Bug 468387. Add missing reftest
authorJohn Daggett <jdaggett@mozilla.com>
Thu, 02 Apr 2009 20:09:40 +0900
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Bug 468387. Add missing reftest
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/layout/reftests/font-face/src-list-local-localized-ref.html
@@ -0,0 +1,378 @@
+<title>Localized fullnames</title>
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
+<style type="text/css">
+@font-face {
+  font-family: testbackup;
+  src: url(../fonts/markA.ttf);
+body {
+  margin: 50px;
+  font-size: 18px;
+  font-family: Futura, Helvetica, Calibri, Verdana, sans-serif;
+table {
+  font-family: testbackup, serif;
+  border-collapse: collapse; 
+  margin-left: 1em;
+td + td {
+  padding-left: 1em;
+<h4>The letter A should not appear below independent of locale:</h4>
+<p>(Mouse over to see local name used)</p>
+<td class="test0">AA</td>
+<td class="test1">AA</td>
+<td class="test2">AA</td>
+<td class="test3">AA</td>
+<td class="test4">AA</td>
+<td class="test5">AA</td>
+<td class="test6">AA</td>
+<td class="test7">AA</td>
+<td class="test8">AA</td>
+<td class="test9">AA</td>
+<td class="test10">AA</td>
+<td class="test11">AA</td>
+<td class="test12">AA</td>
+<td class="test13">AA</td>
+<td class="test14">AA</td>
+<td class="test15">AA</td>
+<td class="test16">AA</td>
+<td class="test17">AA</td>
+<td class="test18">AA</td>
+<td class="test19">AA</td>
+<td class="test20">AA</td>
+<td class="test21">AA</td>
+<td class="test22">AA</td>
+<td class="test23">AA</td>
+<td class="test24">AA</td>
+<td class="test25">AA</td>
+<td class="test26">AA</td>
+<td class="test27">AA</td>
+<td class="test28">AA</td>
+<td class="test29">AA</td>
+<td class="test30">AA</td>
+<td class="test31">AA</td>
+<td class="test32">AA</td>
+<td class="test33">AA</td>
+<td class="test34">AA</td>
+<td class="test35">AA</td>
+<td class="test36">AA</td>
+<td class="test37">AA</td>
+<td class="test38">AA</td>
+<td class="test39">AA</td>
+<td class="test40">AA</td>
+<td class="test41">AA</td>
+<td class="test42">AA</td>
+<td class="test43">AA</td>
+<td class="test44">AA</td>
+<td class="test45">AA</td>
+<td class="test46">AA</td>
+<td class="test47">AA</td>
+<td class="test48">AA</td>
+<td class="test49">AA</td>
+<td class="test50">AA</td>
+<td class="test51">AA</td>
+<td class="test52">AA</td>
+<td class="test53">AA</td>
+<td class="test54">AA</td>
+<td class="test55">AA</td>
+<td class="test56">AA</td>
+<td class="test57">AA</td>
+<td class="test58">AA</td>
+<td class="test59">AA</td>
+<td class="test60">AA</td>
+<td class="test61">AA</td>
+<td class="test62">AA</td>
+<td class="test63">AA</td>
+<td class="test64">AA</td>
+<td class="test65">AA</td>
+<td class="test66">AA</td>
+<td class="test67">AA</td>
+<td class="test68">AA</td>
+<td class="test69">AA</td>
+<td class="test70">AA</td>
+<td class="test71">AA</td>
+<td class="test72">AA</td>
+<td class="test73">AA</td>
+<td class="test74">AA</td>
+<td class="test75">AA</td>
+<td class="test76">AA</td>
+<td class="test77">AA</td>
+<td class="test78">AA</td>
+<td class="test79">AA</td>
+<td class="test80">AA</td>
+<td class="test81">AA</td>
+<td class="test82">AA</td>
+<td class="test83">AA</td>
+<td class="test84">AA</td>
+<td class="test85">AA</td>
+<td class="test86">AA</td>
+<td class="test87">AA</td>
+<td class="test88">AA</td>
+<td class="test89">AA</td>
+<td class="test90">AA</td>
+<td class="test91">AA</td>
+<td class="test92">AA</td>
+<td class="test93">AA</td>
+<td class="test94">AA</td>
+<td class="test95">AA</td>
+<td class="test96">AA</td>
+<td class="test97">AA</td>
+<td class="test98">AA</td>
+<td class="test99">AA</td>
+<td class="test100">AA</td>
+<td class="test101">AA</td>
+<td class="test102">AA</td>
+<td class="test103">AA</td>
+<td class="test104">AA</td>
+<td class="test105">AA</td>
+<td class="test106">AA</td>
+<td class="test107">AA</td>
+<td class="test108">AA</td>
+<td class="test109">AA</td>
+<td class="test110">AA</td>
+<td class="test111">AA</td>
+<td class="test112">AA</td>
+<td class="test113">AA</td>
+<td class="test114">AA</td>
+<td class="test115">AA</td>
+<td class="test116">AA</td>
+<td class="test117">AA</td>
+<td class="test118">AA</td>
+<td class="test119">AA</td>
+<td class="test120">AA</td>
+<td class="test121">AA</td>
+<td class="test122">AA</td>
+<td class="test123">AA</td>
+<td class="test124">AA</td>
+<td class="test125">AA</td>
+<td class="test126">AA</td>
+<td class="test127">AA</td>
+<td class="test128">AA</td>
+<td class="test129">AA</td>
+<td class="test130">AA</td>
+<td class="test131">AA</td>
+<td class="test132">AA</td>
+<td class="test133">AA</td>
+<td class="test134">AA</td>
+<td class="test135">AA</td>
+<td class="test136">AA</td>
+<td class="test137">AA</td>
+<td class="test138">AA</td>
+<td class="test139">AA</td>
+<td class="test140">AA</td>
+<td class="test141">AA</td>
+<td class="test142">AA</td>
+<td class="test143">AA</td>
+<td class="test144">AA</td>
+<td class="test145">AA</td>
+<td class="test146">AA</td>
+<td class="test147">AA</td>
+<td class="test148">AA</td>
+<td class="test149">AA</td>
+<td class="test150">AA</td>
+<td class="test151">AA</td>
+<td class="test152">AA</td>
+<td class="test153">AA</td>
+<td class="test154">AA</td>
+<td class="test155">AA</td>
+<td class="test156">AA</td>
+<td class="test157">AA</td>
+<td class="test158">AA</td>
+<td class="test159">AA</td>
+<td class="test160">AA</td>
+<td class="test161">AA</td>
+<td class="test162">AA</td>
+<td class="test163">AA</td>
+<td class="test164">AA</td>
+<td class="test165">AA</td>
+<td class="test166">AA</td>
+<td class="test167">AA</td>
+<td class="test168">AA</td>
+<td class="test169">AA</td>
+<td class="test170">AA</td>
+<td class="test171">AA</td>
+<td class="test172">AA</td>
+<td class="test173">AA</td>
+<td class="test174">AA</td>
+<td class="test175">AA</td>
+<td class="test176">AA</td>
+<td class="test177">AA</td>
+<td class="test178">AA</td>
+<td class="test179">AA</td>
+<td class="test180">AA</td>
+<td class="test181">AA</td>
+<td class="test182">AA</td>
+<td class="test183">AA</td>
+<td class="test184">AA</td>
+<td class="test185">AA</td>
+<td class="test186">AA</td>
+<td class="test187">AA</td>
+<td class="test188">AA</td>
+<td class="test189">AA</td>
+<td class="test190">AA</td>
+<td class="test191">AA</td>
+<td class="test192">AA</td>
+<td class="test193">AA</td>
+<td class="test194">AA</td>
+<td class="test195">AA</td>
+<td class="test196">AA</td>
+<td class="test197">AA</td>
+<td class="test198">AA</td>
+<td class="test199">AA</td>
+<td class="test200">AA</td>
+<td class="test201">AA</td>
+<td class="test202">AA</td>
+<td class="test203">AA</td>
+<td class="test204">AA</td>
+<td class="test205">AA</td>
+<td class="test206">AA</td>
+<td class="test207">AA</td>
+<td class="test208">AA</td>
+<td class="test209">AA</td>
+<td class="test210">AA</td>
+<td class="test211">AA</td>
+<td class="test212">AA</td>
+<td class="test213">AA</td>
+<td class="test214">AA</td>
+<td class="test215">AA</td>
+<td class="test216">AA</td>
+<td class="test217">AA</td>
+<td class="test218">AA</td>
+<td class="test219">AA</td>
+<td class="test220">AA</td>
+<td class="test221">AA</td>
+<td class="test222">AA</td>
+<td class="test223">AA</td>
+<td class="test224">AA</td>
+<td class="test225">AA</td>
+<td class="test226">AA</td>
+<td class="test227">AA</td>
+<td class="test228">AA</td>
+<td class="test229">AA</td>
+<td class="test230">AA</td>
+<td class="test231">AA</td>
+<td class="test232">AA</td>
+<td class="test233">AA</td>
+<td class="test234">AA</td>
+<td class="test235">AA</td>
+<td class="test236">AA</td>
+<td class="test237">AA</td>
