Bug 1516135 [wpt PR 14649] - Produce a valid report when no tests are affected, a=testonly
authorRobert Ma <robertma@chromium.org>
Thu, 31 Jan 2019 15:44:59 +0000
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Bug 1516135 [wpt PR 14649] - Produce a valid report when no tests are affected, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests Produce a valid report when no tests are affected This is done in a roundabout way: 1. Instead of early exiting, `wpt run` now continues to call wptrunner when no tests are affected to make sure we have suite_start and suite_end lifecycle events. 2. However, wptrunner would then by default run all tests, so a new flag (--default-exclude) is added to wptrunner to only run the given list of tests and do not fail when no tests run. Fixes #14471 . -- wpt-commits: 79289cbd86b5dae60db7caec8d03f1512a1f9222 wpt-pr: 14649
--- a/testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wpt/run.py
+++ b/testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wpt/run.py
@@ -505,21 +505,19 @@ def setup_wptrunner(venv, prompt=True, i
             include_uncommitted=True, include_new=True)
         # TODO: Perhaps use wptrunner.testloader.ManifestLoader here
         # and remove the manifest-related code from testfiles.
         # https://github.com/web-platform-tests/wpt/issues/14421
         tests_changed, tests_affected = testfiles.affected_testfiles(
             files_changed, manifest_path=kwargs.get("manifest_path"), manifest_update=kwargs["manifest_update"])
         test_list = tests_changed | tests_affected
         logger.info("Identified %s affected tests" % len(test_list))
-        if not test_list and not kwargs["test_list"]:
-            logger.info("Quitting because no tests were affected.")
-            exit()
         test_list = [os.path.relpath(item, wpt_root) for item in test_list]
         kwargs["test_list"] += test_list
+        kwargs["default_exclude"] = True
     if install_browser and not kwargs["channel"]:
         logger.info("--install-browser is given but --channel is not set, default to nightly channel")
         kwargs["channel"] = "nightly"
     if kwargs["channel"]:
         channel = install.get_channel(kwargs["product"], kwargs["channel"])
         if channel is not None:
--- a/testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wptrunner/wptrunner/testloader.py
+++ b/testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wptrunner/wptrunner/testloader.py
@@ -333,25 +333,27 @@ class EqualTimeChunker(TestChunker):
     def __call__(self, manifest_iter):
         manifest = list(manifest_iter)
         tests = self._get_chunk(manifest)
         for item in tests:
             yield item
 class TestFilter(object):
-    def __init__(self, test_manifests, include=None, exclude=None, manifest_path=None):
-        if manifest_path is not None and include is None:
-            self.manifest = manifestinclude.get_manifest(manifest_path)
-        else:
+    def __init__(self, test_manifests, include=None, exclude=None, manifest_path=None, explicit=False):
+        if manifest_path is None or include or explicit:
             self.manifest = manifestinclude.IncludeManifest.create()
+        else:
+            self.manifest = manifestinclude.get_manifest(manifest_path)
+        if include or explicit:
+            self.manifest.set("skip", "true")
         if include:
-            self.manifest.set("skip", "true")
             for item in include:
                 self.manifest.add_include(test_manifests, item)
         if exclude:
             for item in exclude:
                 self.manifest.add_exclude(test_manifests, item)
     def __call__(self, manifest_iter):
--- a/testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wptrunner/wptrunner/wptcommandline.py
+++ b/testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wptrunner/wptrunner/wptcommandline.py
@@ -132,16 +132,21 @@ scheme host and port.""")
                                       help="URL prefix to exclude")
     test_selection_group.add_argument("--include-manifest", type=abs_path,
                                       help="Path to manifest listing tests to include")
     test_selection_group.add_argument("--skip-timeout", action="store_true",
                                       help="Skip tests that are expected to time out")
     test_selection_group.add_argument("--tag", action="append", dest="tags",
                                       help="Labels applied to tests to include in the run. "
                                            "Labels starting dir: are equivalent to top-level directories.")
+    test_selection_group.add_argument("--default-exclude", action="store_true",
+                                      default=False,
+                                      help="Only run the tests explicitly given in arguments. "
+                                           "No tests will run if the list is empty, and the "
+                                           "program will exit with status code 0.")
     debugging_group = parser.add_argument_group("Debugging")
     debugging_group.add_argument('--debugger', const="__default__", nargs="?",
                                  help="run under a debugger, e.g. gdb or valgrind")
     debugging_group.add_argument('--debugger-args', help="arguments to the debugger")
     debugging_group.add_argument("--rerun", action="store", type=int, default=1,
                                  help="Number of times to re run each test without restarts")
     debugging_group.add_argument("--repeat", action="store", type=int, default=1,
--- a/testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wptrunner/wptrunner/wptrunner.py
+++ b/testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wptrunner/wptrunner/wptrunner.py
@@ -54,21 +54,22 @@ def get_loader(test_paths, product, debu
     test_manifests = testloader.ManifestLoader(test_paths, force_manifest_update=kwargs["manifest_update"],
     manifest_filters = []
     meta_filters = []
-    if kwargs["include"] or kwargs["exclude"] or kwargs["include_manifest"]:
+    if kwargs["include"] or kwargs["exclude"] or kwargs["include_manifest"] or kwargs["default_exclude"]:
-                                                      test_manifests=test_manifests))
+                                                      test_manifests=test_manifests,
+                                                      explicit=kwargs["default_exclude"]))
     if kwargs["tags"]:
     ssl_enabled = sslutils.get_cls(kwargs["ssl_type"]).ssl_enabled
     test_loader = testloader.TestLoader(test_manifests,
@@ -164,17 +165,17 @@ def run_tests(config, test_paths, produc
             test_source_kwargs["depth"] = kwargs["run_by_dir"]
         logger.info("Using %i client processes" % kwargs["processes"])
         skipped_tests = 0
         test_total = 0
         unexpected_total = 0
-        if len(test_loader.test_ids) == 0:
+        if len(test_loader.test_ids) == 0 and kwargs["test_list"]:
             logger.error("Unable to find any tests at the path(s):")
             for path in kwargs["test_list"]:
                 logger.error("  %s" % path)
             logger.error("Please check spelling and make sure there are tests in the specified path(s).")
             return False
         kwargs["pause_after_test"] = get_pause_after_test(test_loader, **kwargs)
         ssl_config = {"type": kwargs["ssl_type"],
@@ -294,18 +295,22 @@ def run_tests(config, test_paths, produc
                 if len(test_loader.test_ids) == skipped_tests:
     if test_total == 0:
         if skipped_tests > 0:
             logger.warning("All requested tests were skipped")
-            logger.error("No tests ran")
-            return False
+            if kwargs["default_exclude"]:
+                logger.info("No tests ran")
+                return True
+            else:
+                logger.error("No tests ran")
+                return False
     if unexpected_total and not kwargs["fail_on_unexpected"]:
         logger.info("Tolerating %s unexpected results" % unexpected_total)
         return True
     return unexpected_total == 0