Bug 1126768 - Remove more references to the conservative stack scanner r=terrence
authorJon Coppeard <jcoppeard@mozilla.com>
Thu, 29 Jan 2015 09:58:06 +0000
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Bug 1126768 - Remove more references to the conservative stack scanner r=terrence
--- a/js/src/gc/GCRuntime.h
+++ b/js/src/gc/GCRuntime.h
@@ -900,18 +900,16 @@ class GCRuntime
     void unprotectRelocatedArenas(ArenaHeader *relocatedList);
     void finishCollection();
     void computeNonIncrementalMarkingForValidation();
     void validateIncrementalMarking();
     void finishMarkingValidation();
-    void markConservativeStackRoots(JSTracer *trc, bool useSavedRoots);
 #ifdef DEBUG
     void checkForCompartmentMismatches();
     void callFinalizeCallbacks(FreeOp *fop, JSFinalizeStatus status) const;
     void callWeakPointerCallbacks() const;
--- a/js/src/gc/Heap.h
+++ b/js/src/gc/Heap.h
@@ -523,24 +523,22 @@ struct ArenaHeader
      * The first span of free things in the arena. We encode it as a
      * CompactFreeSpan rather than a FreeSpan to minimize the header size.
     CompactFreeSpan firstFreeSpan;
      * One of AllocKind constants or FINALIZE_LIMIT when the arena does not
      * contain any GC things and is on the list of empty arenas in the GC
-     * chunk. The latter allows to quickly check if the arena is allocated
-     * during the conservative GC scanning without searching the arena in the
-     * list.
+     * chunk.
      * We use 8 bits for the allocKind so the compiler can use byte-level memory
      * instructions to access it.
-    size_t       allocKind          : 8;
+    size_t allocKind : 8;
      * When collecting we sometimes need to keep an auxillary list of arenas,
      * for which we use the following fields.  This happens for several reasons:
      * When recursive marking uses too much stack the marking is delayed and the
      * corresponding arenas are put into a stack. To distinguish the bottom of
      * the stack from the arenas not present in the stack we use the
@@ -556,17 +554,17 @@ struct ArenaHeader
      * We set the allocatedDuringIncremental flag for this and clear it at the
      * end of the sweep phase.
      * To minimize the ArenaHeader size we record the next linkage as
      * arenaAddress() >> ArenaShift and pack it with the allocKind field and the
      * flags.
-    size_t       hasDelayedMarking  : 1;
+    size_t       hasDelayedMarking : 1;
     size_t       allocatedDuringIncremental : 1;
     size_t       markOverflow : 1;
     size_t       auxNextLink : JS_BITS_PER_WORD - 8 - 1 - 1 - 1;
     static_assert(ArenaShift >= 8 + 1 + 1 + 1,
                   "ArenaHeader::auxNextLink packing assumes that ArenaShift has enough bits to "
                   "cover allocKind and hasDelayedMarking.");
     inline uintptr_t address() const;
--- a/js/src/gc/Zone.h
+++ b/js/src/gc/Zone.h
@@ -98,19 +98,17 @@ namespace JS {
 // - Type objects and JitCode objects belong to a compartment and cannot be
 //   shared. However, there is no mechanism to obtain their compartments.
 // A zone remains alive as long as any GC things in the zone are alive. A
 // compartment remains alive as long as any JSObjects, scripts, shapes, or base
 // shapes within it are alive.
 // We always guarantee that a zone has at least one live compartment by refusing
-// to delete the last compartment in a live zone. (This could happen, for
-// example, if the conservative scanner marks a string in an otherwise dead
-// zone.)
+// to delete the last compartment in a live zone.
 struct Zone : public JS::shadow::Zone,
               public js::gc::GraphNodeBase<JS::Zone>,
               public js::MallocProvider<JS::Zone>
     explicit Zone(JSRuntime *rt);
     bool init(bool isSystem);
--- a/js/src/jsgc.h
+++ b/js/src/jsgc.h
@@ -1055,19 +1055,16 @@ struct GrayRoot {
     const void *debugPrintArg;
     size_t debugPrintIndex;
     GrayRoot(void *thing, JSGCTraceKind kind)
         : thing(thing), kind(kind) {}
-MarkStackRangeConservatively(JSTracer *trc, Value *begin, Value *end);
 typedef void (*IterateChunkCallback)(JSRuntime *rt, void *data, gc::Chunk *chunk);
 typedef void (*IterateZoneCallback)(JSRuntime *rt, void *data, JS::Zone *zone);
 typedef void (*IterateArenaCallback)(JSRuntime *rt, void *data, gc::Arena *arena,
                                      JSGCTraceKind traceKind, size_t thingSize);
 typedef void (*IterateCellCallback)(JSRuntime *rt, void *data, void *thing,
                                     JSGCTraceKind traceKind, size_t thingSize);
--- a/js/src/shell/js.cpp
+++ b/js/src/shell/js.cpp
@@ -4421,19 +4421,19 @@ static const JSFunctionSpecWithHelp shel
 "  Garbage collection roots appear as references from 'null'. We use the name\n"
 "  given to the root (with the \"edge: \" prefix) as the name of the reference.\n"
 "  Note that the references object does record references from objects that are\n"
 "  only reachable via |thing| itself, not just the references reachable\n"
 "  themselves from roots that keep |thing| from being collected. (We could make\n"
 "  this distinction if it is useful.)\n"
-"  If any references are found by the conservative scanner, the references\n"
-"  object will have a property named \"edge: machine stack\"; the referrers will\n"
-"  be 'null', because they are roots."),
+"  If there are any references on the native stack, the references\n"
+"  object will have properties named like \"edge: exact-value \"; the referrers\n"
+"  will be 'null', because they are roots."),
     JS_FN_HELP("build", BuildDate, 0, 0,
 "  Show build date and time."),
     JS_FN_HELP("intern", Intern, 1, 0,