Bug 1492943 - Part 2 - Update copy for HSTS certificate errors. r=nhnt11
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Tue, 16 Oct 2018 18:50:37 +0000
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Bug 1492943 - Part 2 - Update copy for HSTS certificate errors. r=nhnt11 Copy changes as outlined in https://docs.google.com/document/d/18mKAiSSLRTVcjJ1C9rIMQRnQ7eMwqqXPPN0xIyW6DDI/edit?ts=5bbfbfbb# - New heading - Slightly updated description - Replace "More..." with "More Information" - Remove the "Recommended" label on the return button Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D8831
--- a/browser/base/content/aboutNetError-new.xhtml
+++ b/browser/base/content/aboutNetError-new.xhtml
@@ -27,16 +27,17 @@
     <link rel="icon" id="favicon" href="chrome://global/skin/icons/warning.svg"/>
   <body dir="&locale.dir;">
     <!-- ERROR ITEM CONTAINER (removed during loading to avoid bug 39098) -->
     <div id="errorContainer">
       <div id="errorPageTitlesContainer">
         <span id="ept_nssBadCert">&certerror.pagetitle2;</span>
+        <span id="ept_nssBadCert_sts">&certerror.sts.pagetitle;</span>
         <span id="ept_captivePortal">&captivePortal.title;</span>
         <span id="ept_dnsNotFound">&dnsNotFound.pageTitle;</span>
         <span id="ept_malformedURI">&malformedURI.pageTitle;</span>
         <span id="ept_blockedByPolicy">&blockedByPolicy.title;</span>
       <div id="errorTitlesContainer">
         <h1 id="et_generic">&generic.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_captivePortal">&captivePortal.title;</h1>
@@ -55,16 +56,17 @@
         <h1 id="et_netInterrupt">&netInterrupt.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_deniedPortAccess">&deniedPortAccess.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_proxyResolveFailure">&proxyResolveFailure.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_proxyConnectFailure">&proxyConnectFailure.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_contentEncodingError">&contentEncodingError.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_unsafeContentType">&unsafeContentType.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_nssFailure2">&nssFailure2.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_nssBadCert">&certerror.longpagetitle2;</h1>
+        <h1 id="et_nssBadCert_sts">&certerror.sts.longpagetitle;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_cspBlocked">&cspBlocked.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_remoteXUL">&remoteXUL.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_corruptedContentErrorv2">&corruptedContentErrorv2.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_sslv3Used">&sslv3Used.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_inadequateSecurityError">&inadequateSecurityError.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_blockedByPolicy">&blockedByPolicy.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="et_clockSkewError">&clockSkewError.title;</h1>
@@ -86,16 +88,17 @@
         <div id="ed_netInterrupt">&netInterrupt.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_deniedPortAccess">&deniedPortAccess.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_proxyResolveFailure">&proxyResolveFailure.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_proxyConnectFailure">&proxyConnectFailure.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_contentEncodingError">&contentEncodingError.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_unsafeContentType">&unsafeContentType.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_nssFailure2">&nssFailure2.longDesc2;</div>
         <div id="ed_nssBadCert">&certerror.introPara2;</div>
+        <div id="ed_nssBadCert_sts">&certerror.sts.introPara;</div>
         <div id="ed_cspBlocked">&cspBlocked.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_remoteXUL">&remoteXUL.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_corruptedContentErrorv2">&corruptedContentErrorv2.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_sslv3Used">&sslv3Used.longDesc2;</div>
         <div id="ed_inadequateSecurityError">&inadequateSecurityError.longDesc;</div>
         <div id="ed_blockedByPolicy"></div>
         <div id="ed_clockSkewError">&clockSkewError.longDesc;</div>
@@ -111,16 +114,20 @@
         <div id="es_nssBadCert_SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_ISSUER_CERTIFICATE">&certerror.expiredCert.whatCanYouDoAboutIt2;</div>
         <div id="es_nssBadCert_SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE">&certerror.expiredCert.whatCanYouDoAboutIt2;</div>
         <div id="es_nssBadCert_SEC_ERROR_OCSP_OLD_RESPONSE">&certerror.expiredCert.whatCanYouDoAboutIt2;</div>
         <div id="es_nssBadCert_MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_NOT_YET_VALID_CERTIFICATE">&certerror.expiredCert.whatCanYouDoAboutIt2;</div>
         <div id="es_nssBadCert_MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_NOT_YET_VALID_ISSUER_CERTIFICATE">&certerror.expiredCert.whatCanYouDoAboutIt2;</div>
         <div id="es_nssBadCert_SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN">&certerror.badCertDomain.whatCanYouDoAboutIt;</div>
         <div id="es_nssBadCert_SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT">&certerror.badCertDomain.whatCanYouDoAboutIt;</div>
+      <!-- Stores an alternative text for when we don't want to add "Recommended" to the
+           return button. This is one of many l10n atrocities in this file and should be
+           removed when we finally switch to Fluent. -->
+      <span id="stsReturnButtonText">&returnToPreviousPage.label;</span>
     <!-- PAGE CONTAINER (for styling purposes only) -->
     <div id="errorPageContainer" class="container">
       <div id="text-container">
         <!-- Error Title -->
         <div class="title">
           <h1 class="title-text"/>
--- a/browser/base/content/aboutNetError.js
+++ b/browser/base/content/aboutNetError.js
@@ -123,16 +123,20 @@ function disallowCertOverridesIfNeeded()
   // Disallow overrides if this is a Strict-Transport-Security
   // host and the cert is bad (STS Spec section 7.3) or if the
   // certerror is in a frame (bug 633691).
