servo: Merge #10360 - Remove unused -Z dump-display-list-optimized flag (from mbrubeck:die-opt); r=emilio
authorMatt Brubeck <>
Sun, 03 Apr 2016 18:05:31 +0500
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servo: Merge #10360 - Remove unused -Z dump-display-list-optimized flag (from mbrubeck:die-opt); r=emilio Source-Repo: Source-Revision: f6c29249360134b2a437de0674f606b36327bfb1
--- a/servo/components/util/
+++ b/servo/components/util/
@@ -158,19 +158,16 @@ pub struct Opts {
     pub dump_flow_tree: bool,
     /// Dumps the display list after a layout.
     pub dump_display_list: bool,
     /// Dumps the display list in JSON form after a layout.
     pub dump_display_list_json: bool,
-    /// Dumps the display list after optimization (post layout, at painting time).
-    pub dump_display_list_optimized: bool,
     /// Dumps the layer tree when it changes.
     pub dump_layer_tree: bool,
     /// Emits notifications when there is a relayout.
     pub relayout_event: bool,
     /// Whether Style Sharing Cache is used
     pub disable_share_style_cache: bool,
@@ -228,19 +225,16 @@ pub struct DebugOptions {
     pub dump_flow_tree: bool,
     /// Print the display list after each layout.
     pub dump_display_list: bool,
     /// Print the display list in JSON form.
     pub dump_display_list_json: bool,
-    /// Print optimized display list (at paint time).
-    pub dump_display_list_optimized: bool,
     /// Print the layer tree whenever it changes.
     pub dump_layer_tree: bool,
     /// Print notifications when there is a relayout.
     pub relayout_event: bool,
     /// Profile which events script threads spend their time on.
     pub profile_script_events: bool,
@@ -302,17 +296,16 @@ impl DebugOptions {
             match option {
                 "help" => = true,
                 "bubble-widths" => debug_options.bubble_widths = true,
                 "disable-text-aa" => debug_options.disable_text_aa = true,
                 "disable-canvas-aa" => debug_options.disable_text_aa = true,
                 "dump-flow-tree" => debug_options.dump_flow_tree = true,
                 "dump-display-list" => debug_options.dump_display_list = true,
                 "dump-display-list-json" => debug_options.dump_display_list_json = true,
-                "dump-display-list-optimized" => debug_options.dump_display_list_optimized = true,
                 "dump-layer-tree" => debug_options.dump_layer_tree = true,
                 "relayout-event" => debug_options.relayout_event = true,
                 "profile-script-events" => debug_options.profile_script_events = true,
                 "profile-heartbeats" => debug_options.profile_heartbeats = true,
                 "show-compositor-borders" => debug_options.show_compositor_borders = true,
                 "show-fragment-borders" => debug_options.show_fragment_borders = true,
                 "show-parallel-paint" => debug_options.show_parallel_paint = true,
                 "show-parallel-layout" => debug_options.show_parallel_layout = true,
@@ -344,17 +337,16 @@ pub fn print_debug_usage(app: &str) -> !
     println!("Usage: {} debug option,[options,...]\n\twhere options include\n\nOptions:", app);
     print_option("bubble-widths", "Bubble intrinsic widths separately like other engines.");
     print_option("disable-text-aa", "Disable antialiasing of rendered text.");
     print_option("disable-canvas-aa", "Disable antialiasing on the HTML canvas element.");
     print_option("dump-flow-tree", "Print the flow tree after each layout.");
     print_option("dump-display-list", "Print the display list after each layout.");
     print_option("dump-display-list-json", "Print the display list in JSON form.");
-    print_option("dump-display-list-optimized", "Print optimized display list (at paint time).");
     print_option("dump-layer-tree", "Print the layer tree whenever it changes.");
     print_option("relayout-event", "Print notifications when there is a relayout.");
     print_option("profile-script-events", "Enable profiling of script-related events.");
     print_option("profile-heartbeats", "Enable heartbeats for all thread categories.");
     print_option("show-compositor-borders", "Paint borders along layer and tile boundaries.");
     print_option("show-fragment-borders", "Paint borders along fragment boundaries.");
     print_option("show-parallel-paint", "Overlay tiles with colors showing which thread painted them.");
     print_option("show-parallel-layout", "Mark which thread laid each flow out with colors.");
@@ -495,17 +487,16 @@ pub fn default_opts() -> Opts {
         user_agent: default_user_agent_string(DEFAULT_USER_AGENT),
         multiprocess: false,
         random_pipeline_closure_probability: None,
         random_pipeline_closure_seed: None,
         sandbox: false,
         dump_flow_tree: false,
         dump_display_list: false,
         dump_display_list_json: false,
-        dump_display_list_optimized: false,
         dump_layer_tree: false,
         relayout_event: false,
         profile_script_events: false,
         profile_heartbeats: false,
         disable_share_style_cache: false,
         convert_mouse_to_touch: false,
         exit_after_load: false,
         no_native_titlebar: false,
@@ -784,17 +775,16 @@ pub fn from_cmdline_args(args: &[String]
         show_debug_parallel_paint: debug_options.show_parallel_paint,
         show_debug_parallel_layout: debug_options.show_parallel_layout,
         paint_flashing: debug_options.paint_flashing,
         enable_text_antialiasing: !debug_options.disable_text_aa,
         enable_canvas_antialiasing: !debug_options.disable_canvas_aa,
         dump_flow_tree: debug_options.dump_flow_tree,
         dump_display_list: debug_options.dump_display_list,
         dump_display_list_json: debug_options.dump_display_list_json,
-        dump_display_list_optimized: debug_options.dump_display_list_optimized,
         dump_layer_tree: debug_options.dump_layer_tree,
         relayout_event: debug_options.relayout_event,
         disable_share_style_cache: debug_options.disable_share_style_cache,
         convert_mouse_to_touch: debug_options.convert_mouse_to_touch,
         exit_after_load: opt_match.opt_present("x"),
         no_native_titlebar: do_not_use_native_titlebar,
         enable_vsync: !debug_options.disable_vsync,
         use_webrender: use_webrender,