Bug 1460617 - land NSS c8ee333b84a0 UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=me
authorJ.C. Jones <jjones@mozilla.com>
Mon, 21 May 2018 08:33:12 -0700
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Bug 1460617 - land NSS c8ee333b84a0 UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=me
--- a/security/nss/TAG-INFO
+++ b/security/nss/TAG-INFO
@@ -1,1 +1,1 @@
--- a/security/nss/cmd/certutil/certutil.c
+++ b/security/nss/cmd/certutil/certutil.c
@@ -33,17 +33,17 @@
 #include "cert.h"
 #include "cryptohi.h"
 #include "secoid.h"
 #include "certdb.h"
 #include "nss.h"
 #include "certutil.h"
 #define MIN_KEY_BITS 512
-/* MAX_KEY_BITS should agree with MAX_RSA_MODULUS in freebl */
+/* MAX_KEY_BITS should agree with RSA_MAX_MODULUS_BITS in freebl */
 #define MAX_KEY_BITS 8192
 #define DEFAULT_KEY_BITS 2048
 #define GEN_BREAK(e) \
     rv = e;          \
 char *progName;
--- a/security/nss/coreconf/coreconf.dep
+++ b/security/nss/coreconf/coreconf.dep
@@ -5,9 +5,8 @@
  * A dummy header file that is a dependency for all the object files.
  * Used to force a full recompilation of NSS in Mozilla's Tinderbox
  * depend builds.  See comments in rules.mk.
 #error "Do not include this header file."
--- a/security/nss/cpputil/scoped_ptrs.h
+++ b/security/nss/cpputil/scoped_ptrs.h
@@ -5,16 +5,17 @@
  * You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */
 #ifndef scoped_ptrs_h__
 #define scoped_ptrs_h__
 #include <memory>
 #include "cert.h"
 #include "keyhi.h"
+#include "p12.h"
 #include "pk11pub.h"
 #include "pkcs11uri.h"
 #include "sslexp.h"
 struct ScopedDelete {
   void operator()(CERTCertificate* cert) { CERT_DestroyCertificate(cert); }
   void operator()(CERTCertificateList* list) {
@@ -36,16 +37,19 @@ struct ScopedDelete {
   void operator()(PK11URI* uri) { PK11URI_DestroyURI(uri); }
   void operator()(PLArenaPool* arena) { PORT_FreeArena(arena, PR_FALSE); }
   void operator()(PK11Context* context) { PK11_DestroyContext(context, true); }
   void operator()(PK11GenericObject* obj) { PK11_DestroyGenericObject(obj); }
   void operator()(SSLResumptionTokenInfo* token) {
+  void operator()(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext* dcx) {
+    SEC_PKCS12DecoderFinish(dcx);
+  }
 template <class T>
 struct ScopedMaybeDelete {
   void operator()(T* ptr) {
     if (ptr) {
       ScopedDelete del;
@@ -68,12 +72,13 @@ SCOPED(SECItem);
 #undef SCOPED
 #endif  // scoped_ptrs_h__
--- a/security/nss/fuzz/tls_client_target.cc
+++ b/security/nss/fuzz/tls_client_target.cc
@@ -82,25 +82,22 @@ static void SetupCallbacks(PRFileDesc* f
   SECStatus rv = SSL_AuthCertificateHook(fd, AuthCertificateHook, config);
   assert(rv == SECSuccess);
   rv = SSL_SetCanFalseStartCallback(fd, CanFalseStartCallback, nullptr);
   assert(rv == SECSuccess);
 extern "C" int LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput(const uint8_t* data, size_t len) {
-  static std::unique_ptr<NSSDatabase> db(new NSSDatabase());
+  std::unique_ptr<NSSDatabase> db(new NSSDatabase());
   assert(db != nullptr);
   std::unique_ptr<ClientConfig> config(new ClientConfig(data, len));
-  // Clear the cache. We never want to resume as we couldn't reproduce that.
-  SSL_ClearSessionCache();
   // Reset the RNG state.
   assert(RNG_RandomUpdate(NULL, 0) == SECSuccess);
   // Create and import dummy socket.
   std::unique_ptr<DummyPrSocket> socket(new DummyPrSocket(data, len));
   static PRDescIdentity id = PR_GetUniqueIdentity("fuzz-client");
   ScopedPRFileDesc fd(DummyIOLayerMethods::CreateFD(id, socket.get()));
   PRFileDesc* ssl_fd = ImportFD(nullptr, fd.get());
@@ -109,16 +106,19 @@ extern "C" int LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput(co
   // Probably not too important for clients.
   SSL_SetURL(ssl_fd, "server");
   SetSocketOptions(ssl_fd, config);
   SetupCallbacks(ssl_fd, config.get());
   DoHandshake(ssl_fd, false);
+  // Release all SIDs.
+  SSL_ClearSessionCache();
   return 0;
 extern "C" size_t LLVMFuzzerCustomMutator(uint8_t* data, size_t size,
                                           size_t max_size, unsigned int seed) {
   using namespace TlsMutators;
   return CustomMutate({DropRecord, ShuffleRecords, DuplicateRecord,
                        TruncateRecord, FragmentRecord},
--- a/security/nss/gtests/der_gtest/der_gtest.gyp
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/der_gtest/der_gtest.gyp
@@ -8,23 +8,26 @@
   'targets': [
       'target_name': 'der_gtest',
       'type': 'executable',
       'sources': [
+        'p12_import_unittest.cc',
       'dependencies': [
+        '<(DEPTH)/lib/pkcs12/pkcs12.gyp:pkcs12',
+        '<(DEPTH)/lib/pkcs7/pkcs7.gyp:pkcs7',
   'variables': {
     'module': 'nss'
--- a/security/nss/gtests/der_gtest/manifest.mn
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/der_gtest/manifest.mn
@@ -4,16 +4,17 @@
 # file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
 CORE_DEPTH = ../..
 DEPTH      = ../..