   if (cssClass == "badStsCert" || window != top) {
     document.getElementById("exceptionDialogButton").setAttribute("hidden", "true");
   if (cssClass == "badStsCert") {
+    let stsReturnButtonText = document.getElementById("stsReturnButtonText").textContent;
+    document.getElementById("returnButton").textContent = stsReturnButtonText;
+    document.getElementById("advancedPanelReturnButton").textContent = stsReturnButtonText;
 function initPage() {
   var err = getErrorCode();
   // List of error pages with an illustration.
   let illustratedErrors = [
     "malformedURI", "dnsNotFound", "connectionFailure", "netInterrupt",
@@ -147,25 +151,35 @@ function initPage() {
   gIsCertError = (err == "nssBadCert");
   // Only worry about captive portals if this is a cert error.
   let showCaptivePortalUI = isCaptive() && gIsCertError;
   if (showCaptivePortalUI) {
     err = "captivePortal";
-  let pageTitle = document.getElementById("ept_" + err);
+  let l10nErrId = err;
+  let className = getCSSClass();
+  if (className) {
+    document.body.classList.add(className);
+  }
+  if (gIsCertError && className == "badStsCert") {
+    l10nErrId += "_sts";
+  }
+  let pageTitle = document.getElementById("ept_" + l10nErrId);
   if (pageTitle) {
     document.title = pageTitle.textContent;
   // if it's an unknown error or there's no title or description
   // defined, get the generic message
-  var errTitle = document.getElementById("et_" + err);
-  var errDesc  = document.getElementById("ed_" + err);
+  var errTitle = document.getElementById("et_" + l10nErrId);
+  var errDesc  = document.getElementById("ed_" + l10nErrId);
   if (!errTitle || !errDesc) {
     errTitle = document.getElementById("et_generic");
     errDesc  = document.getElementById("ed_generic");
   // eslint-disable-next-line no-unsanitized/property
   document.querySelector(".title-text").innerHTML = errTitle.innerHTML;
@@ -203,17 +217,16 @@ function initPage() {
     learnMoreLink.href = "https://support.mozilla.org/kb/how-resolve-sslv3-error-messages-firefox";
     document.body.className = "certerror";
   // remove undisplayed errors to avoid bug 39098
   var errContainer = document.getElementById("errorContainer");
-  var className = getCSSClass();
   if (className && className != "expertBadCert") {
     // Associate a CSS class with the root of the page, if one was passed in,
     // to allow custom styling.
     // Not "expertBadCert" though, don't want to deal with the favicon
     document.documentElement.className = className;
     // Also, if they specified a CSS class, they must supply their own
     // favicon.  In order to trigger the browser to repaint though, we
@@ -317,17 +330,17 @@ function initPageCaptivePortal() {
   // When the portal is freed, an event is generated by the frame script
   // that we can pick up and attempt to reload the original page.
