Bug 1652720 - fix extra login autocomplete items;r=mak
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Thu, 23 Jul 2020 18:20:37 +0000
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Bug 1652720 - fix extra login autocomplete items;r=mak Root cause: `currentHeight` is returning a smaller than expected number, because it does not include anything below a scroll bar, and by this point the popup has not expanded to fit its contents. This problem is mitigated in existing login autofill code because LoginAutoComplete emits popup opened/closed events, which cause this to be called with `height === 0`, thus collapsing all items. Since _collapseUnusedItems only affects items beyond the match count, I do not anticipate this producing any extra work from a performance perspective. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D84632
--- a/toolkit/content/widgets/autocomplete-popup.js
+++ b/toolkit/content/widgets/autocomplete-popup.js
@@ -341,20 +341,18 @@
         let lastRowRect = rows[numRows - 1].getBoundingClientRect();
         // Calculate the height to have the first row to last row shown
         height = lastRowRect.bottom - firstRowRect.top + this._rlbPadding;
-      let currentHeight = this.richlistbox.getBoundingClientRect().height;
-      if (height <= currentHeight) {
-        this._collapseUnusedItems();
-      }
+      this._collapseUnusedItems();
       // We need to get the ceiling of the calculated value to ensure that the box fully contains
       // all of its contents and doesn't cause a scrollbar since nsIBoxObject only expects a
       // `long`. e.g. if `height` is 99.5 the richlistbox would render at height 99px with a
       // scrollbar for the extra 0.5px.
       this.richlistbox.height = Math.ceil(height);