 MODULE = nss
       der_getint_unittest.cc \
       der_quickder_unittest.cc \
+      p12_import_unittest.cc \
 INCLUDES += -I$(CORE_DEPTH)/gtests/google_test/gtest/include \
             -I$(CORE_DEPTH)/gtests/common \
 REQUIRES = nspr gtest
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/der_gtest/p12_import_unittest.cc
@@ -0,0 +1,251 @@
+/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
+/* vim: set ts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
+/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
+ * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
+ * You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */
+#include "nss.h"
+#include "p12.h"
+#include "gtest/gtest.h"
+#include "scoped_ptrs.h"
+namespace nss_test {
+static const uint8_t cert_p12[] = {
+    0x30, 0x82, 0x0a, 0x1f, 0x02, 0x01, 0x03, 0x30, 0x82, 0x09, 0xe5, 0x06,
+    0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x07, 0x01, 0xa0, 0x82,
+    0x09, 0xd6, 0x04, 0x82, 0x09, 0xd2, 0x30, 0x82, 0x09, 0xce, 0x30, 0x82,
+    0x04, 0x42, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x07,
+    0x06, 0xa0, 0x82, 0x04, 0x33, 0x30, 0x82, 0x04, 0x2f, 0x02, 0x01, 0x00,
+    0x30, 0x82, 0x04, 0x28, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d,
+    0x01, 0x07, 0x01, 0x30, 0x57, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7,
+    0x0d, 0x01, 0x05, 0x0d, 0x30, 0x4a, 0x30, 0x29, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86,
+    0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x05, 0x0c, 0x30, 0x1c, 0x04, 0x08, 0x05,
+    0x66, 0xc7, 0x5c, 0x27, 0x4e, 0x15, 0xd9, 0x02, 0x02, 0x08, 0x00, 0x30,
+    0x0c, 0x06, 0x08, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x02, 0x09, 0x05,
+    0x00, 0x30, 0x1d, 0x06, 0x09, 0x60, 0x86, 0x48, 0x01, 0x65, 0x03, 0x04,
+    0x01, 0x2a, 0x04, 0x10, 0x4e, 0x61, 0xa7, 0x23, 0xc4, 0x3b, 0x37, 0xea,
+    0xba, 0xe9, 0x9f, 0x44, 0x8e, 0x5e, 0xf7, 0xf2, 0x80, 0x82, 0x03, 0xc0,
+    0x76, 0x7d, 0x91, 0x89, 0xe1, 0x04, 0x59, 0x91, 0x0c, 0x72, 0x14, 0x93,
+    0xc4, 0x37, 0xe8, 0xd1, 0xbb, 0x49, 0xfc, 0x23, 0x49, 0x19, 0x6f, 0xc9,
+    0x05, 0x08, 0x52, 0xd8, 0x63, 0xdf, 0x27, 0x63, 0x24, 0x85, 0x73, 0x11,
+    0xfa, 0x6d, 0xca, 0xed, 0xb2, 0x91, 0x77, 0xc6, 0x1f, 0x0b, 0xdb, 0x4d,
+    0x66, 0x34, 0xb9, 0x51, 0xef, 0xf0, 0x8f, 0xf8, 0x71, 0x2b, 0x68, 0xf7,
+    0x5c, 0xdf, 0x99, 0x21, 0x7c, 0xb6, 0xa7, 0x45, 0xdb, 0x71, 0x69, 0x0b,
+    0xb3, 0x2e, 0xff, 0x84, 0xcd, 0xd1, 0xb8, 0x87, 0xe9, 0xaa, 0x3e, 0xcd,
+    0x11, 0x90, 0xcb, 0xd8, 0xe7, 0x08, 0x87, 0x32, 0x82, 0x26, 0x69, 0x9b,
+    0xa6, 0xb1, 0x76, 0xf2, 0x28, 0xe2, 0x6c, 0xf5, 0x50, 0x16, 0x2d, 0x13,
+    0x75, 0x73, 0xed, 0xd1, 0x40, 0x1b, 0xd9, 0x43, 0xf5, 0x1d, 0x60, 0x98,
+    0x33, 0x5e, 0x18, 0xb0, 0xba, 0xe0, 0x8a, 0xaa, 0xa4, 0x3b, 0x78, 0x49,
+    0x59, 0x5f, 0xa4, 0xd5, 0xb5, 0x10, 0xb8, 0x87, 0x46, 0x48, 0xff, 0x5e,
+    0x91, 0x3b, 0xf9, 0xef, 0x29, 0x92, 0x99, 0xfd, 0x22, 0x8c, 0xcd, 0x05,
+    0x2e, 0x0a, 0x24, 0xbf, 0xe4, 0x1b, 0x95, 0x86, 0x94, 0xf2, 0xd9, 0x8c,
+    0x4d, 0xac, 0xe8, 0xb8, 0x49, 0x93, 0x74, 0xcd, 0x79, 0x3f, 0xa4, 0x29,
+    0x09, 0x5a, 0x00, 0x44, 0xfe, 0x75, 0x53, 0x23, 0x7e, 0xe4, 0xf5, 0x71,
+    0xcf, 0x1e, 0x48, 0x1d, 0x89, 0x42, 0x67, 0xa6, 0x1d, 0x0d, 0x0b, 0xe0,
+    0x4a, 0x7a, 0x59, 0xe0, 0x88, 0x63, 0xfc, 0x72, 0x97, 0xc2, 0x9f, 0x5d,
+    0xc3, 0xb2, 0x75, 0x73, 0x25, 0x10, 0x6f, 0x40, 0x93, 0x4f, 0x7d, 0x69,
+    0x01, 0x2d, 0xf4, 0xbe, 0xa9, 0xd9, 0x3c, 0x83, 0x77, 0x92, 0xf4, 0xa1,
+    0x2a, 0x7d, 0x3e, 0xab, 0x2d, 0xa1, 0x53, 0x63, 0x98, 0xaf, 0xc6, 0x11,
+    0x78, 0x3d, 0x37, 0xa9, 0x3f, 0x9c, 0xa8, 0xce, 0xc1, 0x9f, 0xac, 0x45,
