author Robert Kaiser <>
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 13:20:11 +0200
changeset 1478 3ae3f3d821a86f57cd4918dfe86b16ff45c40f67
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child 1595 6067c3cdabeef088a23041833dcca44b1f5189e4
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add back es-AR which opted in with a corrected changeset, correct other changesets for SM2.0b2 build1

be	f4a613903d99
ca	957f10409b47
de	606b1fdbc746
es-AR	af153883ca11
es-ES	e869e588cb2d
fr	65f5a606902e
gl	3942d7d1c7b7
hu	9964ab5b5d1f
lt	3b66fe3b2b30
nb-NO	099877e60fb1
nl	8e90aba5a31f
pl	3b0b181eb6a6
pt-PT	4d9e082f83d3
ru	4f9ffc11a8c2
sk	ecbc3f0d2d4c
tr	3df2ad94dd15