Bug 1488208 [wpt PR 12804] - Update interfaces/cssom.idl, a=testonly
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Tue, 19 Feb 2019 11:46:11 +0000
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Bug 1488208 [wpt PR 12804] - Update interfaces/cssom.idl, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests Update interfaces/cssom.idl (#12804) Source: https://github.com/tidoust/reffy-reports/blob/6894c32/whatwg/idl/cssom.idl Build: https://travis-ci.org/tidoust/reffy-reports/builds/490049021 -- wpt-commits: be8418c77f9680adcc066a3aad2c3a20815b8351 wpt-pr: 12804
--- a/testing/web-platform/tests/interfaces/cssom.idl
+++ b/testing/web-platform/tests/interfaces/cssom.idl
@@ -1,55 +1,62 @@
+// This preamble was added by reffy-reports for web-platform-tests.
+// CSSOMString is an implementation-defined type of either DOMString or
+// USVString in CSSOM: https://drafts.csswg.org/cssom/#cssomstring-type
+// For web-platform-tests, use DOMString because USVString has additional
+// requirements in type conversion and could result in spurious failures for
+// implementations that use DOMString.
+typedef DOMString CSSOMString;
 // Content was automatically extracted by Reffy into reffy-reports
 // (https://github.com/tidoust/reffy-reports)
 // Source: CSS Object Model (CSSOM) (https://drafts.csswg.org/cssom/)
-typedef USVString CSSOMString;
 interface MediaList {
   stringifier attribute [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] CSSOMString mediaText;
   readonly attribute unsigned long length;
   getter CSSOMString? item(unsigned long index);
   void appendMedium(CSSOMString medium);
   void deleteMedium(CSSOMString medium);
 interface StyleSheet {
   readonly attribute CSSOMString type;
   readonly attribute USVString? href;
   readonly attribute (Element or ProcessingInstruction)? ownerNode;
-  readonly attribute StyleSheet? parentStyleSheet;
+  readonly attribute CSSStyleSheet? parentStyleSheet;
   readonly attribute DOMString? title;
   [SameObject, PutForwards=mediaText] readonly attribute MediaList media;
   attribute boolean disabled;
 interface CSSStyleSheet : StyleSheet {
   readonly attribute CSSRule? ownerRule;
   [SameObject] readonly attribute CSSRuleList cssRules;
   unsigned long insertRule(CSSOMString rule, optional unsigned long index = 0);
   void deleteRule(unsigned long index);
 interface StyleSheetList {
-  getter StyleSheet? item(unsigned long index);
+  getter CSSStyleSheet? item(unsigned long index);
   readonly attribute unsigned long length;
-partial interface Document {
+partial interface mixin DocumentOrShadowRoot {
   [SameObject] readonly attribute StyleSheetList styleSheets;
 interface mixin LinkStyle {
-  readonly attribute StyleSheet? sheet;
+  readonly attribute CSSStyleSheet? sheet;
 ProcessingInstruction includes LinkStyle;
 interface CSSRuleList {
   getter CSSRule? item(unsigned long index);
   readonly attribute unsigned long length;