+    0x9a, 0x2e, 0x38, 0x9f, 0x08, 0xf9, 0x2d, 0x9e, 0xf5, 0xca, 0x4d, 0x33,
+    0x77, 0x89, 0x2b, 0xde, 0x32, 0x05, 0xe4, 0x39, 0x1a, 0x78, 0x06, 0x7f,
+    0x74, 0x28, 0xab, 0x07, 0xbc, 0x59, 0xd0, 0x52, 0x11, 0x1b, 0x6a, 0x98,
+    0x51, 0xed, 0x5c, 0xf7, 0x96, 0x59, 0xad, 0xb1, 0x48, 0x81, 0xc8, 0xde,
+    0xec, 0xb0, 0x16, 0x7d, 0x61, 0x09, 0xaf, 0x36, 0xe8, 0x2d, 0xd3, 0x88,
+    0x99, 0x35, 0xf2, 0x72, 0xa5, 0xfd, 0xd9, 0xbe, 0xf5, 0x6d, 0x52, 0x4f,
+    0xdb, 0x65, 0x1b, 0x06, 0xfd, 0x1f, 0x61, 0xb3, 0xae, 0x03, 0x96, 0x50,
+    0x96, 0xc4, 0x74, 0x28, 0x26, 0xda, 0x51, 0xc2, 0xd4, 0xff, 0xce, 0xc5,
+    0x26, 0xea, 0x8c, 0xfd, 0x1e, 0x22, 0x03, 0xf0, 0xcd, 0x00, 0xf2, 0x72,
+    0xf3, 0x81, 0x46, 0x1e, 0x95, 0xaf, 0xe1, 0xc1, 0x0a, 0x12, 0xfe, 0xb0,
+    0x97, 0x2d, 0x40, 0xe8, 0x6d, 0xde, 0xe0, 0x9c, 0x7f, 0xad, 0x85, 0x89,
+    0x28, 0x88, 0x4a, 0x64, 0xc1, 0xa4, 0x2f, 0xb6, 0x25, 0xae, 0x89, 0xb4,
+    0xab, 0x02, 0xea, 0xca, 0xd6, 0x05, 0x4f, 0x3a, 0x64, 0xd0, 0xbf, 0x2d,
+    0xba, 0x0a, 0x9c, 0x5a, 0xa5, 0x0b, 0xf5, 0xc7, 0x84, 0x6e, 0xb4, 0x5c,
+    0x0e, 0x43, 0x96, 0xac, 0xfe, 0xc1, 0xc5, 0x3d, 0x15, 0x2b, 0x4d, 0x67,
+    0x2a, 0x09, 0xd8, 0x64, 0x83, 0x13, 0x00, 0x10, 0xe1, 0x60, 0x76, 0x9b,
+    0xf0, 0xa0, 0xdc, 0x8c, 0x4b, 0x4f, 0xc5, 0x93, 0xa8, 0xf8, 0xef, 0xd9,
+    0x75, 0xdc, 0x62, 0xe9, 0xcf, 0xdf, 0x3f, 0x7b, 0x8d, 0x2c, 0x0e, 0x5a,
+    0x99, 0xc6, 0x38, 0x4c, 0xd9, 0xfb, 0xe6, 0xb5, 0x1b, 0x6e, 0xbd, 0xae,
+    0xef, 0x89, 0x71, 0x4e, 0xfd, 0x74, 0x46, 0x35, 0xf9, 0x48, 0x43, 0x11,
+    0x81, 0xcd, 0x6f, 0xdc, 0xf3, 0x2e, 0x92, 0x93, 0x9e, 0xca, 0xf8, 0xfa,
+    0xc6, 0x56, 0x75, 0x1e, 0x04, 0x89, 0x7d, 0x1c, 0x2e, 0xdb, 0xbd, 0x5b,
+    0xec, 0xc8, 0x2d, 0xa3, 0xe2, 0x05, 0xef, 0xe9, 0x5f, 0x05, 0x4b, 0x89,
+    0x82, 0x0c, 0x1e, 0x8c, 0x74, 0xe1, 0x5a, 0x67, 0xe4, 0x97, 0x9b, 0x22,
+    0xd7, 0xdc, 0xe2, 0x74, 0xcf, 0x93, 0xc1, 0xca, 0xc6, 0xde, 0xae, 0xc0,
+    0xd2, 0xf9, 0x57, 0xc5, 0x90, 0x96, 0x48, 0x0a, 0x25, 0x43, 0x75, 0xc1,
+    0x94, 0xa4, 0xd5, 0x14, 0xb2, 0x27, 0xf8, 0x45, 0xf1, 0x3c, 0x01, 0xd6,
+    0xb8, 0x73, 0x1c, 0xb6, 0x55, 0xc5, 0xc9, 0x10, 0x28, 0x2f, 0xba, 0x18,
+    0x36, 0x8d, 0xfe, 0x0b, 0x23, 0xf3, 0x9a, 0x98, 0xfb, 0x2f, 0x59, 0x52,
+    0x3a, 0x0f, 0x75, 0x60, 0xa0, 0x92, 0x0d, 0x78, 0xf0, 0xc7, 0x5d, 0x9d,
+    0x3a, 0x72, 0xd0, 0xd1, 0x30, 0x73, 0x9e, 0x3c, 0x03, 0x99, 0x4c, 0xe2,
+    0xe5, 0xd4, 0x77, 0xfe, 0x3a, 0x92, 0x08, 0x5b, 0x99, 0x51, 0x15, 0x57,
+    0x05, 0x13, 0x51, 0xc2, 0xf4, 0xb5, 0x2d, 0xae, 0x68, 0x9f, 0x4e, 0xbf,
+    0x00, 0x11, 0xc1, 0xe1, 0x48, 0xb3, 0xce, 0x36, 0x42, 0x6a, 0x74, 0xd7,
+    0xe7, 0x84, 0x1e, 0xf3, 0x47, 0xc4, 0xab, 0x59, 0x18, 0x15, 0x31, 0xa4,
+    0x28, 0x68, 0x16, 0xa3, 0x68, 0xbf, 0x6c, 0xfe, 0x7a, 0x36, 0xd9, 0xc1,
+    0x22, 0xd6, 0x5e, 0x2d, 0xbb, 0x9a, 0x1f, 0xb6, 0x8c, 0xa6, 0x65, 0x24,
+    0x3e, 0x01, 0x9c, 0x75, 0x5e, 0x17, 0x42, 0x12, 0x89, 0x85, 0x6f, 0x05,
+    0xac, 0x54, 0xd5, 0x02, 0xea, 0x1e, 0xc2, 0xe1, 0xcd, 0x61, 0x0e, 0x53,
+    0xd5, 0x9d, 0x3a, 0x67, 0x1b, 0x50, 0x9b, 0x90, 0x18, 0x66, 0x6d, 0xb2,
+    0x7f, 0x3a, 0x69, 0xc9, 0xef, 0x07, 0x17, 0x91, 0x8a, 0xe9, 0x15, 0x35,
+    0xed, 0x70, 0x9e, 0x74, 0x8c, 0xe7, 0xf4, 0xaa, 0xcf, 0xbe, 0xa3, 0x98,
+    0x89, 0x8d, 0x3c, 0x5e, 0xa4, 0x6b, 0x8f, 0x1b, 0x18, 0x04, 0x79, 0xd2,
+    0x11, 0x64, 0xb1, 0xc7, 0x68, 0xca, 0xaf, 0x44, 0xa1, 0x39, 0x29, 0x58,
+    0x70, 0x4e, 0xce, 0xb7, 0x7a, 0x3c, 0x4b, 0xdc, 0x32, 0x92, 0x76, 0x74,
+    0xab, 0x0a, 0x6f, 0x8b, 0x74, 0xf5, 0xfd, 0xed, 0x3b, 0x11, 0x95, 0xe8,
+    0x10, 0x74, 0x4c, 0xd8, 0xbe, 0x0f, 0x50, 0xee, 0xa0, 0xee, 0x39, 0xd8,
+    0x9f, 0xa1, 0xa0, 0x21, 0xa3, 0x47, 0x8c, 0xa6, 0xd9, 0xca, 0x8c, 0xb3,
