Remove unused variable/parameter in view code. b=371392 r+sr=roc
Thu, 17 May 2007 23:02:00 -0700
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Remove unused variable/parameter in view code. b=371392 r+sr=roc
--- a/view/src/nsViewManager.cpp
+++ b/view/src/nsViewManager.cpp
@@ -454,17 +454,16 @@ void nsViewManager::Refresh(nsView *aVie
   NS_ASSERTION(!IsPainting(), "recursive painting not permitted");
   if (IsPainting()) {
     RootViewManager()->mRecursiveRefreshPending = PR_TRUE;
   nsCOMPtr<nsIRenderingContext> localcx;
-  nsIDrawingSurface*    ds = nsnull;
   if (nsnull == aContext)
       localcx = CreateRenderingContext(*aView);
       //couldn't get rendering context. this is ok at init time atleast
       if (nsnull == localcx) {
@@ -486,17 +485,17 @@ void nsViewManager::Refresh(nsView *aVie
   ctx->Translate(gfxPoint(NSAppUnitsToIntPixels(viewRect.x, p2a),
                           NSAppUnitsToIntPixels(viewRect.y, p2a)));
   nsRegion opaqueRegion;
   AddCoveringWidgetsToOpaqueRegion(opaqueRegion, mContext, aView);
   damageRegion.Sub(damageRegion, opaqueRegion);
-  RenderViews(aView, *localcx, damageRegion, ds);
+  RenderViews(aView, *localcx, damageRegion);
   if (RootViewManager()->mRecursiveRefreshPending) {
     // Unset this flag first, since if aUpdateFlags includes NS_VMREFRESH_IMMEDIATE
     // we'll reenter this code from the UpdateAllViews call.
@@ -586,23 +585,18 @@ void nsViewManager::AddCoveringWidgetsTo
             aRgn.Or(aRgn, bounds);
-  aRCSurface is the drawing surface being used to double-buffer aRC, or null
-  if no double-buffering is happening. We pass this in here so that we can
-  blend directly into the double-buffer offscreen memory.
 void nsViewManager::RenderViews(nsView *aView, nsIRenderingContext& aRC,
-                                const nsRegion& aRegion, nsIDrawingSurface* aRCSurface)
+                                const nsRegion& aRegion)
   if (mObserver) {
     nsView* displayRoot = GetDisplayRootFor(aView);
     nsPoint offsetToRoot = aView->GetOffsetTo(displayRoot); 
     nsRegion damageRegion(aRegion);
--- a/view/src/nsViewManager.h
+++ b/view/src/nsViewManager.h
@@ -269,17 +269,17 @@ private:
   void Refresh(nsView *aView, nsIRenderingContext *aContext,
                nsIRegion *region, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags);
    * Refresh aView (which must be non-null) with our default background color
   void DefaultRefresh(nsView* aView, nsIRenderingContext *aContext, const nsRect* aRect);
   void RenderViews(nsView *aRootView, nsIRenderingContext& aRC,
-                   const nsRegion& aRegion, nsIDrawingSurface* aRCSurface);
+                   const nsRegion& aRegion);
   void InvalidateRectDifference(nsView *aView, const nsRect& aRect, const nsRect& aCutOut, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags);
   void InvalidateHorizontalBandDifference(nsView *aView, const nsRect& aRect, const nsRect& aCutOut,
                                           PRUint32 aUpdateFlags, nscoord aY1, nscoord aY2, PRBool aInCutOut);
   void AddCoveringWidgetsToOpaqueRegion(nsRegion &aRgn, nsIDeviceContext* aContext,
                                         nsView* aRootView);