Bug 1497329 [wpt PR 13378] - Update interfaces/webrtc.idl, a=testonly
authorautofoolip <auto@foolip.org>
Thu, 11 Oct 2018 09:30:47 +0000
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Bug 1497329 [wpt PR 13378] - Update interfaces/webrtc.idl, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-testsUpdate interfaces/webrtc.idl (#13378) Source: https://github.com/tidoust/reffy-reports/blob/f0a4f8f/whatwg/idl/webrtc.idl Build: https://travis-ci.org/tidoust/reffy-reports/builds/437465234 -- wpt-commits: 47cea8c38b88c0ddd3854e4edec0c5b6f2697e62 wpt-pr: 13378
--- a/testing/web-platform/tests/interfaces/webrtc.idl
+++ b/testing/web-platform/tests/interfaces/webrtc.idl
@@ -515,33 +515,36 @@ enum RTCSctpTransportState {
     readonly        attribute unsigned short? maxPacketLifeTime;
     readonly        attribute unsigned short? maxRetransmits;
     readonly        attribute USVString protocol;
     readonly        attribute boolean negotiated;
     readonly        attribute unsigned short? id;
     readonly        attribute RTCPriorityType priority;
     readonly        attribute RTCDataChannelState readyState;
     readonly        attribute unsigned long bufferedAmount;
+                    [EnforceRange]
                     attribute unsigned long bufferedAmountLowThreshold;
                     attribute EventHandler onopen;
                     attribute EventHandler onbufferedamountlow;
                     attribute EventHandler onerror;
                     attribute EventHandler onclose;
     void close();
                     attribute EventHandler onmessage;
                     attribute DOMString binaryType;
     void send(USVString data);
     void send(Blob data);
     void send(ArrayBuffer data);
     void send(ArrayBufferView data);
 dictionary RTCDataChannelInit {
              boolean ordered = true;
+             [EnforceRange]
              unsigned short maxPacketLifeTime;
+             [EnforceRange]
              unsigned short maxRetransmits;
              USVString protocol = "";
              boolean negotiated = false;
              unsigned short id;
              RTCPriorityType priority = "low";