Bug 895816 - (Part 3) Update BaseTest.addTab to use loadUrl. r=gbrown
authorMargaret Leibovic <margaret.leibovic@gmail.com>
Tue, 23 Jul 2013 17:52:39 -0700
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Bug 895816 - (Part 3) Update BaseTest.addTab to use loadUrl. r=gbrown
--- a/mobile/android/base/tests/BaseTest.java.in
+++ b/mobile/android/base/tests/BaseTest.java.in
@@ -60,20 +60,16 @@ abstract class BaseTest extends Activity
     protected static final int DEFAULT_BOOKMARKS_COUNT = DEFAULT_BOOKMARKS_TITLES.length;
     // IDs for UI views
     private static final String BROWSER_TOOLBAR_ID = "browser_toolbar";
     protected static final String URL_EDIT_TEXT_ID = "url_edit_text";
     protected static final String URL_BAR_TITLE_ID = "url_bar_title";
-    // Strings for about:home
-    private static final String TITLE_PLACEHOLDER_TEXT = "Enter Search or Address";
-    private static final String ABOUT_HOME_BOOKMARKS_TAB_TITLE = "BOOKMARKS";
     private static Class<Activity> mLauncherActivityClass;
     private Activity mActivity;
     protected Solo mSolo;
     protected Driver mDriver;
     protected Assert mAsserter;
     protected Actions mActions;
     protected String mBaseUrl;
     protected String mRawBaseUrl;
@@ -633,24 +629,19 @@ abstract class BaseTest extends Activity
                 if (addTabView == null) {
                     return false;
                 return true;
         }, MAX_WAIT_MS);
         mAsserter.ok(success, "waiting for add tab view", "add tab view available");
         mAsserter.ok(addTab.click(), "checking that add_tab clicked", "add_tab element clicked");
-        waitForText(ABOUT_HOME_BOOKMARKS_TAB_TITLE); // Make sure about:home is loaded
-        // The new tab will have a blank title, so click on the urlbar placeholder text
-        mSolo.clickOnText(TITLE_PLACEHOLDER_TEXT);
-        // cannot use loadUrl(): getText fails because we are using a different urlbar
-        mActions.sendKeys(url);
-        hitEnterAndWait();
+        // Adding a new tab opens about:home, so now we just need to load the url in it.
+        loadUrl(url);
     * This method parses the string received as event data from blockForEventData()
     * blockForEventData returns the data from a Gecko event as a string. 
     * The data contains tuples structured like this: "property":"value" separated by "," in most cases but this may vary
     * The method takes as input the event data string and a string of delimiters to parse after.
     * @return an ArrayList<String> with the 2*k (even) index the property and the 2k+1 (odd) index the value, 0<=k<=ArrayList.size()/2