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Thu Dec 14 20:17:08 2017 +0000
0bfdfe117f16f87a7afd685ffecd93576eb0f193Justin Wood — Bug 1412602 - Period file update scheduled twice every day, pushes twice to mozilla-central except when it races itself. r=catlee
1eca1f3f83938efe27f8aef511519ac02c4c1f60Alin Selagea — Bug 1423055 - disable some Buildbot testing so we can enable the full suite of tests on project-branches, r=Callek
8623a586bef56f418c91d13366c0480ffb0948dbffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-58.0b2-build1
d85ef936ff8bea898416aaede5744eb0b50fe740Andrei Obreja — Bug 1393774 - [tracking] Buildbot to Taskcluster migration general cleanup , r=jlund