Add comment explaining backout of bug 474491 -- no code changes.
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Thu, 05 Feb 2009 17:31:00 -0600
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Add comment explaining backout of bug 474491 -- no code changes.
--- a/widget/src/cocoa/
+++ b/widget/src/cocoa/
@@ -1311,16 +1311,29 @@ PRBool nsChildView::ShowsResizeIndicator
     aResizerRect->SetRect(NSToIntRound(corner.x) - resizeIndicatorWidth,
                           NSToIntRound(corner.y) - resizeIndicatorHeight,
                           resizeIndicatorWidth, resizeIndicatorHeight);
   return PR_TRUE;
+// In QuickDraw mode the coordinate system used here should be that of the
+// browser window's content region (defined as everything but the 22-pixel
+// high titlebar).  But in CoreGraphics mode the coordinate system should be
+// that of the browser window as a whole (including its titlebar).  Both
+// coordinate systems have a top-left origin.  See bmo bug 474491.
+// There's a bug in this method's code -- it currently uses the QuickDraw
+// coordinate system for both the QuickDraw and CoreGraphics drawing modes.
+// This bug is fixed by the patch for bug 474491.  But the Flash plugin (both
+// version from Adobe and version 9.0 r151 from Apple) has Mozilla-
+// specific code to work around this bug, which breaks when we fix it (see bmo
+// bug 477077).  So we'll need to coordinate releasing a fix for this bug with
+// Adobe and other major plugin vendors that support the CoreGraphics mode.
 NS_IMETHODIMP nsChildView::GetPluginClipRect(nsIntRect& outClipRect, nsIntPoint& outOrigin, PRBool& outWidgetVisible)
   NS_ASSERTION(mIsPluginView, "GetPluginClipRect must only be called on a plugin widget");
   if (!mIsPluginView) return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;
   NSWindow* window = [mView nativeWindow];