Bug 997066 - Add MozWifiNetwork parameter to Webidl. r=mrbkap
authorDimi Lee <dlee@mozilla.com>
Mon, 21 Apr 2014 11:03:59 +0800
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push dateMon, 21 Apr 2014 20:17:03 +0000
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Bug 997066 - Add MozWifiNetwork parameter to Webidl. r=mrbkap
--- a/dom/webidl/MozWifiManager.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/MozWifiManager.webidl
@@ -31,19 +31,28 @@ dictionary NetworkProperties {
   sequence<DOMString>? capabilities;
   boolean known;
   boolean connected;
   boolean hidden;
   DOMString bssid;
   DOMString signalStrength;
   long relSignalStrength;
   DOMString psk;
+  DOMString wep;
+  DOMString wep_key0;
+  DOMString wep_key1;
+  DOMString wep_key2;
+  DOMString wep_key3;
+  long wep_tx_keyidx;
+  long priority;
+  long scan_ssid;
   DOMString keyManagement;
   DOMString identity;
   DOMString password;
+  DOMString auth_alg;
   DOMString phase1;
   DOMString phase2;
   DOMString eap;
   DOMString pin;
   boolean dontConnect;
 [Constructor(optional NetworkProperties properties),
@@ -56,19 +65,28 @@ interface MozWifiNetwork {
   readonly attribute boolean known;
   readonly attribute boolean connected;
   readonly attribute boolean hidden;
            attribute DOMString? bssid;
            attribute DOMString? signalStrength;
            attribute long? relSignalStrength;
            attribute DOMString? psk;
+           attribute DOMString? wep;
+           attribute DOMString? wep_key0;
+           attribute DOMString? wep_key1;
+           attribute DOMString? wep_key2;
+           attribute DOMString? wep_key3;
+           attribute long? wep_tx_keyidx;
+           attribute long? priority;
+           attribute long? scan_ssid;
            attribute DOMString? keyManagement;
            attribute DOMString? identity;
            attribute DOMString? password;
+           attribute DOMString? auth_alg;
            attribute DOMString? phase1;
            attribute DOMString? phase2;
            attribute DOMString? eap;
            attribute DOMString? pin;
            attribute boolean? dontConnect;