+    0x8b, 0x86, 0x9e, 0x31, 0x3b, 0xcc, 0x7f, 0xea, 0x23, 0xb1, 0x25, 0x73,
+    0xfb, 0x66, 0x99, 0x28, 0xff, 0xf4, 0xe9, 0xb7, 0x19, 0x3e, 0xd5, 0xc6,
+    0x5d, 0xd1, 0xaa, 0x08, 0x6f, 0xf2, 0xff, 0xab, 0x39, 0x69, 0x1f, 0xd3,
+    0x6b, 0x20, 0xf3, 0x2f, 0xe4, 0xd5, 0xb8, 0x76, 0x3f, 0x6c, 0x8f, 0x05,
+    0x3c, 0xe0, 0x18, 0x81, 0x82, 0xca, 0x05, 0x7f, 0xc0, 0x8e, 0x87, 0x50,
+    0xfb, 0xb1, 0x65, 0xfa, 0x2f, 0xb7, 0xba, 0x20, 0x0b, 0x35, 0x5c, 0x87,
+    0xba, 0x90, 0x5a, 0x7f, 0xfc, 0xe9, 0xf2, 0x98, 0x5f, 0x6e, 0xb2, 0xcc,
+    0xef, 0x4b, 0x2d, 0xde, 0xdd, 0x6f, 0xd9, 0x8e, 0x79, 0x89, 0x45, 0xcd,
+    0x4c, 0xdf, 0x27, 0xf1, 0x26, 0x47, 0x9e, 0x83, 0xdb, 0x73, 0x4a, 0x20,
+    0x84, 0xde, 0x09, 0xe0, 0x58, 0xfe, 0x19, 0xcb, 0x92, 0xc4, 0x5b, 0x83,
+    0x30, 0x82, 0x05, 0x84, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d,
+    0x01, 0x07, 0x01, 0xa0, 0x82, 0x05, 0x75, 0x04, 0x82, 0x05, 0x71, 0x30,
+    0x82, 0x05, 0x6d, 0x30, 0x82, 0x05, 0x69, 0x06, 0x0b, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48,
+    0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x0c, 0x0a, 0x01, 0x02, 0xa0, 0x82, 0x05, 0x31,
+    0x30, 0x82, 0x05, 0x2d, 0x30, 0x57, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86,
+    0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x05, 0x0d, 0x30, 0x4a, 0x30, 0x29, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a,
+    0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x05, 0x0c, 0x30, 0x1c, 0x04, 0x08,
+    0x5c, 0x72, 0x5e, 0xfb, 0xbc, 0x49, 0xaa, 0xa1, 0x02, 0x02, 0x08, 0x00,
+    0x30, 0x0c, 0x06, 0x08, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x02, 0x09,
+    0x05, 0x00, 0x30, 0x1d, 0x06, 0x09, 0x60, 0x86, 0x48, 0x01, 0x65, 0x03,
+    0x04, 0x01, 0x2a, 0x04, 0x10, 0xcb, 0xa8, 0xda, 0x75, 0xba, 0x64, 0x22,
+    0x70, 0x39, 0x3c, 0x83, 0x35, 0x0b, 0x41, 0xc4, 0x49, 0x04, 0x82, 0x04,
+    0xd0, 0xb3, 0x3d, 0x9b, 0x03, 0x34, 0xdf, 0x62, 0x37, 0xb0, 0xbb, 0x37,
+    0x0d, 0x88, 0x8c, 0x6b, 0xf2, 0x46, 0x33, 0xa4, 0x4b, 0x48, 0x86, 0x0a,
+    0x36, 0x37, 0x24, 0x21, 0x08, 0x8e, 0x86, 0xbf, 0x4e, 0x9c, 0xe7, 0xa9,
+    0x56, 0x4a, 0x02, 0xb4, 0x74, 0x6a, 0x8a, 0x1e, 0x51, 0x91, 0xe3, 0x8f,
+    0xe3, 0xf6, 0xca, 0x0a, 0x2d, 0xe7, 0x09, 0x5e, 0x1e, 0x59, 0x46, 0x01,
+    0xda, 0xe9, 0x5b, 0xb9, 0xd8, 0x15, 0x7c, 0x05, 0xd9, 0x5f, 0x8c, 0x3d,
+    0xd4, 0xb2, 0xff, 0x25, 0x9d, 0xfe, 0x0e, 0xe3, 0x0c, 0xf0, 0x7f, 0x30,
+    0x25, 0x92, 0x0e, 0x44, 0xf4, 0x16, 0xc7, 0xa2, 0x22, 0xb2, 0x31, 0xfa,
+    0x55, 0x97, 0xf7, 0xd0, 0xd7, 0x58, 0x1f, 0x96, 0x81, 0x06, 0x86, 0xbb,
+    0x07, 0x30, 0x9d, 0x01, 0xb8, 0x15, 0xb2, 0x81, 0xa9, 0x35, 0x09, 0x2c,
+    0x97, 0xbc, 0x8e, 0x2e, 0x2e, 0x30, 0x20, 0x51, 0x94, 0x9d, 0x9f, 0xbd,
+    0x83, 0x48, 0x7b, 0x25, 0xfc, 0x95, 0x42, 0xd7, 0x29, 0xd5, 0x67, 0xcd,
+    0x48, 0xc6, 0x78, 0xe1, 0x6d, 0xdf, 0xf8, 0x0b, 0x3a, 0x95, 0xcc, 0xd0,
+    0x93, 0xfe, 0x23, 0x8d, 0x99, 0xd9, 0x8c, 0x67, 0x38, 0x9f, 0xd0, 0x4c,
+    0xff, 0x32, 0x45, 0x32, 0xa9, 0xe8, 0x9d, 0xbc, 0xbf, 0xaa, 0xb2, 0x49,
+    0xaa, 0x1d, 0xa0, 0x04, 0x53, 0x14, 0xa4, 0x77, 0x96, 0x3f, 0x17, 0xbb,
+    0x2e, 0x14, 0xbe, 0x39, 0x6b, 0x69, 0x16, 0x7a, 0x99, 0xb2, 0xf4, 0x16,
+    0x1a, 0xb7, 0xaa, 0x0a, 0x97, 0xd9, 0x1d, 0x62, 0xbe, 0xfc, 0x38, 0x00,
+    0x6c, 0x65, 0x75, 0xe0, 0xb0, 0x65, 0x8f, 0xb6, 0x4b, 0xe7, 0x21, 0x41,
+    0x65, 0x65, 0x5a, 0x7c, 0x5b, 0xe8, 0x70, 0x83, 0x71, 0xd6, 0x65, 0x7c,
+    0x4f, 0x00, 0x90, 0x55, 0xca, 0xff, 0xc9, 0x3f, 0x61, 0x1e, 0xc0, 0x41,
+    0x67, 0x0c, 0x71, 0xb2, 0xef, 0x12, 0x8e, 0xb1, 0xaa, 0xcf, 0xf1, 0x78,
+    0x9f, 0x5b, 0xb9, 0x7b, 0xbe, 0x04, 0x39, 0xf0, 0x87, 0xca, 0x3a, 0x77,
