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Sun Dec 03 18:41:38 2017 +0000
9e134abef618ca6f58ab777bc6b10771a07d8680Mihai Tabara — Bug 1422599 - switch stage bouncer to dedicated RelEng instance. r=rail
9db3292e77a42a928277d0aec765d7925d3079f2Tom Prince — Bug 1389312: Change update message to indicate that updates are scheduled, rather than available; r=nthomas
9dd25c1371175aa69ca6a114a74ec944b4a63500Nick Thomas — Bug 1414953 - enable partner repacks on maple, r=bhearsum
c15e3f7e19108785730a806266908de6df52adc2ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-58.0b1-build3
03fd87c0e4e6a9557641163ede96db53b6c3e2bbffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-58.0b1-build2
e86d007784fed7a5c09da103df849a312f14e46cffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-52.5.0-build1
9e77df54591db487e5a32abdb494f98dca1ae0dcffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-58.0b1-build1