Backing out bug 541406 due to test failure
authorRobert O'Callahan <>
Fri, 12 Feb 2010 14:12:43 +1300
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Backing out bug 541406 due to test failure
--- a/layout/style/html.css
+++ b/layout/style/html.css
@@ -591,27 +591,24 @@ spacer {
   float: none ! important;
 canvas {
   -moz-user-select: none;
 /* focusable content: anything w/ tabindex >=0 is focusable */
-abbr:focus, acronym:focus, address:focus,
+abbr:focus, acronym:focus, address:focus, applet:focus, b:focus, 
 base:focus, big:focus, blockquote:focus, br:focus, canvas:focus, caption:focus,
 center:focus, cite:focus, code:focus, col:focus, colgroup:focus, dd:focus,
 del:focus, dfn:focus, dir:focus, div:focus, dl:focus, dt:focus, em:focus,
 fieldset:focus, font:focus, form:focus, h1:focus, h2:focus, h3:focus, h4:focus,
 h5:focus, h6:focus, hr:focus, i:focus, img:focus, ins:focus, 
 kbd:focus, label:focus, legend:focus, li:focus, link:focus, menu:focus, 
-ol:focus, p:focus, pre:focus, q:focus, s:focus, samp:focus, 
+object:focus, ol:focus, p:focus, pre:focus, q:focus, s:focus, samp:focus, 
 small:focus, span:focus, strike:focus, strong:focus, sub:focus, sup:focus, 
 table:focus, tbody:focus, td:focus, tfoot:focus, th:focus, thead:focus, 
 tr:focus, tt:focus, u:focus, ul:focus, var:focus {
   /* Don't specify the outline-color, we should always use initial value. */
    outline: 1px dotted;
 /* hidden elements */