Bug 1200444 - Make JS::dbg::{IsDebugger,GetDebuggeeGlobals} handle CCWs; r=sfink
authorNick Fitzgerald <fitzgen@gmail.com>
Wed, 02 Sep 2015 21:04:56 -0700
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Bug 1200444 - Make JS::dbg::{IsDebugger,GetDebuggeeGlobals} handle CCWs; r=sfink Most devtools code that uses a Debugger actually ends up doing it through modules with a different global from the one the Debugger was instantiated in, and so it gets a CCW. When we pass one of these CCWs to ThreadSafeChromeUtils.saveHeapSnapshot, it would throw NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG. The most straightforward fix is to have the JS APIs that ThreadSafeChromeUtils.saveHeapSnapshot calls peek through CCWs.
--- a/js/public/Debug.h
+++ b/js/public/Debug.h
@@ -318,22 +318,22 @@ onNewPromise(JSContext* cx, HandleObject
 // unsettled to settled once).
 onPromiseSettled(JSContext* cx, HandleObject promise);
 // Return true if the given value is a Debugger object, false otherwise.
-IsDebugger(const JSObject& obj);
+IsDebugger(JSObject& obj);
 // Append each of the debuggee global objects observed by the Debugger object
 // |dbgObj| to |vector|. Returns true on success, false on failure.
-GetDebuggeeGlobals(JSContext* cx, const JSObject& dbgObj, AutoObjectVector& vector);
+GetDebuggeeGlobals(JSContext* cx, JSObject& dbgObj, AutoObjectVector& vector);
 // Hooks for reporting where JavaScript execution began.
 // Our performance tools would like to be able to label blocks of JavaScript
 // execution with the function name and source location where execution began:
 // the event handler, the callback, etc.
--- a/js/src/vm/Debugger.cpp
+++ b/js/src/vm/Debugger.cpp
@@ -8118,27 +8118,29 @@ JS::dbg::onNewPromise(JSContext* cx, Han
 JS::dbg::onPromiseSettled(JSContext* cx, HandleObject promise)
     AssertIsPromise(cx, promise);
     Debugger::slowPathPromiseHook(cx, Debugger::OnPromiseSettled, promise);
-JS::dbg::IsDebugger(const JSObject& obj)
-    return js::GetObjectClass(&obj) == &Debugger::jsclass &&
-           js::Debugger::fromJSObject(&obj) != nullptr;
+JS::dbg::IsDebugger(JSObject& obj)
+    JSObject* unwrapped = CheckedUnwrap(&obj);
+    return unwrapped &&
+           js::GetObjectClass(unwrapped) == &Debugger::jsclass &&
+           js::Debugger::fromJSObject(unwrapped) != nullptr;
-JS::dbg::GetDebuggeeGlobals(JSContext* cx, const JSObject& dbgObj, AutoObjectVector& vector)
+JS::dbg::GetDebuggeeGlobals(JSContext* cx, JSObject& dbgObj, AutoObjectVector& vector)
-    js::Debugger* dbg = js::Debugger::fromJSObject(&dbgObj);
+    js::Debugger* dbg = js::Debugger::fromJSObject(CheckedUnwrap(&dbgObj));
     if (!vector.reserve(vector.length() + dbg->debuggees.count())) {
         return false;
     for (WeakGlobalObjectSet::Range r = dbg->allDebuggees(); !r.empty(); r.popFront())
--- a/js/src/vm/Debugger.h
+++ b/js/src/vm/Debugger.h
@@ -202,18 +202,18 @@ typedef JSObject Env;
 class Debugger : private mozilla::LinkedListElement<Debugger>
     friend class Breakpoint;
     friend class DebuggerMemory;
     friend class SavedStacks;
     friend class mozilla::LinkedListElement<Debugger>;
     friend bool (::JS_DefineDebuggerObject)(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleObject obj);
-    friend bool (::JS::dbg::IsDebugger)(const JSObject&);
-    friend bool (::JS::dbg::GetDebuggeeGlobals)(JSContext*, const JSObject&, AutoObjectVector&);
+    friend bool (::JS::dbg::IsDebugger)(JSObject&);
+    friend bool (::JS::dbg::GetDebuggeeGlobals)(JSContext*, JSObject&, AutoObjectVector&);
     friend void JS::dbg::onNewPromise(JSContext* cx, HandleObject promise);
     friend void JS::dbg::onPromiseSettled(JSContext* cx, HandleObject promise);
     friend bool JS::dbg::FireOnGarbageCollectionHook(JSContext* cx,
                                                      JS::dbg::GarbageCollectionEvent::Ptr&& data);
     enum Hook {