(fix tree burn; no bug): The js/src subtree needs its own copy of pgomerge.py.
authorJim Blandy <jimb@mozilla.org>
Wed, 29 Oct 2008 15:26:11 -0700
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(fix tree burn; no bug): The js/src subtree needs its own copy of pgomerge.py.
copy from build/win32/pgomerge.py
copy to js/src/build/win32/pgomerge.py
--- a/js/src/config/check-sync-dirs.py
+++ b/js/src/config/check-sync-dirs.py
@@ -52,17 +52,17 @@ def read_exceptions(filename):
 # Return true if FILENAME matches any pattern in the list of filename
 # patterns PATTERNS.
 def fnmatch_any(filename, patterns):
     for pattern in patterns:
         if fnmatch.fnmatch(filename, pattern):
             return True
     return False
-# Check the contents of COPY/SUBDIR against ORIGINAL/SUBDIR.  For each
+# Check the contents of the directory tree COPY against ORIGINAL.  For each
 # file that differs, apply REPORT to COPY, ORIGINAL, and the file's
 # relative path.  COPY and ORIGINAL should be absolute.  Ignore files 
 # that match patterns given in the list IGNORE.
 def check(copy, original, ignore, report):
     for (dirpath, dirnames, filenames) in os.walk('.'):
         exceptions = read_exceptions(join(dirpath, 'check-sync-exceptions'))
         for filename in filenames: