Bug 922160 - Bring EventHandler.webidl more in line with the spec, remove NodeEventHandlers. r=bz.
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authorPeter Van der Beken <peterv@propagandism.org>
Tue, 08 Oct 2013 17:51:15 +0200
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Bug 922160 - Bring EventHandler.webidl more in line with the spec, remove NodeEventHandlers. r=bz.
--- a/content/base/public/Element.h
+++ b/content/base/public/Element.h
@@ -1460,25 +1460,29 @@ NS_IMETHOD GetChildElementCount(uint32_t
   *aChildElementCount = Element::ChildElementCount();                         \
   return NS_OK;                                                               \
 }                                                                             \
 NS_IMETHOD MozRemove() MOZ_FINAL                                              \
 {                                                                             \
   nsINode::Remove();                                                          \
   return NS_OK;                                                               \
 }                                                                             \
+using nsINode::GetOnmouseenter;                                               \
+using nsINode::SetOnmouseenter;                                               \
 NS_IMETHOD GetOnmouseenter(JSContext* cx, JS::Value* aOnmouseenter) MOZ_FINAL \
 {                                                                             \
   return Element::GetOnmouseenter(cx, aOnmouseenter);                         \
 }                                                                             \
 NS_IMETHOD SetOnmouseenter(JSContext* cx,                                     \
                            const JS::Value& aOnmouseenter) MOZ_FINAL          \
 {                                                                             \
   return Element::SetOnmouseenter(cx, aOnmouseenter);                         \
 }                                                                             \
+using nsINode::GetOnmouseleave;                                               \
+using nsINode::SetOnmouseleave;                                               \
 NS_IMETHOD GetOnmouseleave(JSContext* cx, JS::Value* aOnmouseleave) MOZ_FINAL \
 {                                                                             \
   return Element::GetOnmouseleave(cx, aOnmouseleave);                         \
 }                                                                             \
 NS_IMETHOD SetOnmouseleave(JSContext* cx,                                     \
                            const JS::Value& aOnmouseleave) MOZ_FINAL          \
 {                                                                             \
   return Element::SetOnmouseleave(cx, aOnmouseleave);                         \
--- a/content/html/content/src/HTMLBodyElement.h
+++ b/content/html/content/src/HTMLBodyElement.h
@@ -130,19 +130,16 @@ public:
   virtual nsMapRuleToAttributesFunc GetAttributeMappingFunction() const MOZ_OVERRIDE;
   NS_IMETHOD WalkContentStyleRules(nsRuleWalker* aRuleWalker) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
   NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsAttributeMapped(const nsIAtom* aAttribute) const MOZ_OVERRIDE;
   virtual already_AddRefed<nsIEditor> GetAssociatedEditor() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
   virtual nsresult Clone(nsINodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult) const MOZ_OVERRIDE;
   virtual bool IsEventAttributeName(nsIAtom* aName) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
-  nsresult GetColorHelper(nsIAtom* aAtom, nsAString& aColor);
   virtual JSObject* WrapNode(JSContext *aCx,
                              JS::Handle<JSObject*> aScope) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
   nsRefPtr<BodyRule> mContentStyleRule;
 } // namespace dom
--- a/dom/webidl/Document.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/Document.webidl
@@ -134,18 +134,16 @@ partial interface Document {
   //(HTML only)boolean queryCommandSupported(DOMString commandId);
   //(HTML only)DOMString queryCommandValue(DOMString commandId);
   //(Not implemented)readonly attribute HTMLCollection commands;
   // special event handler IDL attributes that only apply to Document objects
   [LenientThis] attribute EventHandler onreadystatechange;
   // Gecko extensions?
