds periodic r=RyanVM
1c2da9cfccf8614d7c502d6c6db00dfca1e61456Ben Hearsum — bug 1140123: enable graphene builds on try. r=jlund
d66f673350a38df7c45fe86fa197932d1ef4d5b0Nicolas Silva — Bug 1128543 - Split reftests into two chunks on linux 64. r=jlund
fc52aa0ed8ebc930b8f82f02ecc776eba4d2c07dNicolas Silva — Bug 1128543 - Backout the cedar-specific reftest split in preparation for the real thing. r=me
8a02e56cd098af0ce161f819ef6d03d1d0323b87ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0b4-build1
3536525abaaf7aafa6d5fcec63cccc186002fbb5ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0b4-build1
e77c49f5e338dd18da20b59ea7c1e9b52e90356dJonathan Griffin — Bug 1035226 - Pass a config file when running Gij on mulet on cedar, r=jlund
7f395f01ccd44c71a2156baa372eb5a5ffded992Jonathan Griffin — Bug 1110839 - Schedule GIP on linux64 mulet on cedar, r=jlund
b4119e1a7c158d5549c05d623a2515ca180b36d6Nick Thomas — Bug 1139403 - followup to limit xulrunner jobs to m-c and m-a, r=bhearsum
7b7711ab6689d21682ee2b7b7d52c01830cc81edJonathan Griffin — Bug 1099244 - Split reftest into two chunks on linux32 on cedar, r=jlund
dedf55f00d802d7cd5c009a6dbb78f45f61aa063Mike Shal — Bug 1132123 - Enable mozharness builds for Mulet; r=jlund
b895db57d5a1f62461324abdc59839b5f8fe347cJordan Lund — Bug 1094364 - switch win64 builds to use mozharness mach, r=catlee
581d2907e2e3e6fe5ba88ca3fb9c6b54bc5bcaa8ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0b3-build1
af813846a383e47b74f9895db641dae752c4df95Jordan Lund — Bug 1100386 - Repurpose servo-lion-r5-001 and servo-lion-r5-002, r=coop
479aa437488cdd3d3b3a61632afe0aed05072e27Jordan Lund — Bug 1137047 - Reallocate 10 buildpool Mac slaves to trybuildpool to balance load, r=coop
b7888757ed86781e87e98f30c259dc56d79e0e13Ben Hearsum — bug 1139943: disable everything except graphene on larch. r=jlund
4c2faeecdbb951653a0fc982ae6da776339b6ba6ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0.1-build2
68d936b129e6ecbb421d072ddad712283874b72affxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0.1-build2
86dcb8181144c069cb17a1dc6ac176d933739a71ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0.1-build1
3091204efbe7481af7857a9579a558f0334ded79ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0.1-build1
7d4cf5d31396b6d7382e6b403a1e166d0f564aa4Ben Hearsum — bug 1139403: enable xulrunner jobs for win64. r=rail
2bcf41d107df37e6644911a280c09c64702a8307Chris Cooper — Bug 1139023 - only run Fx desktop tests on OSX 10.6 on the B2G release branches - r=Callek
c538e70cbcf9e526e7320a83a0eae49cf2d6bd40kmoir — Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=coop
663bd7ffaf534961b52b848025c311ef3ab63d9cChris Cooper — Backed out changeset 1689e1e1e3e9
1689e1e1e3e9857b0c8df626d5541090c8990373Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1139023 - only run Fx desktop tests on OSX 10.6 on the B2G release branches - r=coop
745ac94f8750dbe51905db9c2ff9f928db23c90cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1139029 - turn off OSX B2G opt Gip tests - r=coop
09077cc77b32bda6bc0fd1575514fb3516a2a300kmoir — Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=coop
9ef332351f43cd06602bca72bf67dd8dd890bae9Ben Hearsum — bug 1136206: Send build notifications to a notification specific list instead of r-d - fix importantRecipients in existing configs. r=rail
181c813fdbbb60f64bd793505c76ae07b2a97891kmoir — Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=jwatkins
d0e223200a5be958e0fbad9a1c52cf99fb7ae8abRail Aliiev — Bug 1138894 - Add win64 release template symlinks. r=bhearsum
781c1fa0632c1b415fe5768af773b84d051aab6dffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0b2-build1
92db734c07042d50dc96ed8d5dd2aca9433abe93ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0b2-build1
c6ae16127e65cd0baf0232fd72682a8602e199daNick Thomas — Bug 1118794 - bump gecko version to 37 on date to match beta, r=me
1ad16112ba1f8e25344efb81be4490bc5b317ae7Ben Hearsum — bug 1138480: Update the buildbot config for larch. r=jlund
5b97d32617e3628f8d2958ecc7aff45016e64dddDave Townsend — Bug 1135230: Switch mozilla-central to use mochitest-jetpack and let that ride the trains. r=catlee
d8895268eedfb39cfcdf1a5686c3aedce4284e61Rail Aliiev — Bug 1138403 - Remove RC extra partials for 36.0. r=bhearsum
efdd04a8c9358ece891a69c5d724f5573dccbb62Massimo Gervasini — Bug 740142 - Enable l10n desktop repacks with mozharness for win32. r=jlund
061919dc09dbc20f952b76c1e8eb17ffeddb0ff9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1137757 - Increase the number of chunks for debug mochitest-dt from 3 to 4. r=catlee
777d34088bcaf07253b3feffee38e48116defce8Ben Hearsum — bug 1119237: tracking bug for build and release of Firefox and Fennec 37.0 - enable win64 for production betas. r=rail
e218dfcb8398eef1184ff25a146d9bf623d5042cBen Hearsum — bug 1130090: set up new builds on larch - fix typo in windows config name. r=catlee
69f6a08162de4080e422a04e937ac82e6d91849dMike Shal — Bug 1137243 - Attach try slaves for macosx64-mulet and win32-mulet; r=jlund
b92baf1e36c1586ba8da8b2a8422521c5adac26ekmoir — revert Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=coop
02ddc1f242e31e1c7f7b57d4702a3bcf3ee259feMike Shal — Bug 1137243 - Enable try for macosx64-mulet and win32-mulet; r=bhearsum
c96cca546f8a0be2bff0a44dd1f0d306733e1cc1Ben Hearsum — bug 1130090: Set up new builds on larch. r=jlund
c91ce36665aaa5c846f91e00311fb8f0118bb8b9kmoir — (Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=jwatkins
d3bcd9a3750051cfcdc93cc443368ac1b66fec28kmoir — (Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=coop
da2261d64854dd547ccaee84c633a4a832d2136bBen Hearsum — bug 1136206: Send build notifications to a notification specific list instead of r-d. r=rail
fbc297beb01e394cfe131ef4bebadcc2fde090e9Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1126695 - Run emulator-jb and emulator-l opt on every push and debug periodically. r=mgerva
89a7634d0a6f90e06b0b607f24c8a15bb29c1243Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1126695 - Run emulator-l on Gecko 37+. r=mgerva
2181a90bd1e2553ab4aa20a0068ace76c528f392ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0-build2
6ef32bb27063745d5188dea939bfa43878c9098dBen Hearsum — bug 1135024: consider shutting off ESR nightlies. r=rail
fe4b5b109d9b2bcccadf54c098ef5991c8fe4049Ben Hearsum — bug 1136128: fix fennec repack e-mail subjects after split apk. r=rail
6f26119b8422418af2bd70359262e9a271c699b1Ben Hearsum — bug 1136206: Send build notifications to a notification specific list instead of r-d. r=rail
43c35b6c987d8beeec5d9c9cb2114163fa98b5dcJames Graham — Bug 1076786 - Enable web-platform-tests on OSX 10.8, r=armenzg
8d9202cbf7703103d3cf70411b8e06d351744f24Rail Aliiev — Bug 1119236 - tracking bug for build and release of Firefox and Fennec 36.0. r=bhearsum
80d1f4462ef127465120917e32cd3602998c45dfBen Hearsum — bug 1130090: Set up new builds on larch - enable linux64 graphene builds on larch. r=jlund
cc78da4ee076d179101b4b9b059287325cbd347eMike Shal — Bug 1135782 - Comment out staging taskcluster credentials; r=bhearsum
26ecc390711f5b5ee26eb3882e91af589f75a1f9ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-37.0b1-build1
ddbf8cc3178ffa8713c431529b265e42da2b03b4ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-37.0b1-build1
845675ef8d560c37533e3e5ee3d94810fbb47484Chris AtLee — Bug 1111890: Enable nexus5 builds on b2g37/2.2 r=rail