+    0x31, 0xab, 0x85, 0x8f, 0x4f, 0x06, 0xad, 0x45, 0xf2, 0xe2, 0xc2, 0x20,
+    0x74, 0xf1, 0xdc, 0x21, 0x3f, 0x79, 0x0d, 0xcc, 0xcf, 0x7f, 0xb9, 0x85,
+    0x9e, 0x1a, 0x1b, 0x84, 0xe2, 0x5b, 0xe3, 0x77, 0x27, 0x91, 0xcc, 0xf2,
+    0xe4, 0xf2, 0x19, 0xdd, 0x98, 0x64, 0x9d, 0xcb, 0xf1, 0xc5, 0xe6, 0x7b,
+    0x75, 0x55, 0x4e, 0xa5, 0xca, 0xe3, 0x5b, 0xbe, 0xc2, 0xcd, 0x83, 0x27,
+    0x92, 0xe1, 0x23, 0x3f, 0xd7, 0x3d, 0xb7, 0x3a, 0x8b, 0x3a, 0x26, 0xc1,
+    0xfb, 0xed, 0x69, 0x7a, 0xab, 0xec, 0x0a, 0xe5, 0xaa, 0x81, 0x9f, 0xdf,
+    0x97, 0x45, 0x64, 0x35, 0x7d, 0xad, 0x88, 0x4a, 0x75, 0x13, 0xc3, 0x13,
+    0xd6, 0x9a, 0xf3, 0xa2, 0x94, 0xf7, 0x96, 0x09, 0xa7, 0xbe, 0xb8, 0xe4,
+    0x29, 0x7d, 0xb0, 0xef, 0x4a, 0x5d, 0x0d, 0x02, 0xb4, 0x10, 0x54, 0x17,
+    0x62, 0xef, 0xe2, 0xad, 0x89, 0x6d, 0x91, 0x51, 0x7e, 0x35, 0x28, 0xb4,
+    0xe7, 0x02, 0xbb, 0xcb, 0x03, 0x37, 0xa6, 0xeb, 0x55, 0x51, 0xc0, 0xc2,
+    0x21, 0x7a, 0x78, 0x44, 0x44, 0x70, 0x06, 0xb0, 0x5d, 0x19, 0xaa, 0xcb,
+    0xf1, 0x9f, 0xaa, 0xd3, 0x5a, 0x29, 0xc4, 0xc7, 0x7a, 0x36, 0x1d, 0x65,
+    0x21, 0x52, 0xf9, 0xe2, 0xc7, 0x60, 0xd4, 0x32, 0x03, 0xdf, 0x03, 0xcc,
+    0xe5, 0x7c, 0xf9, 0x15, 0xe3, 0xe6, 0x46, 0xeb, 0xa8, 0xa8, 0x6f, 0xe7,
+    0x46, 0x03, 0xc7, 0x5c, 0x29, 0xf6, 0xac, 0x61, 0x2d, 0xbe, 0xa0, 0xda,
+    0xdc, 0xca, 0x29, 0x35, 0x3b, 0xa0, 0x43, 0x22, 0x22, 0x61, 0x65, 0x8f,
+    0x2d, 0x13, 0xce, 0x61, 0x7c, 0x27, 0x45, 0x9d, 0x9b, 0x8d, 0xd6, 0xc1,
+    0xb5, 0x8c, 0x5b, 0xdb, 0xbb, 0xf6, 0x7e, 0x9a, 0xd4, 0x5c, 0x6b, 0x7e,
+    0xf3, 0x6d, 0x7e, 0x45, 0x2e, 0x55, 0x7d, 0x9f, 0x62, 0xc7, 0xf4, 0x03,
+    0x6f, 0xb9, 0x02, 0xcf, 0x3d, 0x07, 0xc5, 0xc8, 0xce, 0x9e, 0xac, 0x56,
+    0x43, 0x8b, 0xcc, 0xf0, 0x2d, 0xc5, 0x56, 0xfa, 0x61, 0xf9, 0xee, 0x1b,
+    0x89, 0xa9, 0xd6, 0xe8, 0x1e, 0xa2, 0xdf, 0xfd, 0x0d, 0x33, 0x03, 0x91,
+    0xd9, 0x30, 0x4d, 0xfb, 0x2d, 0x7e, 0x5b, 0xb0, 0xb5, 0x55, 0x1e, 0x9c,
+    0x13, 0x96, 0x5a, 0xa6, 0xab, 0x88, 0x79, 0xe7, 0x42, 0x31, 0xb2, 0x2d,
+    0xf8, 0x40, 0x89, 0xe4, 0x96, 0x4c, 0x42, 0xc9, 0x72, 0xd1, 0x8f, 0x3f,
+    0x2d, 0xee, 0x1d, 0x91, 0xe0, 0xfb, 0x1f, 0xb5, 0x94, 0x41, 0xce, 0x89,
+    0xed, 0xe7, 0xec, 0xa0, 0xb6, 0xb2, 0xa2, 0x5c, 0x72, 0xa1, 0x91, 0x40,
+    0x82, 0xde, 0x62, 0xba, 0x12, 0x12, 0xa1, 0xab, 0x31, 0x62, 0x38, 0x48,
+    0x4c, 0x49, 0x9e, 0x6c, 0xf3, 0xf1, 0x69, 0x3e, 0x8b, 0x6a, 0x24, 0x45,
+    0x99, 0x5c, 0x5a, 0xe3, 0x52, 0x24, 0xb7, 0xcf, 0xf0, 0xc8, 0x82, 0x5e,
+    0x9e, 0x10, 0x29, 0xcf, 0xda, 0x01, 0xd0, 0xc0, 0x81, 0xfd, 0x56, 0x15,
+    0x1c, 0x6b, 0xff, 0x78, 0x91, 0xaa, 0x47, 0x63, 0xb0, 0xe2, 0xbd, 0x67,
+    0x0d, 0x24, 0xc5, 0xfd, 0x1a, 0x6a, 0x6a, 0x71, 0x9b, 0xca, 0xc4, 0xb3,
+    0xc0, 0x07, 0x3d, 0xd7, 0x3b, 0xf4, 0xc0, 0xb7, 0xb5, 0xc4, 0x46, 0x85,
+    0x3d, 0x22, 0x03, 0x1b, 0xcf, 0xe6, 0xce, 0x2f, 0xae, 0x41, 0xcf, 0x67,
+    0x6b, 0xd3, 0x87, 0x3f, 0xca, 0x4c, 0xb7, 0x9f, 0x47, 0x36, 0xa5, 0xd7,
+    0xd3, 0x70, 0xf7, 0xc4, 0x9f, 0x7d, 0xbd, 0xe4, 0xc6, 0xec, 0x7b, 0x03,
+    0xca, 0xb0, 0x78, 0x06, 0xa3, 0xf1, 0xd0, 0x98, 0xdf, 0x1c, 0x60, 0x90,
+    0x61, 0xcb, 0x7b, 0x68, 0xd2, 0x8e, 0x24, 0x76, 0x7b, 0xf6, 0x2f, 0xf3,
+    0x7b, 0x96, 0x2d, 0x80, 0x6f, 0xae, 0xc5, 0x2b, 0xe9, 0xad, 0x78, 0x25,
+    0x78, 0x4e, 0xd7, 0x81, 0xb7, 0x60, 0x20, 0x0c, 0x20, 0x46, 0xb4, 0x88,
+    0xfe, 0x12, 0x0a, 0x8d, 0x7a, 0x9a, 0x0b, 0xdd, 0x6d, 0x37, 0xb3, 0xa5,
+    0x99, 0x1d, 0xf2, 0xd4, 0xa6, 0x79, 0x1e, 0x89, 0x1a, 0xda, 0xe8, 0x83,
+    0x24, 0xc9, 0xd9, 0x1f, 0x76, 0x82, 0xec, 0x64, 0x35, 0x6b, 0x9b, 0xfd,
+    0x91, 0x31, 0x96, 0xf2, 0x8b, 0x4f, 0x30, 0xbb, 0xd9, 0xcd, 0xe0, 0x66,
+    0x73, 0xfd, 0xd7, 0x05, 0x16, 0x7c, 0xed, 0x94, 0xc0, 0xa0, 0x73, 0x9e,