-  [LenientThis] attribute EventHandler onmouseenter;
-  [LenientThis] attribute EventHandler onmouseleave;
                 attribute EventHandler onwheel;
                 attribute EventHandler oncopy;
                 attribute EventHandler oncut;
                 attribute EventHandler onpaste;
                 attribute EventHandler onbeforescriptexecute;
                 attribute EventHandler onafterscriptexecute;
    * True if this document is synthetic : stand alone image, video, audio file,
@@ -330,11 +328,11 @@ partial interface Document {
 // Extension to give chrome JS the ability to determine when a document was
 // created to satisfy an iframe with srcdoc attribute.
 partial interface Document {
   [ChromeOnly] readonly attribute boolean isSrcdocDocument;
 Document implements XPathEvaluator;
 Document implements GlobalEventHandlers;
-Document implements NodeEventHandlers;
 Document implements TouchEventHandlers;
 Document implements ParentNode;
+Document implements OnErrorEventHandlerForNodes;
--- a/dom/webidl/Element.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/Element.webidl
@@ -66,20 +66,16 @@ interface Element : Node {
    *       font size inflation data for the element's _primary frame_, not the
    *       element itself, but for most purposes, this should be sufficient.
   readonly attribute float fontSizeInflation;
   // Mozilla specific stuff
-  [LenientThis]
-           attribute EventHandler onmouseenter;
-  [LenientThis]
-           attribute EventHandler onmouseleave;
            attribute EventHandler onwheel;
   // Selectors API
    * Returns whether this element would be selected by the given selector
    * string.
    * See <http://dev.w3.org/2006/webapi/selectors-api2/#matchesselector>
--- a/dom/webidl/EventHandler.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/EventHandler.webidl
@@ -10,117 +10,119 @@
  * Opera Software ASA. You are granted a license to use, reproduce
  * and create derivative works of this document.
 callback EventHandlerNonNull = any (Event event);
 typedef EventHandlerNonNull? EventHandler;
+// https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=23489
+//callback OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerNonNull = DOMString (Event event);
 callback OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerNonNull = DOMString? (Event event);
 typedef OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerNonNull? OnBeforeUnloadEventHandler;
 callback OnErrorEventHandlerNonNull = boolean ((Event or DOMString) event, optional DOMString source, optional unsigned long lineno, optional unsigned long column);
 typedef OnErrorEventHandlerNonNull? OnErrorEventHandler;
 interface GlobalEventHandlers {
            attribute EventHandler onabort;
-           //(Not implemented)[SetterThrows]
+           attribute EventHandler onblur;
+// We think the spec is wrong here. See OnErrorEventHandlerForNodes/Window
+// below.
+//         attribute OnErrorEventHandler onerror;
+           attribute EventHandler onfocus;
            //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler oncancel;
            attribute EventHandler oncanplay;
            attribute EventHandler oncanplaythrough;
            attribute EventHandler onchange;
            attribute EventHandler onclick;
-           //(Not implemented)[SetterThrows]
            //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler onclose;
            attribute EventHandler oncontextmenu;
-           //(Not implemented)[SetterThrows]
            //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler oncuechange;
            attribute EventHandler ondblclick;
            attribute EventHandler ondrag;
            attribute EventHandler ondragend;
            attribute EventHandler ondragenter;
+           //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler ondragexit;
            attribute EventHandler ondragleave;
            attribute EventHandler ondragover;
            attribute EventHandler ondragstart;
            attribute EventHandler ondrop;
            attribute EventHandler ondurationchange;
            attribute EventHandler onemptied;
            attribute EventHandler onended;
            attribute EventHandler oninput;
            attribute EventHandler oninvalid;
            attribute EventHandler onkeydown;
            attribute EventHandler onkeypress;
            attribute EventHandler onkeyup;
+           attribute EventHandler onload;
            attribute EventHandler onloadeddata;
            attribute EventHandler onloadedmetadata;
            attribute EventHandler onloadstart;
            attribute EventHandler onmousedown;
+  [LenientThis] attribute EventHandler onmouseenter;
+  [LenientThis] attribute EventHandler onmouseleave;
            attribute EventHandler onmousemove;
            attribute EventHandler onmouseout;
            attribute EventHandler onmouseover;
            attribute EventHandler onmouseup;
-           //(Not implemented)[SetterThrows]
            //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler onmousewheel;
            attribute EventHandler onpause;
            attribute EventHandler onplay;
            attribute EventHandler onplaying;
            attribute EventHandler onprogress;
            attribute EventHandler onratechange;
            attribute EventHandler onreset;
+           attribute EventHandler onscroll;
            attribute EventHandler onseeked;
            attribute EventHandler onseeking;
            attribute EventHandler onselect;
            attribute EventHandler onshow;
-           //(Not implemented)[SetterThrows]
            //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler onsort;
            attribute EventHandler onstalled;
            attribute EventHandler onsubmit;
            attribute EventHandler onsuspend;
            attribute EventHandler ontimeupdate;
            attribute EventHandler onvolumechange;
            attribute EventHandler onwaiting;
            // Mozilla-specific handlers
            attribute EventHandler onmozfullscreenchange;
            attribute EventHandler onmozfullscreenerror;
            attribute EventHandler onmozpointerlockchange;
            attribute EventHandler onmozpointerlockerror;
-interface NodeEventHandlers {
-           attribute EventHandler onblur;
-  // We think the spec is wrong here.
