Bug 1318091 - Support |mach gtest| for android; r=bc
authorGeoff Brown <gbrown@mozilla.com>
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:55:23 +0000
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Bug 1318091 - Support |mach gtest| for android; r=bc Add basic support for 'mach gtest' on Android. Handling of Android-only and desktop-only options is awkward; I hope to re-visit this after bug 1519369. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D28129
--- a/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/mach_commands.py
+++ b/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/mach_commands.py
@@ -592,27 +592,47 @@ class GTestCommands(MachCommandBase):
              "optionally followed by a '-' and another ':'-separated pattern list (called the negative patterns).")
     @CommandArgument('--jobs', '-j', default='1', nargs='?', metavar='jobs', type=int,
         help='Run the tests in parallel using multiple processes.')
     @CommandArgument('--tbpl-parser', '-t', action='store_true',
         help='Output test results in a format that can be parsed by TBPL.')
     @CommandArgument('--shuffle', '-s', action='store_true',
         help='Randomize the execution order of tests.')
+    @CommandArgument('--package',
+        default='org.mozilla.geckoview.test',
+        help='(Android only) Package name of test app.')
+    @CommandArgument('--adbpath',
+        dest='adb_path',
+        help='(Android only) Path to adb binary.')
+    @CommandArgument('--deviceSerial',
+        dest='device_serial',
+        help="(Android only) adb serial number of remote device. "
+             "Required when more than one device is connected to the host. "
+             "Use 'adb devices' to see connected devices.")
+    @CommandArgument('--remoteTestRoot',
+        dest='remote_test_root',
+        help='(Android only) Remote directory to use as test root '
+             '(eg. /mnt/sdcard/tests or /data/local/tests).')
+    @CommandArgument('--libxul',
+        dest='libxul_path',
+        help='(Android only) Path to gtest libxul.so.')
     @CommandArgument('--debug', action='store_true', group='debugging',
         help='Enable the debugger. Not specifying a --debugger option will result in the default debugger being used.')
     @CommandArgument('--debugger', default=None, type=str, group='debugging',
         help='Name of debugger to use.')
     @CommandArgument('--debugger-args', default=None, metavar='params', type=str,
         help='Command-line arguments to pass to the debugger itself; split as the Bourne shell would.')
-    def gtest(self, shuffle, jobs, gtest_filter, tbpl_parser, debug, debugger,
-              debugger_args):
+    def gtest(self, shuffle, jobs, gtest_filter, tbpl_parser,
+              package, adb_path, device_serial, remote_test_root, libxul_path,
+              debug, debugger, debugger_args):
         # We lazy build gtest because it's slow to link
             config = self.config_environment
         except Exception:
             print("Please run |./mach build| before |./mach gtest|.")
             return 1
@@ -627,16 +647,27 @@ class GTestCommands(MachCommandBase):
         if res:
             print("Could not build xul-gtest")
             return res
         if self.substs.get('MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT') == 'cocoa':
             self._run_make(directory='browser/app', target='repackage',
+        if conditions.is_android(self):
+            if jobs != 1:
+                print("--jobs is not supported on Android and will be ignored")
+            if debug or debugger or debugger_args:
+                print("--debug options are not supported on Android and will be ignored")
+            return self.android_gtest(shuffle, gtest_filter,
+                                      package, adb_path, device_serial, remote_test_root, libxul_path)
+        if package or adb_path or device_serial or remote_test_root or libxul_path:
+            print("One or more Android-only options will be ignored")
         app_path = self.get_binary_path('app')
         args = [app_path, '-unittest', '--gtest_death_test_style=threadsafe'];
         if sys.platform.startswith('win') and \
             'MOZ_LAUNCHER_PROCESS' in self.defines:
         if debug or debugger or debugger_args:
@@ -703,16 +734,46 @@ class GTestCommands(MachCommandBase):
         # Clamp error code to 255 to prevent overflowing multiple of
         # 256 into 0
         if exit_code > 255:
             exit_code = 255
         return exit_code
+    def android_gtest(self, shuffle, gtest_filter,
+                      package, adb_path, device_serial, remote_test_root, libxul_path):
+        # setup logging for mozrunner
+        from mozlog.commandline import setup_logging
+        format_args = {'level': self._mach_context.settings['test']['level']}
+        default_format = self._mach_context.settings['test']['format']
+        log = setup_logging('mach-gtest', {}, {default_format: sys.stdout}, format_args)
+        # ensure that a device is available and test app is installed
+        from mozrunner.devices.android_device import (verify_android_device, get_adb_path)
+        verify_android_device(self, install=True, app=package, device_serial=device_serial)
+        if not adb_path:
+            adb_path = get_adb_path(self)
+        if not libxul_path:
+            libxul_path = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, "dist", "bin", "gtest", "libxul.so")
+        # run gtest via remotegtests.py
+        import imp
+        path = os.path.join('testing', 'gtest', 'remotegtests.py')
+        with open(path, 'r') as fh:
+            imp.load_module('remotegtests', fh, path,
+                            ('.py', 'r', imp.PY_SOURCE))
+        import remotegtests
+        tester = remotegtests.RemoteGTests()
+        tester.run_gtest(shuffle, gtest_filter, package, adb_path, device_serial,
+                         remote_test_root, libxul_path, None)
+        return 0
     def prepend_debugger_args(self, args, debugger, debugger_args):
         Given an array with program arguments, prepend arguments to run it under a
         :param args: The executable and arguments used to run the process normally.