+<td class="test238">AA</td>
+<td class="test239">AA</td>
+<td class="test240">AA</td>
+<td class="test241">AA</td>
+<td class="test242">AA</td>
+<td class="test243">AA</td>
+<td class="test244">AA</td>
+<td class="test245">AA</td>
+<td class="test246">AA</td>
+<td class="test247">AA</td>
+<td class="test248">AA</td>
+<td class="test249">AA</td>
+<td class="test250">AA</td>
+<td class="test251">AA</td>
+<td class="test252">AA</td>
+<td class="test253">AA</td>
+<td class="test254">AA</td>
+<td class="test255">AA</td>
+<td class="test256">AA</td>
+<td class="test257">AA</td>
+<td class="test258">AA</td>
+<td class="test259">AA</td>
+<td class="test260">AA</td>
+<td class="test261">AA</td>
+<td class="test262">AA</td>
+<td class="test263">AA</td>
+<td class="test264">AA</td>
+<td class="test265">AA</td>
+<td class="test266">AA</td>
+<td class="test267">AA</td>
+<td class="test268">AA</td>
+<td class="test269">AA</td>
+<td class="test270">AA</td>
+<td class="test271">AA</td>
+<td class="test272">AA</td>
+<td class="test273">AA</td>
+<td class="test274">AA</td>
+<td class="test275">AA</td>
+<td class="test276">AA</td>
+<td class="test277">AA</td>
+<td class="test278">AA</td>
\ No newline at end of file
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/layout/reftests/font-face/src-list-local-localized.html
@@ -0,0 +1,939 @@
+<title>Localized fullnames</title>
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
+<style type="text/css">
+@font-face {
+  font-family: testbackup;
+  src: url(../fonts/markA.ttf);
+body {
+  margin: 50px;
+  font-size: 18px;
+  font-family: Futura, Helvetica, Calibri, Verdana, sans-serif;
+table {
+  font-family: testbackup, serif;
+  border-collapse: collapse; 
+  margin-left: 1em;
+td + td {
+  padding-left: 1em;
+<style type="text/css">
+@font-face { font-family: test0; src: local("#궁서체 일반체"); }
+.test0 { font-family: test0, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test1; src: local("#헤드라인A 일반체"); }
+.test1 { font-family: test1, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test2; src: local("AppleGothic 일반체"); }
+.test2 { font-family: test2, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test3; src: local("Arial Black Normal"); }
+.test3 { font-family: test3, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test4; src: local("Arial Black Standard"); }
+.test4 { font-family: test4, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test5; src: local("Arial Black normal"); }
+.test5 { font-family: test5, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test6; src: local("Arial Black obyčejné"); }
+.test6 { font-family: test6, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test7; src: local("Arial Black Обычный"); }
+.test7 { font-family: test7, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test8; src: local("Arial Black Κανονικά"); }
+.test8 { font-family: test8, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test9; src: local("Arial Corsivo"); }
+.test9 { font-family: test9, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test10; src: local("Arial Cursief"); }
+.test10 { font-family: test10, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test11; src: local("Arial Cursiva"); }
+.test11 { font-family: test11, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test12; src: local("Arial Dőlt"); }
+.test12 { font-family: test12, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test13; src: local("Arial Etzana"); }
+.test13 { font-family: test13, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test14; src: local("Arial Fet Kursiv"); }
+.test14 { font-family: test14, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test15; src: local("Arial Fet"); }
+.test15 { font-family: test15, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test16; src: local("Arial Fett Kursiv"); }
+.test16 { font-family: test16, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test17; src: local("Arial Fett"); }
+.test17 { font-family: test17, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test18; src: local("Arial Félkövér dőlt"); }
+.test18 { font-family: test18, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test19; src: local("Arial Félkövér"); }
+.test19 { font-family: test19, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test20; src: local("Arial Gras Italique"); }
+.test20 { font-family: test20, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test21; src: local("Arial Gras"); }
+.test21 { font-family: test21, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test22; src: local("Arial Grassetto Corsivo"); }
+.test22 { font-family: test22, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test23; src: local("Arial Grassetto"); }
+.test23 { font-family: test23, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test24; src: local("Arial Halvfet Kursiv"); }
+.test24 { font-family: test24, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test25; src: local("Arial Halvfet"); }
+.test25 { font-family: test25, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test26; src: local("Arial Italique"); }
+.test26 { font-family: test26, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test27; src: local("Arial Itálico"); }
+.test27 { font-family: test27, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test28; src: local("Arial Kalın İtalik"); }
+.test28 { font-family: test28, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test29; src: local("Arial Kalın"); }
+.test29 { font-family: test29, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test30; src: local("Arial Krepko poševno"); }
+.test30 { font-family: test30, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test31; src: local("Arial Krepko"); }
+.test31 { font-family: test31, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test32; src: local("Arial Kursiv"); }
+.test32 { font-family: test32, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test33; src: local("Arial Kursivoitu"); }
+.test33 { font-family: test33, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test34; src: local("Arial Kursywa"); }
+.test34 { font-family: test34, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test35; src: local("Arial Kurzíva"); }
+.test35 { font-family: test35, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test36; src: local("Arial Lihavoitu Kursivoi"); }
+.test36 { font-family: test36, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test37; src: local("Arial Lihavoitu"); }
+.test37 { font-family: test37, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test38; src: local("Arial Lodi etzana"); }
+.test38 { font-family: test38, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test39; src: local("Arial Lodia"); }
+.test39 { font-family: test39, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test40; src: local("Arial Negreta"); }
+.test40 { font-family: test40, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test41; src: local("Arial Negrita Cursiva"); }
+.test41 { font-family: test41, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test42; src: local("Arial Negrita"); }
+.test42 { font-family: test42, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test43; src: local("Arial Negrito Itálico"); }
+.test43 { font-family: test43, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test44; src: local("Arial Negrito"); }
+.test44 { font-family: test44, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test45; src: local("Arial Pogrubiona kursywa"); }
+.test45 { font-family: test45, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test46; src: local("Arial Pogrubiony"); }
+.test46 { font-family: test46, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test47; src: local("Arial Poševno"); }
+.test47 { font-family: test47, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test48; src: local("Arial Tučná kurzíva"); }
+.test48 { font-family: test48, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test49; src: local("Arial Tučné"); }
+.test49 { font-family: test49, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test50; src: local("Arial Vet Cursief"); }
+.test50 { font-family: test50, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test51; src: local("Arial Vet"); }
+.test51 { font-family: test51, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test52; src: local("Arial fed kursiv"); }
+.test52 { font-family: test52, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test53; src: local("Arial fed"); }
+.test53 { font-family: test53, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test54; src: local("Arial kursiv"); }
+.test54 { font-family: test54, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test55; src: local("Arial kurzíva"); }
+.test55 { font-family: test55, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test56; src: local("Arial nghiêng đậm"); }
+.test56 { font-family: test56, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test57; src: local("Arial nghiêng"); }
+.test57 { font-family: test57, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test58; src: local("Arial tučné kurzíva"); }
+.test58 { font-family: test58, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test59; src: local("Arial tučné"); }
+.test59 { font-family: test59, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test60; src: local("Arial İtalik"); }
+.test60 { font-family: test60, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test61; src: local("Arial đậm"); }
+.test61 { font-family: test61, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test62; src: local("Arial Έντονα Πλάγια"); }
+.test62 { font-family: test62, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test63; src: local("Arial Έντονα"); }
+.test63 { font-family: test63, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test64; src: local("Arial Πλάγια"); }
+.test64 { font-family: test64, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test65; src: local("Arial Курсив"); }
+.test65 { font-family: test65, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test66; src: local("Arial Полужирный Курсив"); }
+.test66 { font-family: test66, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test67; src: local("Arial Полужирный"); }
+.test67 { font-family: test67, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test68; src: local("Brush Script MT Πλάγια"); }
+.test68 { font-family: test68, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test69; src: local("Brush Script MT Курсив"); }
+.test69 { font-family: test69, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test70; src: local("Century Gothic Halvfet"); }
+.test70 { font-family: test70, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test71; src: local("Century Gothic Italique"); }
+.test71 { font-family: test71, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test72; src: local("Century Gothic Kalın"); }
+.test72 { font-family: test72, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test73; src: local("Century Gothic Krepko poševno"); }
+.test73 { font-family: test73, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test74; src: local("Century Gothic Krepko"); }
+.test74 { font-family: test74, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test75; src: local("Century Gothic Kursiv"); }
+.test75 { font-family: test75, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test76; src: local("Comic Sans MS Negreta"); }
+.test76 { font-family: test76, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test77; src: local("Comic Sans MS Έντονα"); }
+.test77 { font-family: test77, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test78; src: local("Courier Carregado"); }
+.test78 { font-family: test78, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test79; src: local("Courier Fet"); }
+.test79 { font-family: test79, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test80; src: local("Courier Fett"); }
+.test80 { font-family: test80, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test81; src: local("Courier Gras"); }
+.test81 { font-family: test81, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test82; src: local("Courier lihava"); }
+.test82 { font-family: test82, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test83; src: local("Courier vet"); }
+.test83 { font-family: test83, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test84; src: local("Courier‭ ‬עבה"); }
+.test84 { font-family: test84, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test85; src: local("Courier‭ ‬أسود"); }
+.test85 { font-family: test85, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test86; src: local("Courier‭ ‬برجسته"); }
+.test86 { font-family: test86, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test87; src: local("EucrosiaUPC Полужирный"); }
+.test87 { font-family: test87, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test88; src: local("Franklin Gothic Medium Kursiv"); }
+.test88 { font-family: test88, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test89; src: local("Garamond Kursywa"); }
+.test89 { font-family: test89, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test90; src: local("Garamond Kurzíva"); }
+.test90 { font-family: test90, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test91; src: local("Georgia Italique"); }
+.test91 { font-family: test91, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test92; src: local("Georgia Itálico"); }
+.test92 { font-family: test92, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test93; src: local("Georgia Kalın İtalik"); }
+.test93 { font-family: test93, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test94; src: local("HGP明朝B"); }
+.test94 { font-family: test94, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test95; src: local("HGP明朝E"); }
+.test95 { font-family: test95, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test96; src: local("HGPゴシックE"); }
+.test96 { font-family: test96, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test97; src: local("HGPゴシックM"); }
+.test97 { font-family: test97, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test98; src: local("HGP創英角ゴシックUB"); }
+.test98 { font-family: test98, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test99; src: local("HGS明朝B"); }
+.test99 { font-family: test99, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test100; src: local("HGS明朝E"); }
+.test100 { font-family: test100, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test101; src: local("HGS行書体"); }
+.test101 { font-family: test101, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test102; src: local("HGS教科書体"); }
+.test102 { font-family: test102, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test103; src: local("HGSゴシックE"); }
+.test103 { font-family: test103, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test104; src: local("HGSゴシックM"); }
+.test104 { font-family: test104, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test105; src: local("HGS創英プレゼンスEB"); }
+.test105 { font-family: test105, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test106; src: local("HG明朝B"); }
+.test106 { font-family: test106, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test107; src: local("HG正楷書体-PRO"); }
+.test107 { font-family: test107, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test108; src: local("HGゴシックE"); }
+.test108 { font-family: test108, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test109; src: local("HGゴシックM"); }
+.test109 { font-family: test109, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test110; src: local("HG丸ゴシックM-PRO"); }
+.test110 { font-family: test110, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test111; src: local("HG創英プレゼンスEB"); }
+.test111 { font-family: test111, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test112; src: local("Helvetica Carregado"); }
+.test112 { font-family: test112, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test113; src: local("Helvetica‭ ‬עבה"); }
+.test113 { font-family: test113, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test114; src: local("Helvetica‭ ‬أسود"); }
+.test114 { font-family: test114, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test115; src: local("Helvetica‭ ‬برجسته"); }
+.test115 { font-family: test115, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test116; src: local("Osaka−等幅"); }
+.test116 { font-family: test116, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test117; src: local("Thonburi Carregado"); }
+.test117 { font-family: test117, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test118; src: local("Thonburi Gras"); }
+.test118 { font-family: test118, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test119; src: local("Thonburi vet"); }
+.test119 { font-family: test119, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test120; src: local("Times Cursiva"); }
+.test120 { font-family: test120, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test121; src: local("Times Gras"); }
+.test121 { font-family: test121, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test122; src: local("Times Negrita"); }
+.test122 { font-family: test122, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test123; src: local("Times New Roman Corsivo"); }
+.test123 { font-family: test123, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test124; src: local("Times New Roman Cursief"); }
+.test124 { font-family: test124, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test125; src: local("Times New Roman Cursiva"); }
+.test125 { font-family: test125, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test126; src: local("Times New Roman Dőlt"); }
+.test126 { font-family: test126, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test127; src: local("Times New Roman Etzana"); }
+.test127 { font-family: test127, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test128; src: local("Times New Roman Fet Kursiv"); }
+.test128 { font-family: test128, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test129; src: local("Times New Roman Fet"); }
+.test129 { font-family: test129, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test130; src: local("Times New Roman Fett Kursiv"); }
+.test130 { font-family: test130, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test131; src: local("Times New Roman Fett"); }
+.test131 { font-family: test131, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test132; src: local("Times New Roman Félkövér dőlt"); }
+.test132 { font-family: test132, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test133; src: local("Times New Roman Félkövér"); }
+.test133 { font-family: test133, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test134; src: local("Times New Roman Gras Italique"); }
+.test134 { font-family: test134, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test135; src: local("Times New Roman Gras"); }
+.test135 { font-family: test135, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test136; src: local("Times New Roman Grassetto Corsivo"); }
+.test136 { font-family: test136, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test137; src: local("Times New Roman Grassetto"); }
+.test137 { font-family: test137, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test138; src: local("Times New Roman Halvfet Kursiv"); }
+.test138 { font-family: test138, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test139; src: local("Times New Roman Halvfet"); }
+.test139 { font-family: test139, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test140; src: local("Times New Roman Italique"); }
+.test140 { font-family: test140, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test141; src: local("Times New Roman Itálico"); }
+.test141 { font-family: test141, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test142; src: local("Times New Roman Kalın İtalik"); }
+.test142 { font-family: test142, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test143; src: local("Times New Roman Kalın"); }
+.test143 { font-family: test143, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test144; src: local("Times New Roman Krepko poševno"); }
+.test144 { font-family: test144, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test145; src: local("Times New Roman Krepko"); }
+.test145 { font-family: test145, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test146; src: local("Times New Roman Kursiv"); }
+.test146 { font-family: test146, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test147; src: local("Times New Roman Kursivoitu"); }
+.test147 { font-family: test147, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test148; src: local("Times New Roman Kurzíva"); }
+.test148 { font-family: test148, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test149; src: local("Times New Roman Lihavoitu Kursivoi"); }
+.test149 { font-family: test149, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test150; src: local("Times New Roman Lihavoitu"); }
+.test150 { font-family: test150, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test151; src: local("Times New Roman Lodi etzana"); }
+.test151 { font-family: test151, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test152; src: local("Times New Roman Lodia"); }
+.test152 { font-family: test152, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test153; src: local("Times New Roman Negreta cursiva"); }
+.test153 { font-family: test153, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test154; src: local("Times New Roman Negreta"); }
+.test154 { font-family: test154, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test155; src: local("Times New Roman Negrita Cursiva"); }
+.test155 { font-family: test155, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test156; src: local("Times New Roman Negrita"); }
+.test156 { font-family: test156, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test157; src: local("Times New Roman Negrito Itálico"); }
+.test157 { font-family: test157, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test158; src: local("Times New Roman Negrito"); }
+.test158 { font-family: test158, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test159; src: local("Times New Roman Pogrubiona kursywa"); }
+.test159 { font-family: test159, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test160; src: local("Times New Roman Pogrubiona"); }
+.test160 { font-family: test160, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test161; src: local("Times New Roman Poševno"); }
+.test161 { font-family: test161, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test162; src: local("Times New Roman Tučná kurzíva"); }
+.test162 { font-family: test162, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test163; src: local("Times New Roman Tučné"); }
+.test163 { font-family: test163, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test164; src: local("Times New Roman Vet Cursief"); }
+.test164 { font-family: test164, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test165; src: local("Times New Roman Vet"); }
