Bug 1536238 - Expand mozprocess debug logging; r=whimboo
authorGeoff Brown <gbrown@mozilla.com>
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 15:07:02 +0000
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Bug 1536238 - Expand mozprocess debug logging; r=whimboo Add debug() for the process handler and process reader classes, and add a few debug() calls that I am interested in. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D23946
--- a/testing/mozbase/mozprocess/mozprocess/processhandler.py
+++ b/testing/mozbase/mozprocess/mozprocess/processhandler.py
@@ -736,16 +736,22 @@ falling back to not using job objects fo
         # the args together since this is how Popen uses it.  Allow for that.
         if isinstance(self.cmd, list):
             if self.args is not None:
                 raise TypeError("cmd and args must not both be lists")
             (self.cmd, self.args) = (self.cmd[0], self.cmd[1:])
         elif self.args is None:
             self.args = []
+    def debug(self, msg):
+        if not MOZPROCESS_DEBUG:
+            return
+        cmd = self.cmd.split(os.sep)[-1:]
+        print("DBG::MOZPROC ProcessHandlerMixin {} | {}".format(cmd, msg))
     def timedOut(self):
         """True if the process has timed out for any reason."""
         return self.didTimeout
     def outputTimedOut(self):
         """True if the process has timed out for no output."""
@@ -809,17 +815,20 @@ falling back to not using job objects fo
         if not hasattr(self, "proc"):
             raise RuntimeError("Process hasn't been started yet")
         # When we kill the the managed process we also have to wait for the
         # reader thread to be finished. Otherwise consumers would have to assume
         # that it still has not completely shutdown.
-        return self.wait()
+        rc = self.wait()
+        if rc is None:
+            self.debug("kill: wait failed -- process is still alive")
+        return rc
     def poll(self):
         """Check if child process has terminated
         Returns the current returncode value:
         - None if the process hasn't terminated yet
         - A negative number if the process was killed by signal N (Unix only)
         - '0' if the process ended without failures
@@ -877,16 +886,17 @@ falling back to not using job objects fo
         # Thread.join() blocks the main thread until the reader thread is finished
         # wake up once a second in case a keyboard interrupt is sent
         if self.reader.thread and self.reader.thread is not threading.current_thread():
             count = 0
             while self.reader.is_alive():
                 count += 1
                 if timeout is not None and count > timeout:
+                    self.debug("wait timeout for reader thread")
                     return None
         self.returncode = self.proc.wait()
         return self.returncode
     def pid(self):
         if not hasattr(self, "proc"):
@@ -977,16 +987,21 @@ class ProcessReader(object):
         self.stderr_callback = stderr_callback or (lambda line: True)
         self.finished_callback = finished_callback or (lambda: True)
         self.timeout_callback = timeout_callback or (lambda: True)
         self.timeout = timeout
         self.output_timeout = output_timeout
         self.thread = None
         self.didOutputTimeout = False
+    def debug(self, msg):
+        if not MOZPROCESS_DEBUG:
+            return
+        print("DBG::MOZPROC ProcessReader | {}".format(msg))
     def _create_stream_reader(self, name, stream, queue, callback):
         thread = threading.Thread(name=name,
                                   args=(stream, queue, callback))
         thread.daemon = True
         return thread
@@ -1014,16 +1029,17 @@ class ProcessReader(object):
         self.thread = threading.Thread(name='ProcessReader',
         self.thread.daemon = True
+        self.debug("ProcessReader started")
     def _read(self, stdout_reader, stderr_reader, queue):
         start_time = time.time()
         timed_out = False
         timeout = self.timeout
         if timeout is not None:
             timeout += start_time
         output_timeout = self.output_timeout
@@ -1045,28 +1061,30 @@ class ProcessReader(object):
                 if output_timeout is not None:
                     output_timeout = now + self.output_timeout
             if timeout is not None and now > timeout:
                 timed_out = True
+        self.debug("_read loop exited")
         # process remaining lines to read
         while not queue.empty():
             line, callback = queue.get(False)
         if timed_out:
         if stdout_reader:
         if stderr_reader:
         if not timed_out:
+        self.debug("_read exited")
     def is_alive(self):
         if self.thread:
             return self.thread.is_alive()
         return False
     def join(self, timeout=None):
         if self.thread: