Bug 584841 patch 10: Give imgStatusTracker an Image* instead of imgIContainer*. r=bholley a=blocking
authorDaniel Holbert <dholbert@cs.stanford.edu>
Fri, 13 Aug 2010 21:09:49 -0700
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Bug 584841 patch 10: Give imgStatusTracker an Image* instead of imgIContainer*. r=bholley a=blocking
--- a/modules/libpr0n/src/imgStatusTracker.cpp
+++ b/modules/libpr0n/src/imgStatusTracker.cpp
@@ -40,27 +40,29 @@
 #include "imgStatusTracker.h"
 #include "imgRequest.h"
 #include "imgIContainer.h"
 #include "imgRequestProxy.h"
 #include "Image.h"
 #include "ImageLogging.h"
+using namespace mozilla::imagelib;
 static nsresult
 GetResultFromImageStatus(PRUint32 aStatus)
   if (aStatus & imgIRequest::STATUS_ERROR)
   if (aStatus & imgIRequest::STATUS_LOAD_COMPLETE)
   return NS_OK;
-imgStatusTracker::imgStatusTracker(imgIContainer* aImage)
+imgStatusTracker::imgStatusTracker(Image* aImage)
   : mImage(aImage),
 imgStatusTracker::imgStatusTracker(const imgStatusTracker& aOther)
   : mImage(aOther.mImage),
@@ -165,17 +167,17 @@ class imgStatusNotifyRunnable : public n
       return NS_OK;
     imgStatusTracker mStatus;
     // We have to hold on to a reference to the tracker's image, just in case
     // it goes away while we're in the event queue.
-    nsRefPtr<imgIContainer> mImage;
+    nsRefPtr<Image> mImage;
     nsRefPtr<imgRequestProxy> mProxy;
 imgStatusTracker::NotifyCurrentState(imgRequestProxy* proxy)
 #ifdef PR_LOGGING
   nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> uri;
--- a/modules/libpr0n/src/imgStatusTracker.h
+++ b/modules/libpr0n/src/imgStatusTracker.h
@@ -41,16 +41,22 @@
 #define imgStatusTracker_h__
 class nsIntRect;
 class imgIContainer;
 class imgRequest;
 class imgRequestProxy;
 class imgStatusNotifyRunnable;
 class imgRequestNotifyRunnable;
+namespace mozilla {
+namespace imagelib {
+class Image;
+} // namespace imagelib
+} // namespace mozilla
 #include "nsCOMPtr.h"
 #include "nsIRunnable.h"
 #include "prtypes.h"
 #include "nscore.h"
 enum {
   stateRequestStarted    = PR_BIT(0),
@@ -73,17 +79,17 @@ enum {
 class imgStatusTracker
   // aImage is the image that this status tracker will pass to the
   // imgRequestProxys in SyncNotify() and EmulateRequestFinished(), and must be
   // alive as long as this instance is, because we hold a weak reference to it.
-  imgStatusTracker(imgIContainer* aImage);
+  imgStatusTracker(mozilla::imagelib::Image* aImage);
   imgStatusTracker(const imgStatusTracker& aOther);
   // Schedule an asynchronous "replaying" of all the notifications that would
   // have to happen to put us in the current state.
   // We will also take note of any notifications that happen between the time
   // Notify() is called and when we call SyncNotify on |proxy|, and replay them
   // as well.
   void Notify(imgRequest* request, imgRequestProxy* proxy);
@@ -161,17 +167,17 @@ public:
   void SendStopRequest(imgRequestProxy* aProxy, PRBool aLastPart, nsresult aStatus);
   friend class imgStatusNotifyRunnable;
   friend class imgRequestNotifyRunnable;
   nsCOMPtr<nsIRunnable> mRequestRunnable;
-  // A weak pointer to the imgIContainer, because the container owns us, and we
+  // A weak pointer to the Image, because it owns us, and we
   // can't create a cycle.
-  imgIContainer* mImage;
+  mozilla::imagelib::Image* mImage;
   PRUint32 mState;
   nsresult mImageStatus;
   PRPackedBool mHadLastPart;