a6ca8d7760fc3d130f04d9354a741e39eb51370aBen Hearsum — bug 1121160: Release automation support for split-apk builds - update beta release configs for split apks. r=jlund
22428837e0b419a647d4b4d82f54397bb136dfdeRail Aliiev — Bug 1123367 - Tracking bug for 23-Feb-2015 migration work. r=nthomas
7165ac90f24c689d6c25e53833b1bde7e728407bffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-31.5.0-build1
00a5219761e2576c3d451549a98759aafc761df3ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0-build2
68271d428eecc4bc7a1230f5ec1178d0a894e331Nick Thomas — Bug 1134508 - Properly configure Gum tree, r=jlund
c80c8578fc1c3e0fc4e46075947f146907dc185bRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1135202 - Run Dolphin builds on inbound. r=catlee
13d60e6e96466c31981e7da343d78faf36a2fff8Mark Banner — Bug 1134651 - Add cy, dsb and hsb to all-locales.comm-{aurora,beta} for Thunderbird. r=rail
285af2867e6fa66df9df66ba974b52316abd4edbffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0-build1
7d8c7f6a4c100195bc0ba45b92d7dbfc4e927fe0ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0-build1
bef1bc1dac3bafcea544fae7b6d829da28ed2974Rail Aliiev — Bug 1123367 - Tracking bug for 23-Feb-2015 migration work. r=nthomas
8bef1c3063a1b0d089c150a966e3d610fd579332Rail Aliiev — Bug 1119236 - tracking bug for build and release of Firefox and Fennec 36.0. r=nthomas
c535bdb8d587ae2163412c6927627ba8c005d7aaMike Shal — Bug 1134241 - Enable all B2G nightlies on ash; r=jlund
d8d252fdb548e177d4f897a71ff196fa4a0bf014ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b10-build1
baa932a0ec335fffeeafff9a18eebf66f116f619ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0b10-build1
ea62c9e7828cbc58fbd0a06a09daeb56ef3ab95fkmoir — Bug 1126493 - rollout 10.10 tests in a way that doesn't impact wait times r=catlee
9f1b17d1b8c5a49167db3d40767a7d63e9c1fc17ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-31.5.0esr-build2
bcc4d7bf5fbb9375fee5f75aad3506d0de03868fRail Aliiev — Bug 1090568 - Add more tst-linux64 slaves. r=coop
3c700b7abe7a71ae09351c086d13881f0f3ab152ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-31.5.0esr-build1
e2615c91988976a1651a2bddbb91f36308c52487ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-36.0b1-build2
4db57119f2a1ab8531296d3ca647cf790f5df1e0Geoff Brown — Bug 1132209 - Stop running robocop on Android x86; r=kmoir
0e4b58a6db5e71c3afbc236e18b328e60012462dffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b9-build1
5e2493ba51b8deb40b448235acb757e7a7d77e4dNick Thomas — Whitespace change so we can re-start Firefox 36.0b9, r=fallout
69e67122c9ce4a271b8b82b07f47589ef8d64e8bffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b9-build1
e6b46a64ad0a9cb47a506f0d9fb4f9bcb043136dMassimo Gervasini — Bug 740142 - re-enable l10n with mozharness on ash; set l10n_chunks = 3. r=jlund
d8340f29efb08f6ed118ff28453de343aeffe43dThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1107678: Add automated tests to emulator-kk on cedar, r=rail
52f5f60c7ff4d7ba88241a04378c5e9d3287e117ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0b9-build1
1b94336afc19621838dd41725df79b2ff5cb5399Chris AtLee — Bug 1023864: Add support for enabling/disabling jacuzzis in localconfig r=bhearsum
88116f993c6da2ab407f82496d46d9ff59bcadcdJordan Lund — Bug 1094364 - switch win64 builds to use mozharness mach, r=catlee
69ffb581b00c5ac9f878278fe2369877581f1f6aRail Aliiev — Bug 1129550 - Stop generating aus2 snippets. r=bhearsum
325a893f5de9b4eaddf9d7a9b1fe1366d1545c19ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b8-build1
bf6db26292a311cbb72cd62d1d09c7a5bd0c8074ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0b8-build1
d52fa7764259dd76970068868d80b732eaff1d49kmoir — Bug 1129167 - add new yosemite slaves to buildbot configs, slavealloc etc. r=Callek
92bac9ad80b621c4b3c6c85339ad1fc2b2d4519dArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Pin mozharness in all trees - b2g_builds will come soon after. r=rail
770c40f49e9b62b948a38229ff67549f61c84dc1ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-36.0b1-build1
b3c69be83f88e7caa266e949c16f7002e2833cb9Nick Thomas — Add whitespace to thunderbird beta config to allow release-runner to regenerate, r=bustage
a7506794e80d50e4d2fcdfc028ca020bedd3a8a6ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-36.0b1-build1
ce46ace2864eebd54360830c599347e721567701Ben Hearsum — bug 1129550: Stop generating aus2 snippets. r=rail
c94767c584a65391071b6b6e303d44e6bdbc89aeBen Hearsum — bug 1125924: add hack to make partial generation work for first few versions of win64 release. r=rail
62928117cb7216b25801ce6b9574628608355a6cffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b7-build1
7861f20788f2c0a05f68b7938a1d5eb1faf71af6Rail Aliiev — Bug 714063 - SingleSourceFactory should use intree mozconfigs if they exist. r=bhearsum
9b6d52b693e71445a6146564575948bd7c8d5599Rail Aliiev — Bug 1129622 - Kill preproduction. r=nthomas
1f76b8e0cb8acebc955f6763fadb2793a3dbd2f2Ben Hearsum — bug 1104718: remove rewrite hacks from new balrog ui install. r=nthomas
dd2cdf323aa76cc473dbf42046793d8048fb3737ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-35.0.1-build1
828d626c26031d7d685fe90e37c8355ad67e109fRail Aliiev — Bug 1129606 - Kill buildbot-configs/simple-talos. r=catlee
58397ed8828b38f4ef18ba7a5bb2ec1d982a0fd2Rail Aliiev — Bug 1129600 - Seamonkey configs should use a separate branch. r=Callek
5e87f62bd6a46a06ab22466996e77cecacbb2341Chris AtLee — Bug 1111890: Add nexus-5-l builds to trunk branches r=rail
223a8a783656e6b3652c422681e1e05630a5577bJordan Lund — Bug 1127482 - Make Windows opt and debug, linux debug, and osx debug B2G Desktop builds periodic, r=catlee
673c56fcf76663b7755fca52400ddd68f9985b81Rail Aliiev — Bug 714063 - SingleSourceFactory should use intree mozconfigs if they exist. r=bhearsum
f2cb09388f8da0376ffb54e9c72a989e5e73093eArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Add missing 'items_at_least' from b2g_config. r=bustage
91551d8d65d90632f4f51965135320a4e5e89389Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Pin b2g builds on try and ash. r=rail
b5a14f820222bc391e6a46ba8c53d1d19da57e40Chris AtLee — Bug 1121495: Disable flame & nexus on b2g34/2.1s r=RyanVM
cbc76733f6d6f5a66824035c1ea8324013297057Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1128643 - Enable mozharness pinning for b2g30_v1_4. r=rail
aed1820be9f369ba0bb80aca52b145e91714a1a2Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Pin mozharness on all trunk trees. r=rail
5d9ee6596f034a94f1c03c69b8e52577f75e90ecChris AtLee — Bug 1121495: Disable hamachi builds r=bhearsum
313f3907166f455c5d0cdb9680b251bd3d30dd43ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b6-build1
0bedd59a79a5e13c9b22ee0d5f7fbd60ae9b8f81ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0b6-build1
b7cd8f9a8ec1903a94079313945c7286dbbc4214Chris AtLee — Bug 1106922: Remove old HP/IX slave definitions r=Callek
3bd5676c6c1ff6a69ae1c034817b2aec9e33a572Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1127482 - Actually turn off the dep builds. r=catlee
dac0f560ef387ee017a9cf45930234cd143d0f00Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1127482 - Make debug Linux & OSX B2G Desktop builds periodic. r=bhearsum
2cff6a0d359f7a04ddaf06a00138b9cfb9e724f5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1127482 - Make Windows B2G Desktop builds periodic. r=bhearsum
