author Alice Nodelman <alice@mozilla.com>
Fri, 16 Oct 2009 09:14:09 -0700
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parent 1419 ed1259e43959fe3e43d51f2442ba0d1124ee8edc
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bug 510587 (create a cold startup ts) p=anodelman, r=catlee

from buildbot.status import tinderbox

class TinderboxMailNotifier(tinderbox.TinderboxMailNotifier):
  Subclass TinderboxMailNotifier to add the slave name to the build.
  This makes tinderbox happy if we have more than one slave working
  on one builder.
  def buildMessage(self, name, build, results):
    return tinderbox.TinderboxMailNotifier.buildMessage(self,
                                                        name + ' ' +
                                                        build, results)