Bug 1525371 - Fix a very subtle invalidation bug exposed by test_initial_computation.html. r=jwatt
authorEmilio Cobos Álvarez <emilio@crisal.io>
Wed, 06 Feb 2019 18:12:17 +0100
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Bug 1525371 - Fix a very subtle invalidation bug exposed by test_initial_computation.html. r=jwatt Now that there's no ArenaRefPtr, the styles aren't cleared when the shell goes away (due to an iframe becoming display: none or what not). This caused a few very confusing failures in test_initial_computation: https://treeherder.mozilla.org/#/jobs?repo=try&revision=c2746a05ce7b20759a820d6f26a55a3200d8e6b8&selectedJob=226267113 Which holds on to a reference of a style on a display: none iframe[1], reframes it periodically[2], exposing this bug. For now, keep the id of the shell we got the style from around. When we support computing styles in display: none iframes this may need more work, but that's out of the scope of this bug. [1]: https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/rev/e00ea598e52bbb35f8c45abf9c2eade17962bb5e/layout/style/test/test_initial_computation.html#56 [2]: https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/rev/e00ea598e52bbb35f8c45abf9c2eade17962bb5e/layout/style/test/test_initial_computation.html#147 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D18853
--- a/layout/style/nsComputedDOMStyle.cpp
+++ b/layout/style/nsComputedDOMStyle.cpp
@@ -285,17 +285,16 @@ nsComputedDOMStyle::nsComputedDOMStyle(d
                                        const nsAString& aPseudoElt,
                                        Document* aDocument,
                                        StyleType aStyleType)
     : mDocumentWeak(nullptr),
-      mComputedStyleGeneration(0),
 #ifdef DEBUG
@@ -741,23 +740,25 @@ void nsComputedDOMStyle::ClearComputedSt
 void nsComputedDOMStyle::SetResolvedComputedStyle(
     RefPtr<ComputedStyle>&& aContext, uint64_t aGeneration) {
   if (!mResolvedComputedStyle) {
     mResolvedComputedStyle = true;
   mComputedStyle = aContext;
   mComputedStyleGeneration = aGeneration;
+  mPresShellId = mPresShell->GetPresShellId();
 void nsComputedDOMStyle::SetFrameComputedStyle(mozilla::ComputedStyle* aStyle,
                                                uint64_t aGeneration) {
   mComputedStyle = aStyle;
   mComputedStyleGeneration = aGeneration;
+  mPresShellId = mPresShell->GetPresShellId();
 bool nsComputedDOMStyle::NeedsToFlush(Document* aDocument) const {
   // If mElement is not in the same document, we could do some checks to know if
   // there are some pending restyles can be ignored across documents (since we
   // will use the caller document's style), but it can be complicated and should
   // be an edge case, so we just don't bother to do the optimization in this
   // case.
@@ -840,16 +841,17 @@ void nsComputedDOMStyle::UpdateCurrentSt
   if (mComputedStyle) {
     // We can't rely on the undisplayed restyle generation if mElement is
     // out-of-document, since that generation is not incremented for DOM changes
     // on out-of-document elements.
     // So we always need to update the style to ensure it it up-to-date.
     if (mComputedStyleGeneration == currentGeneration &&
+        mPresShellId == mPresShell->GetPresShellId() &&
         mElement->IsInComposedDoc()) {
       // Our cached style is still valid.
     // We've processed some restyles, so the cached style might be out of date.
     mComputedStyle = nullptr;
--- a/layout/style/nsComputedDOMStyle.h
+++ b/layout/style/nsComputedDOMStyle.h
@@ -523,19 +523,22 @@ class nsComputedDOMStyle final : public 
    * The kind of styles we should be returning.
   StyleType mStyleType;
    * The nsComputedDOMStyle generation at the time we last resolved a style
-   * context and stored it in mComputedStyle.
+   * context and stored it in mComputedStyle, and the pres shell we got the
+   * style from. Should only be used together.
-  uint64_t mComputedStyleGeneration;
+  uint64_t mComputedStyleGeneration = 0;
+  uint32_t mPresShellId = 0;
   bool mExposeVisitedStyle;
    * Whether we resolved a ComputedStyle last time we called
    * UpdateCurrentStyleSources.  Initially false.
   bool mResolvedComputedStyle;