+    0xe7, 0x85, 0xac, 0x0e, 0x20, 0xd1, 0x5e, 0x66, 0x7a, 0xef, 0x93, 0x20,
+    0xd7, 0x3f, 0xb5, 0xbd, 0xb7, 0xb7, 0xcb, 0x64, 0xc8, 0xde, 0x2f, 0xd9,
+    0x92, 0x5f, 0xa1, 0xb6, 0xbd, 0xd0, 0xe6, 0xb4, 0x55, 0xf4, 0xa1, 0xa8,
+    0x51, 0x5e, 0x00, 0x6f, 0xaa, 0x09, 0xff, 0x56, 0xb4, 0xbc, 0xdf, 0xc1,
+    0x20, 0x13, 0xc4, 0x3c, 0x48, 0xb1, 0x6d, 0xeb, 0x19, 0xb8, 0xbf, 0x4f,
+    0x3d, 0x35, 0x96, 0x14, 0xc3, 0xc3, 0xef, 0x8e, 0x0b, 0x95, 0xbc, 0x78,
+    0x47, 0x6a, 0x6c, 0x24, 0x10, 0xbd, 0x06, 0x13, 0x5c, 0x69, 0x7b, 0xb5,
+    0x53, 0x43, 0xd1, 0x7a, 0x1d, 0x9a, 0x7f, 0x57, 0xcd, 0x81, 0xc5, 0x3f,
+    0xde, 0x98, 0xb5, 0x73, 0x95, 0xd2, 0x10, 0xcf, 0x4f, 0x6a, 0xce, 0xac,
+    0x35, 0x49, 0x4d, 0xf3, 0xbe, 0xbf, 0x38, 0xf2, 0xcf, 0x1b, 0x1c, 0x19,
+    0x27, 0xa3, 0x3f, 0xd9, 0x35, 0xfe, 0xc2, 0xe5, 0x49, 0x16, 0x28, 0xd0,
+    0x8e, 0xb9, 0x34, 0x6e, 0x8b, 0xa5, 0xe2, 0x9c, 0xbe, 0xad, 0xa1, 0x43,
+    0x61, 0x2e, 0x48, 0x65, 0xb3, 0x20, 0xe7, 0x1d, 0x65, 0x00, 0x9d, 0x6e,
+    0x71, 0xe7, 0x79, 0x44, 0xac, 0x0c, 0x38, 0x5a, 0x1d, 0x40, 0x06, 0x30,
+    0xd0, 0xe8, 0xbe, 0x95, 0x16, 0xaf, 0xd8, 0x5f, 0x67, 0xd3, 0xb0, 0x6a,
+    0xa3, 0x7c, 0xc1, 0x9b, 0x3f, 0xc7, 0xae, 0x27, 0xb1, 0xc1, 0xb5, 0xce,
+    0xdf, 0xbb, 0xa4, 0x4f, 0xb4, 0x58, 0xa1, 0xb9, 0x7c, 0x9c, 0x5f, 0x26,
+    0x4f, 0x13, 0xfa, 0x7c, 0x1a, 0xb7, 0x1b, 0x69, 0xd6, 0x0e, 0x1b, 0x92,
+    0x31, 0x4b, 0xb4, 0x71, 0x12, 0xc8, 0xc4, 0xbd, 0x99, 0xe3, 0xc8, 0x9d,
+    0x68, 0xb3, 0x38, 0x35, 0x3f, 0x16, 0xd8, 0xde, 0x01, 0x71, 0xf6, 0x66,
+    0x77, 0xcb, 0xbd, 0xe2, 0x97, 0x10, 0x91, 0x41, 0x00, 0xa1, 0x0d, 0x9d,
+    0x40, 0x0b, 0xfc, 0x25, 0xc8, 0x44, 0xc3, 0x78, 0xaa, 0x89, 0xd5, 0x59,
+    0xe4, 0xa2, 0x9e, 0xd0, 0x85, 0xa2, 0xdd, 0x80, 0x3b, 0x35, 0x5a, 0x50,
+    0x86, 0xcd, 0x72, 0xf4, 0x9d, 0x69, 0x0e, 0x2d, 0x97, 0x42, 0x09, 0x5e,
+    0xa6, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x35, 0xcf, 0x9b, 0x42, 0xa7, 0x60, 0xa0, 0x71, 0x41,
+    0x28, 0x35, 0x22, 0xd6, 0x55, 0xe1, 0xdb, 0xb3, 0x8e, 0x0d, 0x47, 0xb7,
+    0xd6, 0x02, 0x0f, 0xb1, 0xdf, 0xb8, 0xfb, 0xd8, 0x20, 0xcf, 0x6a, 0x47,
+    0x3f, 0x8a, 0x91, 0x08, 0x64, 0x08, 0xba, 0x19, 0x10, 0x1f, 0xcf, 0xe5,
+    0x34, 0xf1, 0x32, 0x49, 0x3b, 0xaf, 0x18, 0x67, 0x96, 0x47, 0x7f, 0x21,
+    0x8a, 0x37, 0x15, 0x5c, 0xc0, 0xe8, 0x7b, 0xd6, 0x08, 0x5b, 0x45, 0x10,
+    0x1f, 0x1c, 0x7f, 0xce, 0x3b, 0x88, 0xe5, 0x0e, 0xd9, 0x00, 0xce, 0xe5,
+    0x9b, 0x4b, 0x25, 0xc7, 0x11, 0x8a, 0x4f, 0x22, 0xa7, 0x31, 0x25, 0x30,
+    0x23, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x09, 0x15,
+    0x31, 0x16, 0x04, 0x14, 0xad, 0x7f, 0xeb, 0xe6, 0xb2, 0x6c, 0xf4, 0xdc,
+    0x9f, 0x4d, 0x52, 0x40, 0x07, 0x15, 0xd9, 0xe8, 0xbc, 0x0d, 0x4e, 0xd7,
+    0x30, 0x31, 0x30, 0x21, 0x30, 0x09, 0x06, 0x05, 0x2b, 0x0e, 0x03, 0x02,
+    0x1a, 0x05, 0x00, 0x04, 0x14, 0xa4, 0xac, 0xdb, 0xa8, 0x4c, 0xe9, 0x7a,
+    0x02, 0x9d, 0x07, 0x39, 0x21, 0xf0, 0x71, 0xae, 0x46, 0x5a, 0xd8, 0x13,
+    0x51, 0x04, 0x08, 0xa1, 0x52, 0xdd, 0x64, 0x46, 0xe9, 0x9e, 0x3e, 0x02,
+    0x02, 0x08, 0x00};
+class PK12ImportTest : public ::testing::Test {};
+TEST_F(PK12ImportTest, ImportPK12With2P7) {
+  SECItem password = {siBuffer, nullptr, 0};
+  ScopedPK11SlotInfo slot(PK11_GetInternalSlot());
+  ScopedSEC_PKCS12DecoderContext dcx(
+      SEC_PKCS12DecoderStart(&password, slot.get(), nullptr, nullptr, nullptr,
+                             nullptr, nullptr, nullptr));
+  ASSERT_TRUE(dcx);
+  SECStatus rv = SEC_PKCS12DecoderUpdate(
+      dcx.get(), const_cast<uint8_t *>(cert_p12), sizeof(cert_p12));
+  ASSERT_EQ(SECSuccess, rv);
+  rv = SEC_PKCS12DecoderVerify(dcx.get());
+  // NSS can't properly decode this P12. But it shouldn't crash.