   window.addEventListener("AboutNetErrorCaptivePortalFreed", () => {
 function initPageCertError() {
-  document.body.className = "certerror";
+  document.body.classList.add("certerror");
   for (let host of document.querySelectorAll(".hostname")) {
     host.textContent = document.location.hostname;
   document.getElementById("learnMoreContainer").style.display = "block";
--- a/browser/base/content/test/static/browser_misused_characters_in_strings.js
+++ b/browser/base/content/test/static/browser_misused_characters_in_strings.js
@@ -13,16 +13,20 @@ let gWhitelist = [{
     key: "certerror.introPara",
     type: "single-quote",
   }, {
     file: "netError.dtd",
     key: "certerror.introPara2",
     type: "single-quote",
   }, {
     file: "netError.dtd",
+    key: "certerror.sts.introPara",
+    type: "single-quote",
+  }, {
+    file: "netError.dtd",
     key: "certerror.expiredCert.whatCanYouDoAboutIt2",
     type: "single-quote",
   }, {
     file: "netError.dtd",
     key: "certerror.whatShouldIDo.badStsCertExplanation1",
     type: "single-quote",
   }, {
     file: "netError.dtd",
--- a/browser/locales/en-US/chrome/overrides/netError.dtd
+++ b/browser/locales/en-US/chrome/overrides/netError.dtd
@@ -145,21 +145,23 @@
   <li>The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.</li>
   <li>Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.</li>
 <!ENTITY certerror.longpagetitle1 "Your connection is not secure">
 <!ENTITY certerror.longpagetitle2 "Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead">
+<!ENTITY certerror.sts.longpagetitle  "Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue">
 <!-- Localization note (certerror.introPara, certerror.introPara2) - The text content of the span tag
 will be replaced at runtime with the name of the server to which the user
 was trying to connect. -->
 <!ENTITY certerror.introPara "The owner of <span class='hostname'/> has configured their website improperly.  To protect your information from being stolen, &brandShortName; has not connected to this website.">
 <!ENTITY certerror.introPara2 "&brandShortName; detected a potential security threat and did not continue to <span class='hostname'/>. If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.">
+<!ENTITY certerror.sts.introPara "&brandShortName; detected a potential security threat and did not continue to <span class='hostname'/> because this website requires a secure connection.">
 <!ENTITY certerror.expiredCert.secondPara "This issue is most likely because your computer clock is set to the wrong time, which would prevent &brandShortName; from connecting securely.">
 <!ENTITY certerror.whatCanYouDoAboutItTitle "What can you do about it?">
 <!ENTITY certerror.unknownIssuer.whatCanYouDoAboutIt "
 <p>The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it.</p>
 <p>If you are on a corporate network or using anti-virus software, you can reach out to the support teams for assistance. You can also notify the website’s administrator about the problem.</p>
@@ -209,16 +211,17 @@ was trying to connect. -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (certerror.wrongSystemTime2,
                         certerror.wrongSystemTimeWithoutReference) - The <span id='..' />
      tags will be injected with actual values, please leave them unchanged. -->
 <!ENTITY certerror.wrongSystemTime2 "<p> &brandShortName; did not connect to <span id='wrongSystemTime_URL'/> because your computer’s clock appears to show the wrong time and this is preventing a secure connection.</p> <p>Your computer is set to <span id='wrongSystemTime_systemDate'/>, when it should be <span id='wrongSystemTime_actualDate'/>. To fix this problem, change your date and time settings to match the correct time.</p>">
 <!ENTITY certerror.wrongSystemTimeWithoutReference "<p>&brandShortName; did not connect to <span id='wrongSystemTimeWithoutReference_URL'/> because your computer’s clock appears to show the wrong time and this is preventing a secure connection.</p> <p>Your computer is set to <span id='wrongSystemTimeWithoutReference_systemDate'/>. To fix this problem, change your date and time settings to match the correct time.</p>">
 <!ENTITY certerror.pagetitle1  "Insecure Connection">
 <!ENTITY certerror.pagetitle2  "Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead">
+<!ENTITY certerror.sts.pagetitle  "Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue">
 <!ENTITY certerror.whatShouldIDo.badStsCertExplanation "This site uses HTTP
 Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that &brandShortName; may only connect
 to it securely. As a result, it is not possible to add an exception for this
 <!ENTITY certerror.whatShouldIDo.badStsCertExplanation1 "<span class='hostname'></span> has a security policy called HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which means that &brandShortName; can only connect to it securely. You can’t add an exception to visit this site.">
 <!ENTITY certerror.copyToClipboard.label "Copy text to clipboard">
 <!ENTITY inadequateSecurityError.title "Your connection is not secure">
--- a/browser/themes/shared/aboutNetError-new.css
+++ b/browser/themes/shared/aboutNetError-new.css
@@ -93,25 +93,25 @@ body:not(.captiveportal) #openPortalLogi
 body:not(.clockSkewError) #errorTryAgain {
   display: none;
 body:not(.clockSkewError) #advancedPanelErrorTryAgain {
   display: none;
-body:not(.clockSkewError) #moreInformationButton {
+body:not(:-moz-any(.clockSkewError,.badStsCert)) #moreInformationButton {
   display: none;
 #openPortalLoginPageButton {
   margin-inline-start: 0;
-body:not(.neterror):not(.clockSkewError) #advancedButton {
+body:not(:-moz-any(.clockSkewError,.badStsCert,.neterror)) #advancedButton {
   display: block;
 #certificateErrorReporting {
   display: none;
   padding-bottom: 10px;