Bug 1257037 part 13. Get rid of the concept of worker vs non-worker descriptors. r=khuey
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Fri, 08 Jul 2016 00:37:55 -0400
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Bug 1257037 part 13. Get rid of the concept of worker vs non-worker descriptors. r=khuey
--- a/dom/bindings/Bindings.conf
+++ b/dom/bindings/Bindings.conf
@@ -3,82 +3,62 @@
 # This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 # file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
 # DOM Bindings Configuration.
 # The WebIDL interfaces are defined in dom/webidl. For interfaces requiring
 # special handling, there are corresponding entries in the configuration table
-# below. The configuration table maps each interface name to a |descriptor| or
-# list of |descriptor|s.
+# below. The configuration table maps each interface name to a |descriptor|.
 # Valid fields for all descriptors:
 #   * nativeType - The native type (concrete class or XPCOM interface) that
 #                  instances of this interface will unwrap to.  If not
 #                  specified, defaults to 'nsIDOM' followed by the interface
-#                  name for external interfaces,
-#                  'mozilla::dom::workers::InterfaceName' for worker
-#                  non-callback interfaces, and 'mozilla::dom::InterfaceName'
-#                  for everything else.
+#                  name for external interfaces and
+#                  'mozilla::dom::InterfaceName' for everything else.
 #   * headerFile - The file in which the nativeType is declared (defaults
 #                  to an educated guess).
 #   * concrete - Indicates whether there exist JS objects with this interface as
 #                their primary interface (and hence whose prototype is this
 #                interface's prototype object).  Always False for callback
 #                interfaces.  Defaults to True otherwise.
-#   * workers - Indicates whether the descriptor is intended to be used solely
-#               for worker threads (defaults to false). If true the interface
-#               will not be made available on the main thread.
 #   * notflattened - The native type does not have nsIClassInfo, so when
 #                    wrapping it the right IID needs to be passed in.
 #                    Only relevant for callback interfaces.
 #   * register - True if this binding should be registered.  Defaults to true.
 #   * binaryNames - Dict for mapping method and attribute names to different
 #                   names when calling the native methods (defaults to an empty
 #                   dict). The keys are the property names as they appear in the
 #                   .webidl file and the values are the names as they should be
 #                   in the WebIDL.
 #   * wrapperCache: True if this object is a wrapper cache.  Objects that are
 #                   not can only be returned from a limited set of methods,
 #                   cannot be prefable, and must ensure that they disallow
 #                   XPConnect wrapping.  Always false for callback interfaces.
-#                   Always true for worker descriptors for non-callback
-#                   interfaces.  Defaults to true for non-worker non-callback
-#                   descriptors.
+#                   Defaults to true for non-callback descriptors.
-# A non-worker descriptor can have 'wantsXrays': False specified if it
+# A descriptor can have 'wantsXrays': False specified if it
 # should not have Xray hooks generated.  Make sure to have someone
 # familiar with Xrays review any use of this!
 # The following fields are either a string, an array (defaults to an empty
 # array) or a dictionary with three possible keys (all, getterOnly and
 # setterOnly) each having such an array as the value
 #   * implicitJSContext - attributes and methods specified in the .webidl file
 #                         that require a JSContext as the first argument
 # A descriptor can also have 'skipGen': True specified if it should be skipped
 # when deciding what header includes to generate and should never have an
-# implementation generated for it.  This is only needed in special cases like
-# worker descriptors for objects that will never actually appear in workers.
+# implementation generated for it.  This is now unused and is about to go away.
-# The value for an interface can be a list or a dictionary, which affects which
-# bindings are generated for that interface.
-# - If the value for the interface is just a record, then a single binding for
-#   will be generated using those settings.
-# - If it is a list with a single record which has 'workers':True, then that
-#   record will be used to generate bindings for workers, plus the default
-#   settings will be used to generate bindings for the main thread.
-# - If it is a list with two records, then one should have 'workers':True,
-#   and the other should have 'workers':False (or left unset). These will
-#   be used to generate bindings for workers and for mainthread, as you would
-#   expect.
-# Nothing else is allowed.  If you have a list with a single 'workers':False
-# entry, just make it not a list.
+# The value for an interface is a dictionary which specifies the
+# descriptor to use when generating that interface's binding.
 DOMInterfaces = {
 'AbstractWorker': {
     'concrete': False
 'AnimationEffectReadOnly': {
--- a/dom/bindings/Codegen.py
+++ b/dom/bindings/Codegen.py
@@ -13002,17 +13002,16 @@ class CGResolveSystemBinding(CGAbstractM
                                    Argument('JS::Handle<JSObject*>', 'aObj'),
                                    Argument('JS::Handle<jsid>', 'aId'),
                                    Argument('bool*', 'aResolvedp')])
         self.config = config
     def definition_body(self):
         descriptors = self.config.getDescriptors(hasInterfaceObject=True,
-                                                 workers=False,
         def descNameToId(name):
             return "s%s_id" % name
         jsidNames = [descNameToId(desc.name) for desc in descriptors]
         jsidDecls = CGList(CGGeneric("static jsid %s;\n" % name)
                            for name in jsidNames)
@@ -13365,21 +13364,18 @@ class CGBindingRoot(CGThing):