8eb2e85c4f7beedaf5336a3ec511aca6349e9426ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b5-build1
4b697569effdd7a8046553261a0f1144ce9b4bb7Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Enable mozharness pinning for mozilla-central. r=rail
94ee82448b65757d9761682fe8e41572450c4c74Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Fix typo. r=typo
6953a4cc55ede462af037bcfac2cea96b9eaa5faArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1126433 - Return Ash to its original settings. r=bhearsum
9c29b9b8f84cebefbf744d87fa92456c235de4f0Chris AtLee — Bug 1121495: disable wasabi, helix builds r=bhearsum
bfcd82c4a0cc5911f560ae10c5e5a9e22e387462Chris AtLee — Bug 1125354: remove old android SDK/NDKs from mock configs r=rail,nalexander
dff67c5a2b57cfdf40d7c5f760389edb76bf38b0Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Enable mozharness pinning on fx-team. r=rail
d9b62528567c3b8bb9c8bce7579b3902ff8fa612Kai-Zhen Li — Bug 1107747 - Fix dolphin-512 is built in incorrect branch. r=nthomas
bdcc79074d4a6e8822ce7b3c5d74ab2b3403bceeffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b4-build1
0196788c82597ac6f50f72be12de941a33209af2ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0b4-build1
08c1d33c0b413473ff8d8f311fd2eadd1d811a0fArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Disable L10n mozharness repacks for Ash. r=jlund
0311ab1bdd95f9102fa5434cd740eed7003d9babBen Hearsum — nobug: turn pretty names tests on for win64. r=rail
16f250488cd3d4c3d5eb44b35e864dc410c4c257Ben Hearsum — bug 1125888: turn on win64 l10n repacks on central and aurora. r=rail
a4e503fcea401757e03edabc0c55b718cbeff070Chris AtLee — Bug 1125353: turn off android builds on esr31 r=rail
2c8fff34b712dd902ed1cdf4ce1cacf2933ad9f1Nick Thomas — Bug 1112966, Discontinue EUballot builds, r=rail
0b73eacea095fb9154552c1e5073aa7ad918d015kmoir — Bug 1125191 - disable yosemite tests on cedar, try is more useful r=coop
4a0303d403f1d55d736734a134bf08eab9289d5fArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Enable pgo, nightly and repacks for Ash. r=rail
dfcc95040b23ee908a437ecc0f7a2d27925d0676ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b3-build1
1290f7e3a2a1e204e9b73cca75d86465f9c8e86effxbld — Update release config for Firefox-35.0.1-build1
01d4f6e81b59f18bd28cbac2b796f0bcf391ad36Jordan Lund — Bug 1055919 - desktop mozharness mach builders should ride trains - stop aurora from using mh mach, r=hwine
3bfb8518160ff95c198d16894dd0689a8fb29b1bNick Thomas — Bug 1118796, set up date for build promotion work, r=rail
98f66d34b6458f19c6987e70d33afef16aeb8cf0Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Backout 7ba89ec03d1a and 0a29c2341b1e. r=backout
870b748db5e83812ccdc474003e1189efecef1a1Chris Cooper — Bug 1123965 - Disable HPKP update on b2g30 - r=Callek
2232ba781e1e91eeb466f407dbb91edb9ef42216Kai-Zhen Li — Bug 1107747 - Add build config for v2.1s branch. r=hwine
d5682b589c5d61e93490e950c3d508993cfb3d3bJordan Lund — Bug 1055919 - desktop mozharness mach builders should ride the trains, r=bhearsum
21f89a9f68eadc307965019a85409a74d1b243b7Ben Hearsum — bug 1123802: point release automation jobs directly at aus4. r=nthomas
8830cc5285d199eab498c4defc85585fa167f47cBen Hearsum — bug 986990: Modify test channel names to support releases on Balrog - switch esr channel names + rule ids. r=nthomas
998d8b9092785f180d9f2b30298a13c3728109d9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1117637 - plugins and extensions moved to wrong directory by buildbotcustom - use old res subdir for gecko < 34. r=catlee
68dd550b2b23eb55facaaf5bae01a5bde86b5630ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b2-build1
3b40766616dc3e4e06eae939c4f4e02421464824ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0b2-build1