+.test165 { font-family: test165, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test166; src: local("Times New Roman cursiva"); }
+.test166 { font-family: test166, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test167; src: local("Times New Roman fed kursiv"); }
+.test167 { font-family: test167, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test168; src: local("Times New Roman fed"); }
+.test168 { font-family: test168, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test169; src: local("Times New Roman kursiv"); }
+.test169 { font-family: test169, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test170; src: local("Times New Roman kursywa"); }
+.test170 { font-family: test170, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test171; src: local("Times New Roman kurzíva"); }
+.test171 { font-family: test171, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test172; src: local("Times New Roman nghiêng đậm"); }
+.test172 { font-family: test172, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test173; src: local("Times New Roman nghiêng"); }
+.test173 { font-family: test173, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test174; src: local("Times New Roman tučné kurzíva"); }
+.test174 { font-family: test174, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test175; src: local("Times New Roman tučné"); }
+.test175 { font-family: test175, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test176; src: local("Times New Roman İtalik"); }
+.test176 { font-family: test176, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test177; src: local("Times New Roman đậm"); }
+.test177 { font-family: test177, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test178; src: local("Times New Roman Έντονα Πλάγια"); }
+.test178 { font-family: test178, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test179; src: local("Times New Roman Έντονα"); }
+.test179 { font-family: test179, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test180; src: local("Times New Roman Πλάγια"); }
+.test180 { font-family: test180, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test181; src: local("Times New Roman Курсив"); }
+.test181 { font-family: test181, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test182; src: local("Times New Roman Полужирный Курсив"); }
+.test182 { font-family: test182, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test183; src: local("Times New Roman Полужирный"); }
+.test183 { font-family: test183, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test184; src: local("Times grassetto"); }
+.test184 { font-family: test184, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test185; src: local("Verdana Corsivo"); }
+.test185 { font-family: test185, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test186; src: local("Verdana Cursief"); }
+.test186 { font-family: test186, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test187; src: local("Verdana Cursiva"); }
+.test187 { font-family: test187, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test188; src: local("Verdana Dőlt"); }
+.test188 { font-family: test188, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test189; src: local("Verdana Etzana"); }
+.test189 { font-family: test189, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test190; src: local("Verdana Fet Kursiv"); }
+.test190 { font-family: test190, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test191; src: local("Verdana Fet"); }
+.test191 { font-family: test191, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test192; src: local("Verdana Fett Kursiv"); }
+.test192 { font-family: test192, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test193; src: local("Verdana Fett"); }
+.test193 { font-family: test193, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test194; src: local("Verdana Félkövér dőlt"); }
+.test194 { font-family: test194, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test195; src: local("Verdana Félkövér"); }
+.test195 { font-family: test195, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test196; src: local("Verdana Gras Italique"); }
+.test196 { font-family: test196, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test197; src: local("Verdana Gras"); }
+.test197 { font-family: test197, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test198; src: local("Verdana Grassetto Corsivo"); }
+.test198 { font-family: test198, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test199; src: local("Verdana Grassetto"); }
+.test199 { font-family: test199, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test200; src: local("Verdana Halvfet Kursiv"); }
+.test200 { font-family: test200, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test201; src: local("Verdana Halvfet"); }
+.test201 { font-family: test201, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test202; src: local("Verdana Italique"); }
+.test202 { font-family: test202, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test203; src: local("Verdana Itálico"); }
+.test203 { font-family: test203, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test204; src: local("Verdana Kalın İtalik"); }
+.test204 { font-family: test204, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test205; src: local("Verdana Kalın"); }
+.test205 { font-family: test205, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test206; src: local("Verdana Krepko poševno"); }
+.test206 { font-family: test206, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test207; src: local("Verdana Krepko"); }
+.test207 { font-family: test207, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test208; src: local("Verdana Kursiv"); }
+.test208 { font-family: test208, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test209; src: local("Verdana Kursivoitu"); }
+.test209 { font-family: test209, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test210; src: local("Verdana Kursywa"); }
+.test210 { font-family: test210, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test211; src: local("Verdana Kurzíva"); }
+.test211 { font-family: test211, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test212; src: local("Verdana Lihavoitu Kursivoi"); }
+.test212 { font-family: test212, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test213; src: local("Verdana Lihavoitu"); }
+.test213 { font-family: test213, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test214; src: local("Verdana Lodi etzana"); }
+.test214 { font-family: test214, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test215; src: local("Verdana Lodia"); }
+.test215 { font-family: test215, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test216; src: local("Verdana Negreta cursiva"); }
+.test216 { font-family: test216, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test217; src: local("Verdana Negreta"); }
+.test217 { font-family: test217, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test218; src: local("Verdana Negrita Cursiva"); }
+.test218 { font-family: test218, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test219; src: local("Verdana Negrita"); }
+.test219 { font-family: test219, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test220; src: local("Verdana Negrito Itálico"); }
+.test220 { font-family: test220, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test221; src: local("Verdana Negrito"); }
+.test221 { font-family: test221, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test222; src: local("Verdana Pogrubiona kursywa"); }
+.test222 { font-family: test222, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test223; src: local("Verdana Pogrubiony"); }