+  ASSERT_EQ(SECFailure, rv);
+}  // namespace nss_test
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/rsa8193.h
@@ -0,0 +1,209 @@
+/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
+/* vim: set ts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
+/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
+ * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
+ * You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */
+//  openssl req -nodes -x509 -newkey rsa:8193 -out cert.pem -days 365
+static const uint8_t rsa8193[] = {
+    0x30, 0x82, 0x09, 0x61, 0x30, 0x82, 0x05, 0x48, 0xa0, 0x03, 0x02, 0x01,
+    0x02, 0x02, 0x09, 0x00, 0xaf, 0xff, 0x37, 0x91, 0x3e, 0x44, 0xae, 0x57,
+    0x30, 0x0d, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x01,
+    0x0b, 0x05, 0x00, 0x30, 0x45, 0x31, 0x0b, 0x30, 0x09, 0x06, 0x03, 0x55,
+    0x04, 0x06, 0x13, 0x02, 0x41, 0x55, 0x31, 0x13, 0x30, 0x11, 0x06, 0x03,
+    0x55, 0x04, 0x08, 0x0c, 0x0a, 0x53, 0x6f, 0x6d, 0x65, 0x2d, 0x53, 0x74,
+    0x61, 0x74, 0x65, 0x31, 0x21, 0x30, 0x1f, 0x06, 0x03, 0x55, 0x04, 0x0a,
+    0x0c, 0x18, 0x49, 0x6e, 0x74, 0x65, 0x72, 0x6e, 0x65, 0x74, 0x20, 0x57,
+    0x69, 0x64, 0x67, 0x69, 0x74, 0x73, 0x20, 0x50, 0x74, 0x79, 0x20, 0x4c,
+    0x74, 0x64, 0x30, 0x1e, 0x17, 0x0d, 0x31, 0x38, 0x30, 0x35, 0x31, 0x37,
+    0x30, 0x39, 0x34, 0x32, 0x32, 0x39, 0x5a, 0x17, 0x0d, 0x31, 0x39, 0x30,
+    0x35, 0x31, 0x37, 0x30, 0x39, 0x34, 0x32, 0x32, 0x39, 0x5a, 0x30, 0x45,
+    0x31, 0x0b, 0x30, 0x09, 0x06, 0x03, 0x55, 0x04, 0x06, 0x13, 0x02, 0x41,
+    0x55, 0x31, 0x13, 0x30, 0x11, 0x06, 0x03, 0x55, 0x04, 0x08, 0x0c, 0x0a,
+    0x53, 0x6f, 0x6d, 0x65, 0x2d, 0x53, 0x74, 0x61, 0x74, 0x65, 0x31, 0x21,
+    0x30, 0x1f, 0x06, 0x03, 0x55, 0x04, 0x0a, 0x0c, 0x18, 0x49, 0x6e, 0x74,
+    0x65, 0x72, 0x6e, 0x65, 0x74, 0x20, 0x57, 0x69, 0x64, 0x67, 0x69, 0x74,
+    0x73, 0x20, 0x50, 0x74, 0x79, 0x20, 0x4c, 0x74, 0x64, 0x30, 0x82, 0x04,
+    0x22, 0x30, 0x0d, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86, 0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01,
+    0x01, 0x01, 0x05, 0x00, 0x03, 0x82, 0x04, 0x0f, 0x00, 0x30, 0x82, 0x04,
+    0x0a, 0x02, 0x82, 0x04, 0x01, 0x01, 0x77, 0xd6, 0xa9, 0x93, 0x4e, 0x15,
+    0xb5, 0x67, 0x70, 0x8e, 0xc3, 0x77, 0x4f, 0xc9, 0x8a, 0x06, 0xd9, 0xb9,
+    0xa6, 0x41, 0xb8, 0xfa, 0x4a, 0x13, 0x26, 0xdc, 0x2b, 0xc5, 0x82, 0xa0,
+    0x74, 0x8c, 0x1e, 0xe9, 0xc0, 0x70, 0x15, 0x56, 0xec, 0x1f, 0x7e, 0x91,
+    0x6e, 0x31, 0x42, 0x8b, 0xd5, 0xe2, 0x0e, 0x9c, 0xeb, 0xff, 0xbc, 0xf9,
+    0x42, 0xd3, 0xb9, 0x1c, 0x5e, 0x46, 0x80, 0x90, 0x5f, 0xe1, 0x59, 0x22,
+    0x13, 0x71, 0xd3, 0xd6, 0x66, 0x7a, 0xe0, 0x56, 0x04, 0x10, 0x59, 0x01,
+    0xb3, 0xb6, 0xd2, 0xc7, 0xa7, 0x3b, 0xbc, 0xe6, 0x38, 0x44, 0xd5, 0x71,
+    0x66, 0x1d, 0xb2, 0x63, 0x2f, 0xa9, 0x5e, 0x80, 0x92, 0x3c, 0x21, 0x0e,
+    0xe1, 0xda, 0xd6, 0x1d, 0xcb, 0xce, 0xac, 0xe1, 0x5f, 0x97, 0x45, 0x8f,
+    0xc1, 0x64, 0x16, 0xa6, 0x88, 0x2a, 0x36, 0x4a, 0x76, 0x64, 0x8f, 0x83,
+    0x7a, 0x1d, 0xd8, 0x91, 0x90, 0x7b, 0x58, 0xb8, 0x1c, 0x7f, 0x56, 0x57,
+    0x35, 0xfb, 0xf3, 0x1a, 0xcb, 0x7c, 0x66, 0x66, 0x04, 0x95, 0xee, 0x3a,
+    0x80, 0xf0, 0xd4, 0x12, 0x3a, 0x7e, 0x7e, 0x5e, 0xb8, 0x55, 0x29, 0x23,
+    0x06, 0xd3, 0x85, 0x0c, 0x99, 0x91, 0x42, 0xee, 0x5a, 0x30, 0x7f, 0x52,
+    0x20, 0xb3, 0xe2, 0xe7, 0x39, 0x69, 0xb6, 0xfc, 0x42, 0x1e, 0x98, 0xd3,
+    0x31, 0xa2, 0xfa, 0x81, 0x52, 0x69, 0x6d, 0x23, 0xf8, 0xc4, 0xc3, 0x3c,
+    0x9b, 0x48, 0x75, 0xa8, 0xc7, 0xe7, 0x61, 0x81, 0x1f, 0xf7, 0xce, 0x10,
+    0xaa, 0x13, 0xcb, 0x6e, 0x19, 0xc0, 0x4f, 0x6f, 0x90, 0xa8, 0x41, 0xea,
+    0x49, 0xdf, 0xe4, 0xef, 0x84, 0x54, 0xb5, 0x37, 0xaf, 0x12, 0x75, 0x1a,
