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Thu Jun 07 00:10:29 2018 +0000
7746c3ede8ad11f66b55c3c2c0b3dce1e3760dbfNick Thomas — Bug 1461490 - update verify allowlist followup for windows ESR52, r?bhearsum default tip
0d3c79c8b045b2323acdbb79b22ab0d6f7ea83d4ffxbld — No bug - Tagging tools with FIREFOX_52_8_1esr_BUILD1_RUNTIME, FIREFOX_52_8_1esr_RELEASE_RUNTIME a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
098e656efeeb993228d98acc88f1a4f1ef3ecd98ffxbld — Automated configuration bump FIREFOX_52_8_1esr_BUILD1_RUNTIME FIREFOX_52_8_1esr_RELEASE_RUNTIME
985d1b36188cb232dfdf8888e15e64ab5644e07cChris AtLee — Bug 1465641: Disable non-esr52 release branches r=Callek
7a96783ecbc7109b1f7494865c2b1153a56e7b6dNick Thomas — Bug 1464254 - Update verify should ignore download retries, r=bhearsum
9bfd3ee2eed340bf43febb337e212a24bb23bd5aTom Prince — Bug 1455407: [releaserunner3] Don't check partial updates for thunderbird; r=aki
6c6019908ae6f3bf67359ab8ceb0210e26e39954Tom Prince — Bug 1455407: [releaserunner3] Check appropriate path for version thunderbird version information; r=aki
74a7df6d3fc56b191550583254825bb7dbff3f0dTom Prince — Bug 1455407: Allow finding the comm-* decision task from the index; r=aki