+.test223 { font-family: test223, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test224; src: local("Verdana Poševno"); }
+.test224 { font-family: test224, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test225; src: local("Verdana Tučná kurzíva"); }
+.test225 { font-family: test225, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test226; src: local("Verdana Tučné"); }
+.test226 { font-family: test226, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test227; src: local("Verdana Vet Cursief"); }
+.test227 { font-family: test227, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test228; src: local("Verdana Vet"); }
+.test228 { font-family: test228, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test229; src: local("Verdana fed kursiv"); }
+.test229 { font-family: test229, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test230; src: local("Verdana fed"); }
+.test230 { font-family: test230, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test231; src: local("Verdana kursiv"); }
+.test231 { font-family: test231, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test232; src: local("Verdana kurzíva"); }
+.test232 { font-family: test232, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test233; src: local("Verdana tučné kurzíva"); }
+.test233 { font-family: test233, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test234; src: local("Verdana tučné"); }
+.test234 { font-family: test234, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test235; src: local("Verdana İtalik"); }
+.test235 { font-family: test235, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test236; src: local("Verdana Έντονα Πλάγια"); }
+.test236 { font-family: test236, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test237; src: local("Verdana Έντονα"); }
+.test237 { font-family: test237, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test238; src: local("Verdana Πλάγια"); }
+.test238 { font-family: test238, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test239; src: local("Verdana Курсив"); }
+.test239 { font-family: test239, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test240; src: local("Verdana Полужирный Курсив"); }
+.test240 { font-family: test240, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test241; src: local("Verdana Полужирный"); }
+.test241 { font-family: test241, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test242; src: local("儷宋 Pro"); }
+.test242 { font-family: test242, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test243; src: local("儷黑 Pro"); }
+.test243 { font-family: test243, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test244; src: local("MS 明朝"); }
+.test244 { font-family: test244, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test245; src: local("MS P明朝"); }
+.test245 { font-family: test245, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test246; src: local("MS ゴシック"); }
+.test246 { font-family: test246, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test247; src: local("MS Pゴシック"); }
+.test247 { font-family: test247, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test248; src: local("仿宋"); }
+.test248 { font-family: test248, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test249; src: local("楷体"); }
+.test249 { font-family: test249, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test250; src: local("굴림"); }
+.test250 { font-family: test250, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test251; src: local("궁서"); }
+.test251 { font-family: test251, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test252; src: local("돋움"); }
+.test252 { font-family: test252, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test253; src: local("바탕"); }
+.test253 { font-family: test253, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test254; src: local("標楷體"); }
+.test254 { font-family: test254, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test255; src: local("細明體"); }
+.test255 { font-family: test255, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test256; src: local("굴림체"); }
+.test256 { font-family: test256, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test257; src: local("바탕체"); }
+.test257 { font-family: test257, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test258; src: local("細明體-ExtB"); }
+.test258 { font-family: test258, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test259; src: local("細明體_HKSCS"); }
+.test259 { font-family: test259, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test260; src: local("メイリオ ボールド イタリック"); }
+.test260 { font-family: test260, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test261; src: local("メイリオ ボールド"); }
+.test261 { font-family: test261, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test262; src: local("メイリオ"); }
+.test262 { font-family: test262, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test263; src: local("华文仿宋"); }
+.test263 { font-family: test263, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test264; src: local("华文细黑"); }
+.test264 { font-family: test264, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test265; src: local("华文黑体"); }
+.test265 { font-family: test265, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test266; src: local("微软雅黑"); }
+.test266 { font-family: test266, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test267; src: local("新細明體"); }
+.test267 { font-family: test267, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test268; src: local("新細明體-ExtB"); }
+.test268 { font-family: test268, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test269; src: local("微軟正黑體 Bold"); }
+.test269 { font-family: test269, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test270; src: local("רעננה"); }
+.test270 { font-family: test270, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test271; src: local("微軟正黑體"); }
+.test271 { font-family: test271, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test272; src: local("蘋果儷中黑"); }
+.test272 { font-family: test272, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test273; src: local("蘋果儷細宋"); }
+.test273 { font-family: test273, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test274; src: local("ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3"); }
+.test274 { font-family: test274, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test275; src: local("ヒラギノ丸ゴ Pro W4"); }
+.test275 { font-family: test275, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test276; src: local("ヒラギノ明朝 Pro W6"); }
+.test276 { font-family: test276, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test277; src: local("ヒラギノ丸ゴ ProN W4"); }
+.test277 { font-family: test277, testbackup; }
+@font-face { font-family: test278; src: local("רעננה‭ ‬Bold"); }
+.test278 { font-family: test278, testbackup; }
+<h4>The letter A should not appear below independent of locale:</h4>
+<p>(Mouse over to see local name used)</p>
+<td class="test0" title="#궁서체 일반체">AA</td>
+<td class="test1" title="#헤드라인A 일반체">AA</td>
+<td class="test2" title="AppleGothic 일반체">AA</td>
+<td class="test3" title="Arial Black Normal">AA</td>
+<td class="test4" title="Arial Black Standard">AA</td>
+<td class="test5" title="Arial Black normal">AA</td>
+<td class="test6" title="Arial Black obyčejné">AA</td>
+<td class="test7" title="Arial Black Обычный">AA</td>
+<td class="test8" title="Arial Black Κανονικά">AA</td>
+<td class="test9" title="Arial Corsivo">AA</td>
+<td class="test10" title="Arial Cursief">AA</td>
+<td class="test11" title="Arial Cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test12" title="Arial Dőlt">AA</td>
+<td class="test13" title="Arial Etzana">AA</td>
+<td class="test14" title="Arial Fet Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test15" title="Arial Fet">AA</td>
+<td class="test16" title="Arial Fett Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test17" title="Arial Fett">AA</td>
+<td class="test18" title="Arial Félkövér dőlt">AA</td>
+<td class="test19" title="Arial Félkövér">AA</td>
+<td class="test20" title="Arial Gras Italique">AA</td>
+<td class="test21" title="Arial Gras">AA</td>
+<td class="test22" title="Arial Grassetto Corsivo">AA</td>
+<td class="test23" title="Arial Grassetto">AA</td>
+<td class="test24" title="Arial Halvfet Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test25" title="Arial Halvfet">AA</td>
+<td class="test26" title="Arial Italique">AA</td>
+<td class="test27" title="Arial Itálico">AA</td>
+<td class="test28" title="Arial Kalın İtalik">AA</td>
+<td class="test29" title="Arial Kalın">AA</td>
+<td class="test30" title="Arial Krepko poševno">AA</td>
+<td class="test31" title="Arial Krepko">AA</td>
+<td class="test32" title="Arial Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test33" title="Arial Kursivoitu">AA</td>
+<td class="test34" title="Arial Kursywa">AA</td>
+<td class="test35" title="Arial Kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test36" title="Arial Lihavoitu Kursivoi">AA</td>
+<td class="test37" title="Arial Lihavoitu">AA</td>
+<td class="test38" title="Arial Lodi etzana">AA</td>
+<td class="test39" title="Arial Lodia">AA</td>
+<td class="test40" title="Arial Negreta">AA</td>
+<td class="test41" title="Arial Negrita Cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test42" title="Arial Negrita">AA</td>
+<td class="test43" title="Arial Negrito Itálico">AA</td>
+<td class="test44" title="Arial Negrito">AA</td>
+<td class="test45" title="Arial Pogrubiona kursywa">AA</td>
+<td class="test46" title="Arial Pogrubiony">AA</td>
+<td class="test47" title="Arial Poševno">AA</td>
+<td class="test48" title="Arial Tučná kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test49" title="Arial Tučné">AA</td>
+<td class="test50" title="Arial Vet Cursief">AA</td>
+<td class="test51" title="Arial Vet">AA</td>
+<td class="test52" title="Arial fed kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test53" title="Arial fed">AA</td>
+<td class="test54" title="Arial kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test55" title="Arial kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test56" title="Arial nghiêng đậm">AA</td>
+<td class="test57" title="Arial nghiêng">AA</td>
+<td class="test58" title="Arial tučné kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test59" title="Arial tučné">AA</td>
+<td class="test60" title="Arial İtalik">AA</td>
+<td class="test61" title="Arial đậm">AA</td>
+<td class="test62" title="Arial Έντονα Πλάγια">AA</td>
+<td class="test63" title="Arial Έντονα">AA</td>
+<td class="test64" title="Arial Πλάγια">AA</td>
+<td class="test65" title="Arial Курсив">AA</td>
+<td class="test66" title="Arial Полужирный Курсив">AA</td>
+<td class="test67" title="Arial Полужирный">AA</td>
+<td class="test68" title="Brush Script MT Πλάγια">AA</td>
+<td class="test69" title="Brush Script MT Курсив">AA</td>
+<td class="test70" title="Century Gothic Halvfet">AA</td>
+<td class="test71" title="Century Gothic Italique">AA</td>
+<td class="test72" title="Century Gothic Kalın">AA</td>
+<td class="test73" title="Century Gothic Krepko poševno">AA</td>
+<td class="test74" title="Century Gothic Krepko">AA</td>
+<td class="test75" title="Century Gothic Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test76" title="Comic Sans MS Negreta">AA</td>
+<td class="test77" title="Comic Sans MS Έντονα">AA</td>
+<td class="test78" title="Courier Carregado">AA</td>
+<td class="test79" title="Courier Fet">AA</td>
+<td class="test80" title="Courier Fett">AA</td>
+<td class="test81" title="Courier Gras">AA</td>
+<td class="test82" title="Courier lihava">AA</td>
+<td class="test83" title="Courier vet">AA</td>
+<td class="test84" title="Courier‭ ‬עבה">AA</td>
+<td class="test85" title="Courier‭ ‬أسود">AA</td>
+<td class="test86" title="Courier‭ ‬برجسته">AA</td>
+<td class="test87" title="EucrosiaUPC Полужирный">AA</td>
+<td class="test88" title="Franklin Gothic Medium Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test89" title="Garamond Kursywa">AA</td>
+<td class="test90" title="Garamond Kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test91" title="Georgia Italique">AA</td>
+<td class="test92" title="Georgia Itálico">AA</td>
+<td class="test93" title="Georgia Kalın İtalik">AA</td>
+<td class="test94" title="HGP明朝B">AA</td>
+<td class="test95" title="HGP明朝E">AA</td>
+<td class="test96" title="HGPゴシックE">AA</td>
+<td class="test97" title="HGPゴシックM">AA</td>
+<td class="test98" title="HGP創英角ゴシックUB">AA</td>
+<td class="test99" title="HGS明朝B">AA</td>
+<td class="test100" title="HGS明朝E">AA</td>
+<td class="test101" title="HGS行書体">AA</td>
+<td class="test102" title="HGS教科書体">AA</td>
+<td class="test103" title="HGSゴシックE">AA</td>
+<td class="test104" title="HGSゴシックM">AA</td>
+<td class="test105" title="HGS創英プレゼンスEB">AA</td>
+<td class="test106" title="HG明朝B">AA</td>
+<td class="test107" title="HG正楷書体-PRO">AA</td>
+<td class="test108" title="HGゴシックE">AA</td>
+<td class="test109" title="HGゴシックM">AA</td>
+<td class="test110" title="HG丸ゴシックM-PRO">AA</td>
+<td class="test111" title="HG創英プレゼンスEB">AA</td>
+<td class="test112" title="Helvetica Carregado">AA</td>
+<td class="test113" title="Helvetica‭ ‬עבה">AA</td>
+<td class="test114" title="Helvetica‭ ‬أسود">AA</td>
+<td class="test115" title="Helvetica‭ ‬برجسته">AA</td>
+<td class="test116" title="Osaka−等幅">AA</td>
+<td class="test117" title="Thonburi Carregado">AA</td>
+<td class="test118" title="Thonburi Gras">AA</td>
+<td class="test119" title="Thonburi vet">AA</td>
+<td class="test120" title="Times Cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test121" title="Times Gras">AA</td>
+<td class="test122" title="Times Negrita">AA</td>
+<td class="test123" title="Times New Roman Corsivo">AA</td>
+<td class="test124" title="Times New Roman Cursief">AA</td>
+<td class="test125" title="Times New Roman Cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test126" title="Times New Roman Dőlt">AA</td>
+<td class="test127" title="Times New Roman Etzana">AA</td>
+<td class="test128" title="Times New Roman Fet Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test129" title="Times New Roman Fet">AA</td>
+<td class="test130" title="Times New Roman Fett Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test131" title="Times New Roman Fett">AA</td>
+<td class="test132" title="Times New Roman Félkövér dőlt">AA</td>
+<td class="test133" title="Times New Roman Félkövér">AA</td>
+<td class="test134" title="Times New Roman Gras Italique">AA</td>
+<td class="test135" title="Times New Roman Gras">AA</td>
+<td class="test136" title="Times New Roman Grassetto Corsivo">AA</td>
+<td class="test137" title="Times New Roman Grassetto">AA</td>
+<td class="test138" title="Times New Roman Halvfet Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test139" title="Times New Roman Halvfet">AA</td>
+<td class="test140" title="Times New Roman Italique">AA</td>
+<td class="test141" title="Times New Roman Itálico">AA</td>
+<td class="test142" title="Times New Roman Kalın İtalik">AA</td>
+<td class="test143" title="Times New Roman Kalın">AA</td>
+<td class="test144" title="Times New Roman Krepko poševno">AA</td>
+<td class="test145" title="Times New Roman Krepko">AA</td>
+<td class="test146" title="Times New Roman Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test147" title="Times New Roman Kursivoitu">AA</td>
