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Mon Mar 28 12:24:30 2016 +0000
f7963d7539d0ef42ca21874685f706658436db02Rail Aliiev — Bug 1259599 - release runner shouldn't retry automatically with different graph ID r=Callek
a2790034cf8d14e3ef3fa2eb862a5b7a10c0e641tbirdbld — Added tag THUNDERBIRD_45_0b3_RELEASE_RUNTIME, THUNDERBIRD_45_0b3_BUILD2_RUNTIME for changeset bc5f6ab97ca7
bc5f6ab97ca71d4469ea2f74b32969479ec0a186tbirdbld — Automated configuration bump: update configs for Thunderbird 45.0b3 build 2 on beta THUNDERBIRD_45_0b3_BUILD2_RUNTIME THUNDERBIRD_45_0b3_RELEASE_RUNTIME