Bug 1528349: Move a DOM timeout spec-compliance ASSERT to DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT r=smaug
authorRandell Jesup <rjesup@jesup.org>
Sat, 16 Feb 2019 00:31:37 -0500
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Bug 1528349: Move a DOM timeout spec-compliance ASSERT to DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT r=smaug
--- a/dom/base/Timeout.h
+++ b/dom/base/Timeout.h
@@ -84,17 +84,17 @@ class Timeout final : public LinkedListE
   // Returned as value of setTimeout()
   uint32_t mTimeoutId;
   // Identifies which firing level this Timeout is being processed in
   // when sync loops trigger nested firing.
   uint32_t mFiringId;
-#ifdef DEBUG
   int64_t mFiringIndex;
   // The popup state at timeout creation time if not created from
   // another timeout
   PopupBlocker::PopupControlState mPopupState;
   // Used to allow several reasons for setting a timeout, where each
--- a/dom/base/TimeoutManager.cpp
+++ b/dom/base/TimeoutManager.cpp
@@ -449,17 +449,17 @@ int32_t gDisableOpenClickDelay;
 TimeoutManager::TimeoutManager(nsGlobalWindowInner& aWindow,
                                uint32_t aMaxIdleDeferMS)
     : mWindow(aWindow),
       mExecutor(new TimeoutExecutor(this, false, 0)),
       mIdleExecutor(new TimeoutExecutor(this, true, aMaxIdleDeferMS)),
       mNextFiringId(InvalidFiringId + 1),
-#ifdef DEBUG
@@ -558,16 +558,19 @@ nsresult TimeoutManager::SetTimeout(nsIT
   // code can handle. (Note: we already forced |interval| to be non-negative,
   // so the uint32_t cast (to avoid compiler warnings) is ok.)
   uint32_t maxTimeoutMs = PR_IntervalToMilliseconds(DOM_MAX_TIMEOUT_VALUE);
   if (static_cast<uint32_t>(interval) > maxTimeoutMs) {
     interval = maxTimeoutMs;
   RefPtr<Timeout> timeout = new Timeout();
+  timeout->mFiringIndex = -1;
   timeout->mWindow = &mWindow;
   timeout->mIsInterval = aIsInterval;
   timeout->mInterval = TimeDuration::FromMilliseconds(interval);
   timeout->mScriptHandler = aHandler;
   timeout->mReason = aReason;
   // No popups from timeouts by default
   timeout->mPopupState = PopupBlocker::openAbused;
@@ -890,17 +893,17 @@ void TimeoutManager::RunTimeout(const Ti
       // retain compliance with the spec language
       // (https://html.spec.whatwg.org/#dom-settimeout) specifically items
       // 15 ("If method context is a Window object, wait until the Document
       // associated with method context has been fully active for a further
       // timeout milliseconds (not necessarily consecutively)") and item 16
       // ("Wait until any invocations of this algorithm that had the same
       // method context, that started before this one, and whose timeout is
       // equal to or less than this one's, have completed.").
-#ifdef DEBUG
       if (timeout->mFiringIndex == -1) {
         timeout->mFiringIndex = mFiringIndex++;
       if (mIsLoading && !aProcessIdle) {
         // Any timeouts that would fire during a load will be deferred
         // until the load event occurs, but if there's an idle time,
@@ -930,18 +933,18 @@ void TimeoutManager::RunTimeout(const Ti
         if (!scx) {
           // No context means this window was closed or never properly
           // initialized for this language.  This timer will never fire
           // so just remove it.
-#ifdef DEBUG
-        MOZ_ASSERT(timeout->mFiringIndex > mLastFiringIndex);
+        MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT(timeout->mFiringIndex > mLastFiringIndex);
         mLastFiringIndex = timeout->mFiringIndex;
         // This timeout is good to run
         bool timeout_was_cleared = mWindow.RunTimeoutHandler(timeout, scx);
         if (profiler_is_active()) {
           TimeDuration elapsed = now - timeout->SubmitTime();
           TimeDuration target = timeout->When() - timeout->SubmitTime();
@@ -1059,17 +1062,17 @@ bool TimeoutManager::RescheduleTimeout(T
   // Compute time to next timeout for interval timer.
   // Make sure nextInterval is at least CalculateDelay().
   TimeDuration nextInterval = CalculateDelay(aTimeout);
   TimeStamp firingTime = aLastCallbackTime + nextInterval;
   TimeDuration delay = firingTime - aCurrentNow;
-#ifdef DEBUG
   aTimeout->mFiringIndex = -1;
   // And make sure delay is nonnegative; that might happen if the timer
   // thread is firing our timers somewhat early or if they're taking a long
   // time to run the callback.
   if (delay < TimeDuration(0)) {
     delay = TimeDuration(0);
--- a/dom/base/TimeoutManager.h
+++ b/dom/base/TimeoutManager.h
@@ -198,17 +198,17 @@ class TimeoutManager final {
   // it must be a separate ref-counted object.
   RefPtr<TimeoutExecutor> mExecutor;
   // For timeouts run off the idle queue
   RefPtr<TimeoutExecutor> mIdleExecutor;
   // The list of timeouts coming from non-tracking scripts.
   Timeouts mTimeouts;
   uint32_t mTimeoutIdCounter;
   uint32_t mNextFiringId;
-#ifdef DEBUG
   int64_t mFiringIndex;
   int64_t mLastFiringIndex;
   AutoTArray<uint32_t, 2> mFiringIdStack;
   mozilla::dom::Timeout* mRunningTimeout;
   // Timeouts that would have fired but are being deferred until MainThread
   // is idle (because we're loading)