Bug 857356 - Fix in-content XBL tests. r=bz
authorBobby Holley <bobbyholley@gmail.com>
Thu, 09 May 2013 09:16:02 -0700
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Bug 857356 - Fix in-content XBL tests. r=bz
--- a/content/xbl/test/file_bug821850.xhtml
+++ b/content/xbl/test/file_bug821850.xhtml
@@ -35,41 +35,35 @@ https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cg
           // Make sure we're Xraying.
           ok(Cu.isXrayWrapper(window), "Window is Xrayed");
           ok(Cu.isXrayWrapper(document), "Document is Xrayed");
           var bound = document.getElementById('bound');
           ok(bound, "bound is non-null");
           is(bound.method('baz'), "method:baz", "Xray methods work");
           is(bound.prop, "propVal", "Property Xrays work");
-          is(bound.primitiveField, 2, "Field Xrays work");
-          is(bound.objectField.bar.a, 1, "Field Xrays work on objects");
-          is(bound.contentField.foo, 10, "Field Xrays work on content objects");
-          var hole = bound.contentField.rabbit.hole;
-          ok(hole.win === XPCNativeWrapper.unwrap(window), "Xray vision remains waived when hitting a native object");
-          ok(!Cu.isXrayWrapper(hole.win), "Xray is waived");
+          is(bound.primitiveField, undefined, "Xrays don't show fields");
+          is(bound.wrappedJSObject.primitiveField, 2, "Waiving Xrays show fields");
           // This gets invoked by an event handler.
           window.finish = function() {
             // Content messed with stuff. Make sure we still see the right thing.
             is(bound.method('bay'), "method:bay", "Xray methods work");
             is(bound.wrappedJSObject.method('bay'), "hah", "Xray waived methods work");
             is(bound.prop, "set:someOtherVal", "Xray props work");
             is(bound.wrappedJSObject.prop, "redefined", "Xray waived props work");
-            is(bound.primitiveField, 321, "Can't do anything about redefined fields");
+            is(bound.wrappedJSObject.primitiveField, 321, "Can't do anything about redefined fields");
           // Hand things off to content. Content will call us back.
         <field name="primitiveField">2</field>
-        <field name="objectField">({ foo: 2, bar: {a: 1} })</field>
-        <field name="contentField">XPCNativeWrapper.unwrap(window).contentVal</field>
         <method name="method">
           <parameter name="arg" />
             return "method:" + arg;
         <method name="passMeAJSObject">
           <parameter name="arg" />
@@ -122,18 +116,16 @@ https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cg
     is(typeof window.globalExpando, "object", "Can see global object");
     checkThrows(function() window.globalExpando.win);
     is(window.functionExpando(), "called", "XBL functions are callable");
     checkThrows(function() window.functionExpando.prop);
     // Inspect the bound element.
     var bound = document.getElementById('bound');
     is(bound.primitiveField, 2, "Can see primitive fields");
-    is(typeof bound.objectField, "object", "objectField exists");
-    checkThrows(function() bound.objectField.foo);
     is(bound.method("foo"), "method:foo", "Can invoke XBL method from content");
     is(bound.prop, "propVal", "Can access properties from content");
     bound.prop = "someOtherVal";
     is(bound.prop, "set:someOtherVal", "Can set properties from content");
     // Make sure we can't pass JS objects to the XBL scope.
     var proto = bound.__proto__;
     proto.passMeAJSObject({prop: 2});