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Fri Jan 19 14:04:38 2018 +0000
060e17fc5731a1aa30dff14ed46b84a2e0d94660Mihai Tabara — Bug 1431152 - enable version bump for Devedition as well. r=Callek
7eae33e5a71209affd70912be8d2b18205b829baNick Thomas — Bug 1429283 - disable lzma to bz2 update repackaging for mozilla-release and staging branches, r=jlund
d2c537b2ac7e6d164d4b1d2408f90558f75ba11dJordan Lund — Bug 1412962 - Ver bump buildbot stuff for merge day. r=sfraser"
6346bdcd6c2705e43052e72159abc6882e013b97ffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-58.0b3-build1
245e454a37459380b741946eb3446c23a5af274cffxbld — Update release config for Thunderbird-52.5.2-build1
50a7c734fc90b8153587d5bf87a30737bac30f8aBen Hearsum — bug 1426132: set up birch for in tree relpro rc testing. r=rail
2f7b20f4c4b365a36792d0fff5492e11115db5a0Aki Sasaki — no bug - allow for devedition version bumping on maple. r=bhearsum
0c36f9b30141baedae163c859ca6b108b8a9168eJustin Wood — Bug 1412602 - Period file update scheduled twice every day, pushes twice to mozilla-central except when it races itself. r=rail