0a29c2341b1e72fab85de3e0bdf23bfc65b75ce3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Fix syntax error. r=typo
7ba89ec03d1a04026e0d8253851c1c05f519ad50Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1110286 - Use mozharness pinning for fx-team. r=rail
ca4c43dc230c53f1d7c285270f1bb284e3230888Chris Manchester — Bug 1121589 - Run marionette-e10s on trunk branches.;r=jlund
70a8291cfe60ed25629b44360d7dd53262cbaf6bBen Hearsum — bug 986990: Modify test channel names to support releases on Balrog - switch release channel test channel names + rule ids. r=nthomas
b9c34177b915ca8b02aa27d6b9fa33d295403774Jordan Lund — Bug 1073772 - Releng work for split apk - fixes buildernames to be 11 instead of 10, r=coop
7fe751073ba5661d986b34af99fde61970b2e512Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1122769 - Remove the code used to support unified builds from buildbot-configs; r=bhearsum
2bf0e905fbf7ce1fb400968d6eea663a214fd51dSteve Fink — Bug 972089 - Add in win32 spidermonkey builds, r=bhearsum
d8745aa07a6bc4573e37b3d4e0da78976c059077kmoir — Bug 1122039 - enable 10.10 tests on try but not enabled by default, and hidden in try chooser syntax page r=coop
dfe3e4198247aa992f36b8d52c6a253349400f6cJonathan Griffin — Bug 1116187 - Schedule B2G mochitest-chrome on cedar, r=gbrown
bd7f4667bf1bcc0576c391ea65a2fc1c24cf5e45Nick Thomas — Bug 1121286, use nightly cert to sign win64 aurora nightlies, r=catlee
ce147a9bf146c3d358b197fbb452f9dd1c531394ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b1-build2
3e373f4e763d8411a3e2d7f2c1d67032614bb43aBen Hearsum — Remove 35.0b8 from release extraPartials now that 35.0 has shipped. r=rail
dc8e535ff44f7ffacdbdd8ca6060a238216ebe75Chris AtLee — Bug 1121017: Follow-up fix. r=coop
106656098efc5e37cf624784a0d9e08b3b2adcf8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1121017 - Stop running non-unified builds everywhere; r=bhearsum
623b3be90ea468a2707e0a5e3bf3c8fd1b6d1d5eKevin Grandon — Bug 1121122 - Increase number of Gij chunks r=jgriffin
ea2f26485d98e3dd6e81d52f2fac04166b89f3a7Chris AtLee — Bug 1113606: Copy keys into mock environments. r=rail
6dc553dac3da47fb77d8e933042ef1b3b8b292bbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1015018 - Enable OSX debug static analysis builds by default; r=bhearsum
3673b25e642932ce59f69be2dcbbbcb1d40b17d4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1015018 - Remove "dep_signing_servers" and "nightly_signing_servers" from the macosx64-st-an-debug config
1ddca438b8fea99caaaa9a64fabd56d3ad6038d8ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-36.0b1-build1
4729be7705c3c27049356a608e1cd13124b563b3ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-36.0b1-build1
f45f97f226be04a22561d4ac85b1ec04a04d69c1Joel Maher — Bug 1118329 - only run a subset of talos tests on osx 10.6. r=catlee
1ab07228a70403bac45fef4909878d0bba92f2a9Rail Aliiev — Bug 1116781 - Tracking bug for 12-Jan-2015 migration work. r=hwine
dc4dc9600f93f5a757e345842f6ca4fce5d2a60effxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-31.4.0-build1
8b7a7876bce1bf25bbc47ceed7de704db69195e1ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-35.0-build3
10dbafe8a809a1bb55a3bafcb40d0b7d58f4f5a8ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-35.0b11-build1
e09586a74c1a0f70dd856357b65b396bc0969312ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-35.0-build1
9d74a2a92fb4285ed88d7c61a365bbe1d00a7169Dave Townsend — Bug 1075147: Enable mochitest-jetpack tests on try. r=catlee
7fe645e9970f4e361968a1d7cec2ae9d562bd3f3Joel Maher — Bug 1087635 - disable talos on esr31 and b2g specific branches. r=catlee
40568f6b9e2bebcaf5a879f7965b5f5d8199ab44ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-35.0-build2
