Bug 1392886 - Ignore missing mach_commands.py when checkout is sparse; r=mshal
authorGregory Szorc <gps@mozilla.com>
Wed, 23 Aug 2017 08:41:01 -0700
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Bug 1392886 - Ignore missing mach_commands.py when checkout is sparse; r=mshal Sparse checkouts may not have all mach_commands.py files. mach raises an error when a mach_commands.py file is missing. So, we teach the mach driver to ignore missing file errors when a sparse checkout is present. The added code is optimized to avoid an import of mozversioncontrol and some I/O as part of resolving the repo and VCS binaries because this file is in the critical path of all mach commands and avoiding I/O is worthwhile. Since we aren't using sparse checkouts in the common case, this effectively makes the new code 0 cost. MozReview-Commit-ID: C6itJga31t5
--- a/build/mach_bootstrap.py
+++ b/build/mach_bootstrap.py
@@ -149,22 +149,38 @@ def bootstrap(topsrcdir, mozilla_dir=Non
     # existing) and notify the user that it will be created. The logic for
     # creation is much simpler for the "advanced" environment variable use
     # case. For default behavior, we educate users and give them an opportunity
     # to react. We always exit after creating the directory because users don't
     # like surprises.
     sys.path[0:0] = [os.path.join(mozilla_dir, path)
                      for path in search_path(mozilla_dir,
+    import mach.base
     import mach.main
     from mozboot.util import get_state_dir
     from mozbuild.util import patch_main
+    def resolve_repository():
+        import mozversioncontrol
+        try:
+            # This API doesn't respect the vcs binary choices from configure.
+            # If we ever need to use the VCS binary here, consider something
+            # more robust.
+            return mozversioncontrol.get_repository_object(path=mozilla_dir)
+        except mozversioncontrol.InvalidRepoPath:
+            return None
+        # This is mainly to catch failures resolving the VCS binary path.
+        # TODO Change mozversioncontrol to raise non-generic exception.
+        except Exception:
+            return None
     def telemetry_handler(context, data):
         # We have not opted-in to telemetry
         if 'BUILD_SYSTEM_TELEMETRY' not in os.environ:
         telemetry_dir = os.path.join(get_state_dir()[0], 'telemetry')
@@ -277,33 +293,44 @@ def bootstrap(topsrcdir, mozilla_dir=Non
             return topsrcdir
         if key == 'telemetry_handler':
             return telemetry_handler
         if key == 'post_dispatch_handler':
             return post_dispatch_handler
+        if key == 'repository':
+            return resolve_repository()
         raise AttributeError(key)
     driver = mach.main.Mach(os.getcwd())
     driver.populate_context_handler = populate_context
     if not driver.settings_paths:
         # default global machrc location
     # always load local repository configuration
     for category, meta in CATEGORIES.items():
         driver.define_category(category, meta['short'], meta['long'],
+    repo = resolve_repository()
     for path in MACH_MODULES:
-        driver.load_commands_from_file(os.path.join(mozilla_dir, path))
+        # Sparse checkouts may not have all mach_commands.py files. Ignore
+        # errors from missing files.
+        try:
+            driver.load_commands_from_file(os.path.join(mozilla_dir, path))
+        except mach.base.MissingFileError:
+            if not repo or not repo.sparse_checkout_present():
+                raise
     return driver
 # Hook import such that .pyc/.pyo files without a corresponding .py file in
 # the source directory are essentially ignored. See further below for details
 # and caveats.
 # Objdirs outside the source directory are ignored because in most cases, if