Backed out changeset 66b8ea362db8 (bug 1304699) for build bustage
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Mon, 26 Sep 2016 18:37:13 -0700
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Backed out changeset 66b8ea362db8 (bug 1304699) for build bustage CLOSED TREE
--- a/gfx/thebes/gfxFont.cpp
+++ b/gfx/thebes/gfxFont.cpp
@@ -3100,20 +3100,16 @@ gfxFont::InitFakeSmallCapsRun(DrawTarget
                               uint16_t        aOrientation,
                               Script          aScript,
                               bool            aSyntheticLower,
                               bool            aSyntheticUpper)
     bool ok = true;
     RefPtr<gfxFont> smallCapsFont = GetSmallCapsFont();
-    if (!smallCapsFont) {
-        NS_WARNING("failed to get reduced-size font for smallcaps!");
-        smallCapsFont = this;
-    }
     enum RunCaseAction {
     RunCaseAction runAction = kNoChange;
--- a/gfx/thebes/gfxFont.h
+++ b/gfx/thebes/gfxFont.h
@@ -298,17 +298,17 @@ public:
     // It's OK to call this even if Init() has not been called.
     static void Shutdown();
     // Look up a font in the cache. Returns an addrefed pointer, or null
     // if there's nothing matching in the cache
     Lookup(const gfxFontEntry* aFontEntry,
            const gfxFontStyle* aStyle,
-           const gfxCharacterMap* aUnicodeRangeMap);
+           const gfxCharacterMap* aUnicodeRangeMap = nullptr);
     // We created a new font (presumably because Lookup returned null);
     // put it in the cache. The font's refcount should be nonzero. It is
     // allowable to add a new font even if there is one already in the
     // cache with the same key; we'll forget about the old one.
     void AddNew(gfxFont *aFont);
     // The font's refcount has gone to zero; give ownership of it to
--- a/gfx/thebes/gfxFontEntry.cpp
+++ b/gfx/thebes/gfxFontEntry.cpp
@@ -275,18 +275,17 @@ gfxFontEntry::RealFaceName()
 gfxFontEntry::FindOrMakeFont(const gfxFontStyle *aStyle,
                              bool aNeedsBold,
                              gfxCharacterMap* aUnicodeRangeMap)
     // the font entry name is the psname, not the family name
-    RefPtr<gfxFont> font =
-        gfxFontCache::GetCache()->Lookup(this, aStyle, aUnicodeRangeMap);
+    RefPtr<gfxFont> font = gfxFontCache::GetCache()->Lookup(this, aStyle);
     if (!font) {
         gfxFont *newFont = CreateFontInstance(aStyle, aNeedsBold);
         if (!newFont)
             return nullptr;
         if (!newFont->Valid()) {
             delete newFont;
             return nullptr;