4146fbc3e9dc01a20e1cb786f2a96a236f7d013bRail Aliiev — Bug 1118476 - tracking bug for build and release of Firefox and Fennec 35.0. r=hwine
d2c7fd0ce917d8609528a83818b264b6c25d7540Chris AtLee — Bug 1113606: copy mozilla api key into mock environment r=rail
a599d98c55de09bf0b902d8c588b0e0fd668984dJustin Wood — Bug 1076810 - RelEng CI tests should be available over the internet, not just from VPN - allow pep8 failures not to break tests and remove coveralls from,r=pmoore
222b655abc77b015f2e4f1ba450c1e75f976cf0bPeter Moore — Bug 1076810 - RelEng CI tests should be available over the internet, not just from VPN,r=Callek
93ac796aeca8f53b74df23ed3c0d3ff668d6f4a3ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-35.0-build1
09bf96107ce06f8d50d8b9fe43df5bdc2d345fe0ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-31.4.0esr-build1
f7434f09a850475c4584cee0c9f0586da64fa741ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-35.0b10-build1
f5e4917aae84dcc63bf66eee44df99b20652b9ecRail Aliiev — Bug 1116781 - Tracking bug for 12-Jan-2015 migration work. r=bhearsum
95205c5c19561ceb6426eb17470e8c13aed7f35fSteve Fink — Bug 1045194 - Hazard builds need to reboot
e674ed26831abe4498664cba364b508c5e9170faffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-35.0b8-build1
4bb66e9e71503014e42b599cd90a0fd6eba59272ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-35.0b8-build1
548d99344d7f475b9ed404ef05e534dc37996fe5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1015018 - Buildbot config for OS X static analysis builds; r=jlund
f63c4306e5aac2d2f9b46b35bdda019f525e824aJustin Wood — No Bug - Remove dead code (host utils is no longer defined through buildbot). r=no-one
1c9fdcd2e6fb15cb2936b9dac48c1a7537a1fea5ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-35.0b6-build1
aa3c011235732178d027fee5cb7359a8fef29812ffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-35.0b6-build1
c5ee8731b724a5038b5af0818d3a19c70ad1338ePeter Moore — Bug 1113255 - Generate FxOS pvtbuilds on m-c 3 hours earlier (at 0100 PT instead of 0400 PT),r=Bebe
637b09eb1d144b2af42a0b72acfdc854db08aae6Massimo Gervasini — Bug 1113255 - Generate FxOS pvtbuilds on m-c at 1300,r=pmoore
b545cad5b3cde80731be68b3a5a511e5684f3e43Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1112779 - Disable Mulet mochitest jobs on every tree except Try/Cedar. r=rail
f8600c3f440cbbb039b120791401d7ec940a51abRail Aliiev — Bug 1111591 - Add 'sat' to the Firefox build. r=pmoore
4c0398993561314255bfa9c47e7ca3290d4f2ce0kmoir — Bug 1019724 - Update channels for single locale Beta and Release builds of Firefox for Android 30 (and beyond) r=nthomas
390650d81a266a14eb81d0cc4f047976839894b9Rail Aliiev — Bug 1079937 - Kill the mozilla-b2g28_v1_3t branch in automation. r=bhearsum
9ff545a1e1f2614ae2e7094b71d93a596d178037Massimo Gervasini — Bug 607392 - updated release templates. r=rail
3f158a372e288b5494bb2ff9ca704317322f0e08ffxbld — Update release config for Firefox-35.0b5-build1
7c425fe0d229f23a348e45e88f74fee8ec5bc32fffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-34.0.1-build2
f44f0ebcca55c212893cb2bcd873071c87e933adffxbld — Update release config for Fennec-34.0.1-build1
88ec902944f6212703a96bd658463d806b191480Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 791924 - Enable mozharness try for builds on the Try branch. r=rail
2bc473e710b90b1c07550de63ce67710bd25dbbaMike Shal — Bug 1112303 - Add taskcluster auth parameters to; r=rail
34bb25dbee10c5d9f1073731655cf572e8795af9Massimo Gervasini — Bug 740142 - set l10n_chunks=1. r=pmoore
f728335727eaefd25a857bd5a627150791931e53Massimo Gervasini — Backout Bug 607392 - split tagging into en-US and other. r=backout