Bug 1253476 - Use in-class member initializers in Animation.h; r=hiro
authorBrian Birtles <birtles@gmail.com>
Mon, 20 May 2019 05:20:07 +0000
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Bug 1253476 - Use in-class member initializers in Animation.h; r=hiro The in-class initializers are easier to maintain since you don't have to try and match them up with the constructor initializer list (including matching the order). Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D30317
--- a/dom/animation/Animation.h
+++ b/dom/animation/Animation.h
@@ -46,25 +46,17 @@ class Document;
 class Animation : public DOMEventTargetHelper,
                   public LinkedListElement<Animation> {
   virtual ~Animation() {}
   explicit Animation(nsIGlobalObject* aGlobal)
-      : DOMEventTargetHelper(aGlobal),
-        mPlaybackRate(1.0),
-        mAnimationIndex(sNextAnimationIndex++),
-        mCachedChildIndex(-1),
-        mPendingState(PendingState::NotPending),
-        mFinishedAtLastComposeStyle(false),
-        mIsRelevant(false),
-        mFinishedIsResolved(false),
-        mSyncWithGeometricAnimations(false) {}
+      : DOMEventTargetHelper(aGlobal), mAnimationIndex(sNextAnimationIndex++) {}
   nsIGlobalObject* GetParentObject() const { return GetOwnerGlobal(); }
   virtual JSObject* WrapObject(JSContext* aCx,
                                JS::Handle<JSObject*> aGivenProto) override;
@@ -522,17 +514,17 @@ class Animation : public DOMEventTargetH
   RefPtr<AnimationTimeline> mTimeline;
   RefPtr<AnimationEffect> mEffect;
   // The beginning of the delay period.
   Nullable<TimeDuration> mStartTime;            // Timeline timescale
   Nullable<TimeDuration> mHoldTime;             // Animation timescale
   Nullable<TimeDuration> mPendingReadyTime;     // Timeline timescale
   Nullable<TimeDuration> mPreviousCurrentTime;  // Animation timescale
-  double mPlaybackRate;
+  double mPlaybackRate = 1.0;
   Maybe<double> mPendingPlaybackRate;
   // A Promise that is replaced on each call to Play()
   // and fulfilled when Play() is successfully completed.
   // This object is lazily created by GetReady.
   // See http://drafts.csswg.org/web-animations/#current-ready-promise
   RefPtr<Promise> mReady;
@@ -549,42 +541,42 @@ class Animation : public DOMEventTargetH
   // Note that subclasses such as CSSTransition and CSSAnimation may repurpose
   // this member to implement their own brand of sorting. As a result, it is
   // possible for two different objects to have the same index.
   uint64_t mAnimationIndex;
   // While ordering Animation objects for event dispatch, the index of the
   // target node in its parent may be cached in mCachedChildIndex.
-  int32_t mCachedChildIndex;
+  int32_t mCachedChildIndex = -1;
   // Indicates if the animation is in the pending state (and what state it is
   // waiting to enter when it finished pending). We use this rather than
   // checking if this animation is tracked by a PendingAnimationTracker because
   // the animation will continue to be pending even after it has been removed
   // from the PendingAnimationTracker while it is waiting for the next tick
   // (see TriggerOnNextTick for details).
   enum class PendingState : uint8_t { NotPending, PlayPending, PausePending };
-  PendingState mPendingState;
+  PendingState mPendingState = PendingState::NotPending;
-  bool mFinishedAtLastComposeStyle;
+  bool mFinishedAtLastComposeStyle = false;
   // Indicates that the animation should be exposed in an element's
   // getAnimations() list.
-  bool mIsRelevant;
+  bool mIsRelevant = false;
   // True if mFinished is resolved or would be resolved if mFinished has
   // yet to be created. This is not set when mFinished is rejected since
   // in that case mFinished is immediately reset to represent a new current
   // finished promise.
-  bool mFinishedIsResolved;
+  bool mFinishedIsResolved = false;
   // True if this animation was triggered at the same time as one or more
   // geometric animations and hence we should run any transform animations on
   // the main thread.
-  bool mSyncWithGeometricAnimations;
+  bool mSyncWithGeometricAnimations = false;
   RefPtr<MicroTaskRunnable> mFinishNotificationTask;
   nsString mId;
 }  // namespace dom
 }  // namespace mozilla