                       (ctor and isChromeOnly(ctor)))) or
                     # JS-implemented interfaces with clearable cached
                     # attrs have chromeonly _clearFoo methods.
                     (desc.interface.isJSImplemented() and
         # XXXkhuey ugly hack but this is going away soon.
         bindingHeaders['xpcprivate.h'] = webIDLFile.endswith("EventTarget.webidl")
-        hasWorkerStuff = len(config.getDescriptors(webIDLFile=webIDLFile,
-                                                   workers=True)) != 0
-        bindingHeaders["WorkerPrivate.h"] = hasWorkerStuff
-        hasThreadChecks = hasWorkerStuff or any(d.hasThreadChecks() for d in descriptors)
+        hasThreadChecks = any(d.hasThreadChecks() for d in descriptors)
         bindingHeaders["nsThreadUtils.h"] = hasThreadChecks
         dictionaries = config.getDictionaries(webIDLFile)
         def dictionaryHasChromeOnly(dictionary):
             while dictionary:
                 if (any(isChromeOnly(m) for m in dictionary.members)):
                     return True
@@ -13487,17 +13483,17 @@ class CGBindingRoot(CGThing):
         cgthings.extend(CGCallbackFunction(c, config) for c in callbacks)
         cgthings.extend([CGNamespace('binding_detail', CGFastCallback(c))
                          for c in callbacks])
         # Do codegen for all the descriptors
         cgthings.extend([CGDescriptor(x) for x in descriptors])
-        # Do codegen for all the callback interfaces.  Skip worker callbacks.
+        # Do codegen for all the callback interfaces.
         cgthings.extend([CGCallbackInterface(x) for x in callbackDescriptors])
                          for x in callbackDescriptors])
         # Do codegen for JS implemented classes
         def getParentDescriptor(desc):
@@ -16257,23 +16253,21 @@ class GlobalGenRoots():
         # Wrap all of that in our namespaces.
         curr = CGNamespace.build(['mozilla', 'dom'],
                                  CGWrapper(curr, post='\n'))
         curr = CGWrapper(curr, post='\n')
         # Add the includes
         defineIncludes = [CGHeaders.getDeclarationFilename(desc.interface)
                           for desc in config.getDescriptors(hasInterfaceObject=True,
-                                                            workers=False,
                                for desc in config.getDescriptors(isNavigatorProperty=True,
-                                                                 workers=False,
         curr = CGHeaders([], [], [], [], [], defineIncludes, 'RegisterBindings',
         # Add include guards.
         curr = CGIncludeGuard('RegisterBindings', curr)
         # Done.
--- a/dom/bindings/Configuration.py
+++ b/dom/bindings/Configuration.py
@@ -272,47 +272,36 @@ def MemberIsUnforgeable(member, descript
 class Descriptor(DescriptorProvider):
     Represents a single descriptor for an interface. See Bindings.conf.
     def __init__(self, config, interface, desc):
         self.config = config
-        self.workers = desc.get('workers', False)
         self.interface = interface
-        if self.workers:
-            assert 'wantsXrays' not in desc
-            self.wantsXrays = False
-        else:
-            self.wantsXrays = desc.get('wantsXrays', True)
+        self.wantsXrays = desc.get('wantsXrays', True)
         # Read the desc, and fill in the relevant defaults.
         ifaceName = self.interface.identifier.name
         # For generated iterator interfaces for other iterable interfaces, we
         # just use IterableIterator as the native type, templated on the
         # nativeType of the iterable interface. That way we can have a
         # templated implementation for all the duplicated iterator
         # functionality.
         if self.interface.isIteratorInterface():
             itrName = self.interface.iterableInterface.identifier.name
             itrDesc = self.getDescriptor(itrName)
             nativeTypeDefault = iteratorNativeType(itrDesc)
         elif self.interface.isExternal():
-            assert not self.workers
             nativeTypeDefault = "nsIDOM" + ifaceName
-        elif self.interface.isCallback():
-            nativeTypeDefault = "mozilla::dom::" + ifaceName
-            if self.workers:
-                nativeTypeDefault = "mozilla::dom::workers::" + ifaceName
-            else:
-                nativeTypeDefault = "mozilla::dom::" + ifaceName
+            nativeTypeDefault = "mozilla::dom::" + ifaceName
         self.nativeType = desc.get('nativeType', nativeTypeDefault)
         # Now create a version of nativeType that doesn't have extra
         # mozilla::dom:: at the beginning.
         prettyNativeType = self.nativeType.split("::")
         if prettyNativeType[0] == "mozilla":
             if prettyNativeType[0] == "dom":
@@ -327,19 +316,17 @@ class Descriptor(DescriptorProvider):
         elif self.interface.isCallback() or self.interface.isJSImplemented():