+<td class="test148" title="Times New Roman Kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test149" title="Times New Roman Lihavoitu Kursivoi">AA</td>
+<td class="test150" title="Times New Roman Lihavoitu">AA</td>
+<td class="test151" title="Times New Roman Lodi etzana">AA</td>
+<td class="test152" title="Times New Roman Lodia">AA</td>
+<td class="test153" title="Times New Roman Negreta cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test154" title="Times New Roman Negreta">AA</td>
+<td class="test155" title="Times New Roman Negrita Cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test156" title="Times New Roman Negrita">AA</td>
+<td class="test157" title="Times New Roman Negrito Itálico">AA</td>
+<td class="test158" title="Times New Roman Negrito">AA</td>
+<td class="test159" title="Times New Roman Pogrubiona kursywa">AA</td>
+<td class="test160" title="Times New Roman Pogrubiona">AA</td>
+<td class="test161" title="Times New Roman Poševno">AA</td>
+<td class="test162" title="Times New Roman Tučná kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test163" title="Times New Roman Tučné">AA</td>
+<td class="test164" title="Times New Roman Vet Cursief">AA</td>
+<td class="test165" title="Times New Roman Vet">AA</td>
+<td class="test166" title="Times New Roman cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test167" title="Times New Roman fed kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test168" title="Times New Roman fed">AA</td>
+<td class="test169" title="Times New Roman kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test170" title="Times New Roman kursywa">AA</td>
+<td class="test171" title="Times New Roman kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test172" title="Times New Roman nghiêng đậm">AA</td>
+<td class="test173" title="Times New Roman nghiêng">AA</td>
+<td class="test174" title="Times New Roman tučné kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test175" title="Times New Roman tučné">AA</td>
+<td class="test176" title="Times New Roman İtalik">AA</td>
+<td class="test177" title="Times New Roman đậm">AA</td>
+<td class="test178" title="Times New Roman Έντονα Πλάγια">AA</td>
+<td class="test179" title="Times New Roman Έντονα">AA</td>
+<td class="test180" title="Times New Roman Πλάγια">AA</td>
+<td class="test181" title="Times New Roman Курсив">AA</td>
+<td class="test182" title="Times New Roman Полужирный Курсив">AA</td>
+<td class="test183" title="Times New Roman Полужирный">AA</td>
+<td class="test184" title="Times grassetto">AA</td>
+<td class="test185" title="Verdana Corsivo">AA</td>
+<td class="test186" title="Verdana Cursief">AA</td>
+<td class="test187" title="Verdana Cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test188" title="Verdana Dőlt">AA</td>
+<td class="test189" title="Verdana Etzana">AA</td>
+<td class="test190" title="Verdana Fet Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test191" title="Verdana Fet">AA</td>
+<td class="test192" title="Verdana Fett Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test193" title="Verdana Fett">AA</td>
+<td class="test194" title="Verdana Félkövér dőlt">AA</td>
+<td class="test195" title="Verdana Félkövér">AA</td>
+<td class="test196" title="Verdana Gras Italique">AA</td>
+<td class="test197" title="Verdana Gras">AA</td>
+<td class="test198" title="Verdana Grassetto Corsivo">AA</td>
+<td class="test199" title="Verdana Grassetto">AA</td>
+<td class="test200" title="Verdana Halvfet Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test201" title="Verdana Halvfet">AA</td>
+<td class="test202" title="Verdana Italique">AA</td>
+<td class="test203" title="Verdana Itálico">AA</td>
+<td class="test204" title="Verdana Kalın İtalik">AA</td>
+<td class="test205" title="Verdana Kalın">AA</td>
+<td class="test206" title="Verdana Krepko poševno">AA</td>
+<td class="test207" title="Verdana Krepko">AA</td>
+<td class="test208" title="Verdana Kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test209" title="Verdana Kursivoitu">AA</td>
+<td class="test210" title="Verdana Kursywa">AA</td>
+<td class="test211" title="Verdana Kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test212" title="Verdana Lihavoitu Kursivoi">AA</td>
+<td class="test213" title="Verdana Lihavoitu">AA</td>
+<td class="test214" title="Verdana Lodi etzana">AA</td>
+<td class="test215" title="Verdana Lodia">AA</td>
+<td class="test216" title="Verdana Negreta cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test217" title="Verdana Negreta">AA</td>
+<td class="test218" title="Verdana Negrita Cursiva">AA</td>
+<td class="test219" title="Verdana Negrita">AA</td>
+<td class="test220" title="Verdana Negrito Itálico">AA</td>
+<td class="test221" title="Verdana Negrito">AA</td>
+<td class="test222" title="Verdana Pogrubiona kursywa">AA</td>
+<td class="test223" title="Verdana Pogrubiony">AA</td>
+<td class="test224" title="Verdana Poševno">AA</td>
+<td class="test225" title="Verdana Tučná kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test226" title="Verdana Tučné">AA</td>
+<td class="test227" title="Verdana Vet Cursief">AA</td>
+<td class="test228" title="Verdana Vet">AA</td>
+<td class="test229" title="Verdana fed kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test230" title="Verdana fed">AA</td>
+<td class="test231" title="Verdana kursiv">AA</td>
+<td class="test232" title="Verdana kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test233" title="Verdana tučné kurzíva">AA</td>
+<td class="test234" title="Verdana tučné">AA</td>
+<td class="test235" title="Verdana İtalik">AA</td>
+<td class="test236" title="Verdana Έντονα Πλάγια">AA</td>
+<td class="test237" title="Verdana Έντονα">AA</td>
+<td class="test238" title="Verdana Πλάγια">AA</td>
+<td class="test239" title="Verdana Курсив">AA</td>
+<td class="test240" title="Verdana Полужирный Курсив">AA</td>
+<td class="test241" title="Verdana Полужирный">AA</td>
+<td class="test242" title="儷宋 Pro">AA</td>
+<td class="test243" title="儷黑 Pro">AA</td>
+<td class="test244" title="MS 明朝">AA</td>
+<td class="test245" title="MS P明朝">AA</td>
+<td class="test246" title="MS ゴシック">AA</td>
+<td class="test247" title="MS Pゴシック">AA</td>
+<td class="test248" title="仿宋">AA</td>
+<td class="test249" title="楷体">AA</td>
+<td class="test250" title="굴림">AA</td>
+<td class="test251" title="궁서">AA</td>
+<td class="test252" title="돋움">AA</td>
+<td class="test253" title="바탕">AA</td>
+<td class="test254" title="標楷體">AA</td>
+<td class="test255" title="細明體">AA</td>
+<td class="test256" title="굴림체">AA</td>
+<td class="test257" title="바탕체">AA</td>
+<td class="test258" title="細明體-ExtB">AA</td>
+<td class="test259" title="細明體_HKSCS">AA</td>
+<td class="test260" title="メイリオ ボールド イタリック">AA</td>
+<td class="test261" title="メイリオ ボールド">AA</td>
+<td class="test262" title="メイリオ">AA</td>
+<td class="test263" title="华文仿宋">AA</td>
+<td class="test264" title="华文细黑">AA</td>
+<td class="test265" title="华文黑体">AA</td>
+<td class="test266" title="微软雅黑">AA</td>
+<td class="test267" title="新細明體">AA</td>
+<td class="test268" title="新細明體-ExtB">AA</td>
+<td class="test269" title="微軟正黑體 Bold">AA</td>
+<td class="test270" title="רעננה">AA</td>
+<td class="test271" title="微軟正黑體">AA</td>
+<td class="test272" title="蘋果儷中黑">AA</td>
+<td class="test273" title="蘋果儷細宋">AA</td>
+<td class="test274" title="ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3">AA</td>
+<td class="test275" title="ヒラギノ丸ゴ Pro W4">AA</td>
+<td class="test276" title="ヒラギノ明朝 Pro W6">AA</td>
+<td class="test277" title="ヒラギノ丸ゴ ProN W4">AA</td>
+<td class="test278" title="רעננה‭ ‬Bold">AA</td>
\ No newline at end of file