         :param debugger: The debugger to use, or empty to use the default debugger.
         :param debugger_args: Any additional parameters to pass to the debugger.
--- a/testing/gtest/remotegtests.py
+++ b/testing/gtest/remotegtests.py
@@ -25,80 +25,83 @@ LOGGER_NAME = 'gtest'
 log = mozlog.unstructured.getLogger(LOGGER_NAME)
 class RemoteGTests(object):
        A test harness to run gtest on Android.
-    def build_environment(self, options, test_filter):
+    def build_environment(self, shuffle, test_filter):
            Create and return a dictionary of all the appropriate env variables
            and values.
         env = {}
         env["XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK"] = "stack-and-abort"
         env["MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_NO_REPORT"] = "1"
         env["MOZ_CRASHREPORTER"] = "1"
         env["MOZ_RUN_GTEST"] = "1"
+        # custom output parser is mandatory on Android
         env["MOZ_TBPL_PARSER"] = "1"
         env["MOZ_GTEST_LOG_PATH"] = self.remote_log
         env["MOZ_GTEST_MINIDUMPS_PATH"] = self.remote_minidumps
         env["MOZ_IN_AUTOMATION"] = "1"
-        if options.shuffle:
+        if shuffle:
             env["GTEST_SHUFFLE"] = "True"
         if test_filter:
             env["GTEST_FILTER"] = test_filter
         return env
-    def run_gtest(self, options, test_filter):
+    def run_gtest(self, shuffle, test_filter, package, adb_path, device_serial,
+                  remote_test_root, libxul_path, symbols_path):
            Launch the test app, run gtest, collect test results and wait for completion.
            Return False if a crash or other failure is detected, else True.
-        self.device = mozdevice.ADBDevice(adb=options.adb_path,
-                                          device=options.device_serial,
-                                          test_root=options.test_root,
+        update_mozinfo()
+        self.device = mozdevice.ADBDevice(adb=adb_path,
+                                          device=device_serial,
+                                          test_root=remote_test_root,
         root = self.device.test_root
         self.remote_profile = posixpath.join(root, 'gtest-profile')
         self.remote_minidumps = posixpath.join(root, 'gtest-minidumps')
         self.remote_log = posixpath.join(root, 'gtest.log')
-        self.package = options.package
+        self.package = package
         self.device.mkdir(self.remote_profile, parents=True)
         self.device.mkdir(self.remote_minidumps, parents=True)
         log.info("Running Android gtest")
         if not self.device.is_app_installed(self.package):
             raise Exception("%s is not installed on this device" % self.package)
         if not self.device._have_root_shell:
             raise Exception("a device with a root shell is required to run Android gtest")
         # TODO -- consider packaging the gtest libxul.so in an apk
         remote = "/data/app/%s-1/lib/x86_64/" % self.package
-        self.device.push(options.libxul_path, remote)
+        self.device.push(libxul_path, remote)
-        env = self.build_environment(options, test_filter)
+        env = self.build_environment(shuffle, test_filter)
         args = ["-unittest", "--gtest_death_test_style=threadsafe",
                 "-profile %s" % self.remote_profile]
         if 'geckoview' in self.package:
             activity = "TestRunnerActivity"
             self.device.launch_activity(self.package, activity_name=activity,
                                         e10s=False,  # gtest is non-e10s on desktop
                                         moz_env=env, extra_args=args)
             self.device.launch_fennec(self.package, moz_env=env, extra_args=args)
         waiter = AppWaiter(self.device, self.remote_log)
         timed_out = waiter.wait(self.package)
         self.shutdown(use_kill=True if timed_out else False)
-        if self.check_for_crashes(options.symbols_path):
+        if self.check_for_crashes(symbols_path):
             return False
         return True
     def shutdown(self, use_kill):
            Stop the remote application.
            If use_kill is specified, a multi-stage kill procedure is used,
            attempting to trigger ANR and minidump reports before ending
@@ -308,17 +311,17 @@ class remoteGtestOptions(OptionParser):
                         help="adb serial number of remote device. This is required "
                              "when more than one device is connected to the host. "
                              "Use 'adb devices' to see connected devices. ")
-                        dest="test_root",
+                        dest="remote_test_root",
                         help="Remote directory to use as test root "
                              "(eg. /mnt/sdcard/tests or /data/local/tests).")
                         help="Path to gtest libxul.so.")
@@ -352,22 +355,24 @@ def main():
     options, args = parser.parse_args()
     if not options.libxul_path:
         parser.error("--libxul is required")
     if len(args) > 1:
         parser.error("only one test_filter is allowed")
     test_filter = args[0] if args else None
-    update_mozinfo()
     tester = RemoteGTests()
     result = False
         device_exception = False
-        result = tester.run_gtest(options, test_filter)
+        result = tester.run_gtest(options.shuffle, test_filter, options.package,
+                                  options.adb_path, options.device_serial,
+                                  options.remote_test_root, options.libxul_path,
+                                  options.symbols_path)
     except KeyboardInterrupt:
         log.info("gtest | Received keyboard interrupt")
     except Exception as e:
         if isinstance(e, mozdevice.ADBTimeoutError):
             device_exception = True
         if not device_exception: