Bug 1489308 part 2. Allow UpdateURLAndHistory to work even if mOSHE is null, if we're doing a replace. r=smaug
authorBoris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu>
Wed, 27 Feb 2019 06:01:57 +0000
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Bug 1489308 part 2. Allow UpdateURLAndHistory to work even if mOSHE is null, if we're doing a replace. r=smaug We're going to end up hitting this if someone does a document.open() before mOSHE has been set. We shouldn't need to worry about mLSHE, because the document.open() will cancel the corresponding load. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D17319
--- a/docshell/base/nsDocShell.cpp
+++ b/docshell/base/nsDocShell.cpp
@@ -11085,17 +11085,17 @@ nsresult nsDocShell::UpdateURLAndHistory
                                          nsIURI* aCurrentURI, bool aEqualURIs) {
   // Implements
   // https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/history.html#url-and-history-update-steps
   // Step 2, if aReplace is false: Create a new entry in the session
   // history. This will erase all SHEntries after the new entry and make this
   // entry the current one.  This operation may modify mOSHE, which we need
   // later, so we keep a reference here.
   nsCOMPtr<nsISHEntry> oldOSHE = mOSHE;
   mLoadType = LOAD_PUSHSTATE;
   nsCOMPtr<nsISHEntry> newSHEntry;
   if (!aReplace) {
     // Step 2.
     // Save the current scroll position (bug 590573).  Step 2.3.
@@ -11142,33 +11142,49 @@ nsresult nsDocShell::UpdateURLAndHistory
     profiler_register_page(mHistoryID, id, aNewURI->GetSpecOrDefault(),
   } else {
     // Step 3.
     newSHEntry = mOSHE;
+    // Currently the NodePrincipal holds the CSP for that document,
+    // after Bug 965637 we can query the CSP directly from
+    // the doc instead of the NodePrincipal.
+    nsCOMPtr<nsIContentSecurityPolicy> csp;
+    aDocument->NodePrincipal()->GetCsp(getter_AddRefs(csp));
+    // Since we're not changing which page we have loaded, pass
+    if (!newSHEntry) {
+      nsresult rv = AddToSessionHistory(
+          aNewURI, nullptr,
+          aDocument->NodePrincipal(),  // triggeringPrincipal
+          nullptr, csp, true, getter_AddRefs(newSHEntry));
+      NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv);
+      mOSHE = newSHEntry;
+    }
   // Step 2.4 and 3: Modify new/original session history entry and clear its
   // POST data, if there is any.
   // If this push/replaceState changed the document's current URI and the new
   // URI differs from the old URI in more than the hash, or if the old
   // SHEntry's URI was modified in this way by a push/replaceState call
   // set URIWasModified to true for the current SHEntry (bug 669671).
   bool sameExceptHashes = true;
   aNewURI->EqualsExceptRef(aCurrentURI, &sameExceptHashes);
-  bool oldURIWasModified = oldOSHE->GetURIWasModified();
+  bool oldURIWasModified = oldOSHE && oldOSHE->GetURIWasModified();
   newSHEntry->SetURIWasModified(!sameExceptHashes || oldURIWasModified);
   // Step E as described at the top of AddState: If aReplace is false,
   // indicating that we're doing a pushState rather than a replaceState, notify
   // bfcache that we've added a page to the history so it can evict content
   // viewers if appropriate. Otherwise call ReplaceEntry so that we notify
   // nsIHistoryListeners that an entry was replaced.
   RefPtr<ChildSHistory> rootSH = GetRootSessionHistory();