-  //         attribute OnErrorEventHandler onerror;
-           attribute EventHandler onerror;
-           attribute EventHandler onfocus;
-           attribute EventHandler onload;
-           attribute EventHandler onscroll;
 interface WindowEventHandlers {
            attribute EventHandler onafterprint;
            attribute EventHandler onbeforeprint;
            attribute OnBeforeUnloadEventHandler onbeforeunload;
-  //       For now, onerror comes from NodeEventHandlers
-  //       When we convert Window to WebIDL this may need to change.
-  //       [SetterThrows]
-  //       attribute OnErrorEventHandler onerror;
-           //(Not implemented)[SetterThrows]
-           //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler onfullscreenchange;
-           //(Not implemented)[SetterThrows]
-           //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler onfullscreenerror;
            attribute EventHandler onhashchange;
            attribute EventHandler onmessage;
            attribute EventHandler onoffline;
            attribute EventHandler ononline;
            attribute EventHandler onpagehide;
            attribute EventHandler onpageshow;
            attribute EventHandler onpopstate;
            attribute EventHandler onresize;
-           //(Not implemented)[SetterThrows]
            //(Not implemented)attribute EventHandler onstorage;
            attribute EventHandler onunload;
+// The spec has |attribute OnErrorEventHandler onerror;| on
+// GlobalEventHandlers, and calls the handler differently depending on
+// whether an ErrorEvent was fired. We don't do that, and until we do we'll
+// need to distinguish between onerror on Window or on nodes.
+interface OnErrorEventHandlerForNodes {
+           attribute EventHandler onerror;
+//interface OnErrorEventHandlerForWindow {
+//           attribute OnErrorEventHandler onerror;
--- a/dom/webidl/HTMLElement.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/HTMLElement.webidl
@@ -106,12 +106,12 @@ interface TouchEventHandlers {
            attribute EventHandler ontouchenter;
            attribute EventHandler ontouchleave;
            attribute EventHandler ontouchcancel;
 HTMLElement implements GlobalEventHandlers;
-HTMLElement implements NodeEventHandlers;
 HTMLElement implements TouchEventHandlers;
+HTMLElement implements OnErrorEventHandlerForNodes;
 interface HTMLUnknownElement : HTMLElement {};
--- a/dom/webidl/SVGElement.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/SVGElement.webidl
@@ -28,10 +28,10 @@ interface SVGElement : Element {
   readonly attribute SVGElement? viewportElement;
            attribute EventHandler oncopy;
            attribute EventHandler oncut;
            attribute EventHandler onpaste;
 SVGElement implements GlobalEventHandlers;
-SVGElement implements NodeEventHandlers;
 SVGElement implements TouchEventHandlers;
+SVGElement implements OnErrorEventHandlerForNodes;
--- a/dom/webidl/Window.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/Window.webidl
@@ -3,8 +3,10 @@
  * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
  * You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
  * The origin of this IDL file is:
  * https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/webperf/raw-file/tip/specs/RequestAnimationFrame/Overview.html
 callback FrameRequestCallback = void (DOMHighResTimeStamp time);
+//Window implements OnErrorEventHandlerForWindow;
--- a/dom/webidl/XULElement.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/XULElement.webidl
@@ -123,11 +123,11 @@ interface MozFrameLoaderOwner {
   readonly attribute MozFrameLoader? frameLoader;
   [ChromeOnly, Throws]
   void swapFrameLoaders(XULElement aOtherOwner);
 XULElement implements GlobalEventHandlers;
-XULElement implements NodeEventHandlers;
 XULElement implements TouchEventHandlers;
 XULElement implements MozFrameLoaderOwner;
+XULElement implements OnErrorEventHandlerForNodes;