             # A copy of CGHeaders.getDeclarationFilename; we can't
             # import it here, sadly.
             # Use our local version of the header, not the exported one, so that
             # test bindings, which don't export, will work correctly.
             basename = os.path.basename(self.interface.filename())
             headerDefault = basename.replace('.webidl', 'Binding.h')
-            if self.workers:
-                headerDefault = "mozilla/dom/workers/bindings/%s.h" % ifaceName
-            elif not self.interface.isExternal() and self.interface.getExtendedAttribute("HeaderFile"):
+            if not self.interface.isExternal() and self.interface.getExtendedAttribute("HeaderFile"):
                 headerDefault = self.interface.getExtendedAttribute("HeaderFile")[0]
             elif self.interface.isIteratorInterface():
                 headerDefault = "mozilla/dom/IterableIterator.h"
                 headerDefault = self.nativeType
                 headerDefault = headerDefault.replace("::", "/") + ".h"
         self.headerFile = desc.get('headerFile', headerDefault)
         self.headerIsDefault = self.headerFile == headerDefault
@@ -473,19 +460,17 @@ class Descriptor(DescriptorProvider):
         # Nasty temporary hack for supporting both DOM and SpiderMonkey promises
         # without too much pain
         if self.interface.identifier.name == "Promise":
             assert self.wrapperCache
             # But really, we're only wrappercached if we have an interface
             # object (that is, when we're not using SpiderMonkey promises).
             self.wrapperCache = self.interface.hasInterfaceObject()
-        def make_name(name):
-            return name + "_workers" if self.workers else name
-        self.name = make_name(interface.identifier.name)
+        self.name = interface.identifier.name
         # self.extendedAttributes is a dict of dicts, keyed on
         # all/getterOnly/setterOnly and then on member name. Values are an
         # array of extended attributes.
         self.extendedAttributes = {'all': {}, 'getterOnly': {}, 'setterOnly': {}}
         def addExtendedAttribute(attribute, config):
             def add(key, members, attribute):
@@ -613,43 +598,37 @@ class Descriptor(DescriptorProvider):
     def parentPrototypeName(self):
         if len(self.prototypeChain) == 1:
             return None
         return self.getDescriptor(self.prototypeChain[-2]).name
     def hasInterfaceOrInterfacePrototypeObject(self):
         # Forward-declared interfaces don't need either interface object or
-        # interface prototype object as they're going to use QI (on main thread)
-        # or be passed as a JSObject (on worker threads).
+        # interface prototype object as they're going to use QI.
         if self.interface.isExternal():
             return False
         return self.interface.hasInterfaceObject() or self.interface.hasInterfacePrototypeObject()
     def hasNamedPropertiesObject(self):
         if self.interface.isExternal():
             return False
         return self.isGlobal() and self.supportsNamedProperties()
     def getExtendedAttributes(self, member, getter=False, setter=False):
         def ensureValidThrowsExtendedAttribute(attr):
-            assert(attr is None or attr is True or len(attr) == 1)
-            if (attr is not None and attr is not True and
-                'Workers' not in attr and 'MainThread' not in attr):
+            if (attr is not None and attr is not True):
                 raise TypeError("Unknown value for 'Throws': " + attr[0])
         def maybeAppendInfallibleToAttrs(attrs, throws):
-            if (throws is None or
-                (throws is not True and
-                 ('Workers' not in throws or not self.workers) and
-                 ('MainThread' not in throws or self.workers))):
+            if throws is None:
         name = member.identifier.name
         throws = self.interface.isJSImplemented() or member.getExtendedAttribute("Throws")
         if member.isMethod():
             # JSObject-returning [NewObject] methods must be fallible,
             # since they have to (fallibly) allocate the new JSObject.
             if (member.getExtendedAttribute("NewObject") and
@@ -754,17 +733,16 @@ class Descriptor(DescriptorProvider):
                 return False
             iface = iface.parent
         return True
     def registersGlobalNamesOnWindow(self):
         return (not self.interface.isExternal() and
                 self.interface.hasInterfaceObject() and
-                not self.workers and
                 self.interface.isExposedInWindow() and
     def getDescriptor(self, interfaceName):
         Gets the appropriate descriptor for the given interface name.
         return self.config.getDescriptor(interfaceName)
--- a/dom/webidl/XMLHttpRequestEventTarget.webidl
+++ b/dom/webidl/XMLHttpRequestEventTarget.webidl
@@ -8,29 +8,22 @@
  * Copyright © 2012 W3C® (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved. W3C
  * liability, trademark and document use rules apply.
 interface XMLHttpRequestEventTarget : EventTarget {
   // event handlers
-  [SetterThrows=Workers, GetterThrows=Workers]
   attribute EventHandler onloadstart;
-  [SetterThrows=Workers, GetterThrows=Workers]
   attribute EventHandler onprogress;
-  [SetterThrows=Workers, GetterThrows=Workers]
   attribute EventHandler onabort;
-  [SetterThrows=Workers, GetterThrows=Workers]
   attribute EventHandler onerror;
-  [SetterThrows=Workers, GetterThrows=Workers]
   attribute EventHandler onload;
-  [SetterThrows=Workers, GetterThrows=Workers]
   attribute EventHandler ontimeout;
-  [SetterThrows=Workers, GetterThrows=Workers]
   attribute EventHandler onloadend;