Bug 1499507 - Add AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_DYNAMIC_FAST which allows specifying flags. r=njn
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authorMarkus Stange <mstange@themasta.com>
Mon, 05 Nov 2018 19:10:57 +0000
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Bug 1499507 - Add AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_DYNAMIC_FAST which allows specifying flags. r=njn Depends on D9203 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D9204
--- a/js/public/ProfilingStack.h
+++ b/js/public/ProfilingStack.h
@@ -259,25 +259,26 @@ class ProfilingStackFrame
     void setLabel(const char* aLabel) { label_ = aLabel; }
     const char* label() const { return label_; }
     const char* dynamicString() const { return dynamicString_; }
     void initLabelFrame(const char* aLabel, const char* aDynamicString, void* sp,
-                        Category aCategory)
+                        Category aCategory, uint32_t aFlags)
         label_ = aLabel;
         dynamicString_ = aDynamicString;
         spOrScript = sp;
         // pcOffsetIfJS_ is not set and must not be used on label frames.
         flagsAndCategory_ =
             uint32_t(Flags::IS_LABEL_FRAME) |
-            (uint32_t(aCategory) << uint32_t(Flags::FLAGS_BITCOUNT));
+            (uint32_t(aCategory) << uint32_t(Flags::FLAGS_BITCOUNT)) |
+            aFlags;
     void initSpMarkerFrame(void* sp)
         label_ = "";
         dynamicString_ = nullptr;
         spOrScript = sp;
@@ -386,23 +387,25 @@ class ProfilingStack final
       : stackPointer(0)
     void pushLabelFrame(const char* label, const char* dynamicString, void* sp,
-                        js::ProfilingStackFrame::Category category) {
+                        js::ProfilingStackFrame::Category category,
+                        uint32_t flags = 0) {
         uint32_t oldStackPointer = stackPointer;
         if (MOZ_UNLIKELY(oldStackPointer >= capacity)) {
-        frames[oldStackPointer].initLabelFrame(label, dynamicString, sp, category);
+        frames[oldStackPointer].initLabelFrame(label, dynamicString, sp,
+                                               category, flags);
         // This must happen at the end! The compiler will not reorder this
         // update because stackPointer is Atomic<..., ReleaseAcquire>, so any
         // the writes above will not be reordered below the stackPointer store.
         // Do the read and the write as two separate statements, in order to
         // make it clear that we don't need an atomic increment, which would be
         // more expensive on x86 than the separate operations done here.
         // This thread is the only one that ever changes the value of
--- a/tools/profiler/public/GeckoProfiler.h
+++ b/tools/profiler/public/GeckoProfiler.h
@@ -41,16 +41,17 @@
 #define AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL(label, category)
 #define AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_DYNAMIC_CSTR(label, category, cStr)
 #define AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_DYNAMIC_NSCSTRING(label, category, nsCStr)
 #define AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_FAST(label, category, ctx)
+#define AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_DYNAMIC_FAST(label, dynamicString, category, ctx, flags)
 #define PROFILER_ADD_MARKER(markerName)
 #define PROFILER_ADD_NETWORK_MARKER(uri, pri, channel, type, start, end, count, timings, redirect)
 #define PROFILER_TRACING(category, markerName, kind)
 #define AUTO_PROFILER_TRACING(category, markerName)
@@ -537,16 +538,24 @@ mozilla::Maybe<ProfilerBufferInfo> profi
 // Used to annotate functions for which overhead in the range of nanoseconds is
 // noticeable. It avoids overhead from the TLS lookup because it can get the
 // ProfilingStack from the JS context, and avoids almost all overhead in the case
 // where the profiler is disabled.
 #define AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_FAST(label, category, ctx) \
   mozilla::AutoProfilerLabel PROFILER_RAII(ctx, label, nullptr, \
+// Similar to AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_FAST, but also takes an extra string and an
+// additional set of flags. The flags parameter should carry values from the
+// js::ProfilingStackFrame::Flags enum.
+#define AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_DYNAMIC_FAST(label, dynamicString, category, ctx, flags) \
+  mozilla::AutoProfilerLabel PROFILER_RAII(ctx, label, dynamicString, \
+                                           js::ProfilingStackFrame::Category::category, \
+                                           flags)
 // Insert a marker in the profile timeline. This is useful to delimit something
 // important happening such as the first paint. Unlike labels, which are only
 // recorded in the profile buffer if a sample is collected while the label is
 // on the label stack, markers will always be recorded in the profile buffer.
 // aMarkerName is copied, so the caller does not need to ensure it lives for a
 // certain length of time. A no-op if the profiler is inactive or in privacy
 // mode.
 #define PROFILER_ADD_MARKER(markerName) \
@@ -727,33 +736,36 @@ public:
     // Get the ProfilingStack from TLS.
     Push(sProfilingStack.get(), aLabel, aDynamicString, aCategory);
   // This is the AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_FAST variant. It retrieves the ProfilingStack
   // from the JSContext and does nothing if the profiler is inactive.
   AutoProfilerLabel(JSContext* aJSContext,
                     const char* aLabel, const char* aDynamicString,
-                    js::ProfilingStackFrame::Category aCategory
+                    js::ProfilingStackFrame::Category aCategory,
+                    uint32_t aFlags
-         aLabel, aDynamicString, aCategory);
+         aLabel, aDynamicString, aCategory, aFlags);
   void Push(ProfilingStack* aProfilingStack,
             const char* aLabel, const char* aDynamicString,
-            js::ProfilingStackFrame::Category aCategory)
+            js::ProfilingStackFrame::Category aCategory,
+            uint32_t aFlags = 0)
     // This function runs both on and off the main thread.
     mProfilingStack = aProfilingStack;
     if (mProfilingStack) {
-      mProfilingStack->pushLabelFrame(aLabel, aDynamicString, this, aCategory);
+      mProfilingStack->pushLabelFrame(aLabel, aDynamicString, this, aCategory,
+                                      aFlags);
     // This function runs both on and off the main thread.
     if (mProfilingStack) {