+    0x11, 0x4b, 0x58, 0x7f, 0x63, 0x22, 0x33, 0xb1, 0xc8, 0x4d, 0xf2, 0x41,
+    0x10, 0xbc, 0x37, 0xb5, 0xd5, 0xb2, 0x21, 0x32, 0x35, 0x9d, 0xf3, 0x8d,
+    0xab, 0x66, 0x9d, 0x19, 0x12, 0x71, 0x45, 0xb3, 0x82, 0x5a, 0x5c, 0xff,
+    0x2d, 0xcf, 0xf4, 0x5b, 0x56, 0xb8, 0x08, 0xb3, 0xd2, 0x43, 0x8c, 0xac,
+    0xd2, 0xf8, 0xcc, 0x6d, 0x90, 0x97, 0xff, 0x12, 0x74, 0x97, 0xf8, 0xa4,
+    0xe3, 0x95, 0xae, 0x92, 0xdc, 0x7e, 0x9d, 0x2b, 0xb4, 0x94, 0xc3, 0x8d,
+    0x80, 0xe7, 0x77, 0x5c, 0x5b, 0xbb, 0x43, 0xdc, 0xa6, 0xe9, 0xbe, 0x20,
+    0xcc, 0x9d, 0x8e, 0xa4, 0x2b, 0xf2, 0x72, 0xdc, 0x44, 0x61, 0x0f, 0xad,
+    0x1a, 0x5e, 0xa5, 0x48, 0xe4, 0x42, 0xc5, 0xe4, 0xf1, 0x6d, 0x33, 0xdb,
+    0xb2, 0x1b, 0x9f, 0xb2, 0xff, 0x18, 0x0e, 0x62, 0x35, 0x99, 0xed, 0x22,
+    0x19, 0x4a, 0x5e, 0xb3, 0x3c, 0x07, 0x8f, 0x6e, 0x22, 0x5b, 0x16, 0x4a,
+    0x9f, 0xef, 0xf3, 0xe7, 0xd6, 0x48, 0xe1, 0xb4, 0x3b, 0xab, 0x1b, 0x9e,
+    0x53, 0xd7, 0x1b, 0xd9, 0x2d, 0x51, 0x8f, 0xe4, 0x1c, 0xab, 0xdd, 0xb9,
+    0xe2, 0xee, 0xe4, 0xdd, 0x60, 0x04, 0x86, 0x6b, 0x4e, 0x7a, 0xc8, 0x09,
+    0x51, 0xd1, 0x9b, 0x36, 0x9a, 0x36, 0x7f, 0xe8, 0x6b, 0x09, 0x6c, 0xee,
+    0xad, 0x3a, 0x2f, 0xa8, 0x63, 0x92, 0x23, 0x2f, 0x7e, 0x00, 0xe2, 0xd1,
+    0xbb, 0xd9, 0x5b, 0x5b, 0xfa, 0x4b, 0x83, 0x00, 0x19, 0x28, 0xfb, 0x7e,
+    0xfe, 0x58, 0xab, 0xb7, 0x33, 0x45, 0x8f, 0x75, 0x9a, 0x54, 0x3d, 0x77,
+    0x06, 0x75, 0x61, 0x4f, 0x5c, 0x93, 0xa0, 0xf9, 0xe8, 0xcf, 0xf6, 0x04,
+    0x14, 0xda, 0x1b, 0x2e, 0x79, 0x35, 0xb8, 0xb4, 0xfa, 0x08, 0x27, 0x9a,
+    0x03, 0x70, 0x78, 0x97, 0x8f, 0xae, 0x2e, 0xd5, 0x1c, 0xe0, 0x4d, 0x91,
+    0x3a, 0xfe, 0x1a, 0x64, 0xd8, 0x49, 0xdf, 0x6c, 0x66, 0xac, 0xc9, 0x57,
+    0x06, 0x72, 0xc0, 0xc0, 0x09, 0x71, 0x6a, 0xd0, 0xb0, 0x7d, 0x35, 0x3f,
+    0x53, 0x17, 0x49, 0x38, 0x92, 0x22, 0x55, 0xf6, 0x58, 0x56, 0xa2, 0x42,
+    0x77, 0x94, 0xb7, 0x28, 0x0a, 0xa0, 0xd2, 0xda, 0x25, 0xc1, 0xcc, 0x52,
+    0x51, 0xd6, 0xba, 0x18, 0x0f, 0x0d, 0xe3, 0x7d, 0xd1, 0xda, 0xd9, 0x0c,
+    0x5e, 0x3a, 0xca, 0xe9, 0xf1, 0xf5, 0x65, 0xfc, 0xc3, 0x99, 0x72, 0x25,
+    0xf2, 0xc0, 0xa1, 0x8c, 0x43, 0x9d, 0xb2, 0xc9, 0xb1, 0x1a, 0x24, 0x34,
+    0x57, 0xd8, 0xa7, 0x52, 0xa3, 0x39, 0x6e, 0x0b, 0xec, 0xbd, 0x5e, 0xc9,
+    0x1f, 0x74, 0xed, 0xae, 0xe6, 0x4e, 0x49, 0xe8, 0x87, 0x3e, 0x46, 0x0d,
+    0x40, 0x30, 0xda, 0x9d, 0xcf, 0xf5, 0x03, 0x1f, 0x38, 0x29, 0x3b, 0x66,
+    0xe5, 0xc0, 0x89, 0x4c, 0xfc, 0x09, 0x62, 0x37, 0x01, 0xf9, 0x01, 0xab,
+    0x8d, 0x53, 0x9c, 0x36, 0x5d, 0x36, 0x66, 0x8d, 0x87, 0xf4, 0xab, 0x37,
+    0xb7, 0xf7, 0xe3, 0xdf, 0xc1, 0x52, 0xc0, 0x1d, 0x09, 0x92, 0x21, 0x47,
+    0x49, 0x9a, 0x19, 0x38, 0x05, 0x62, 0xf3, 0x47, 0x80, 0x89, 0x1e, 0x70,
+    0xa1, 0x57, 0xb7, 0x72, 0xd0, 0x41, 0x7a, 0x5c, 0x6a, 0x13, 0x8b, 0x6c,
+    0xda, 0xdf, 0x6b, 0x01, 0x15, 0x20, 0xfa, 0xc8, 0x67, 0xee, 0xb2, 0x13,
+    0xd8, 0x5f, 0x84, 0x30, 0x44, 0x8e, 0xf9, 0x2a, 0xae, 0x17, 0x53, 0x49,
+    0xaa, 0x34, 0x31, 0x12, 0x31, 0xec, 0xf3, 0x25, 0x27, 0x53, 0x6b, 0xb5,
+    0x63, 0xa6, 0xbc, 0xf1, 0x77, 0xd4, 0xb4, 0x77, 0xd1, 0xee, 0xad, 0x62,
+    0x9d, 0x2c, 0x2e, 0x11, 0x0a, 0xd1, 0x87, 0xfe, 0xef, 0x77, 0x0e, 0xd1,
+    0x38, 0xfe, 0xcc, 0x88, 0xaa, 0x1c, 0x06, 0x93, 0x25, 0x56, 0xfe, 0x0c,
+    0x52, 0xe9, 0x7f, 0x4c, 0x3b, 0x2a, 0xfb, 0x40, 0x62, 0x29, 0x0a, 0x1d,
+    0x58, 0x78, 0x8b, 0x09, 0x25, 0xaa, 0xc6, 0x8f, 0x66, 0x8f, 0xd1, 0x93,
+    0x5a, 0xd6, 0x68, 0x35, 0x69, 0x13, 0x5d, 0x42, 0x35, 0x95, 0xcb, 0xc4,
+    0xec, 0x17, 0x92, 0x96, 0xcb, 0x4a, 0xb9, 0x8f, 0xe5, 0xc4, 0x4a, 0xe7,
+    0x54, 0x52, 0x4c, 0x64, 0x06, 0xac, 0x2f, 0x13, 0x32, 0x02, 0x47, 0x13,
+    0x5c, 0xa2, 0x66, 0xdc, 0x36, 0x0c, 0x4f, 0xbb, 0x89, 0x58, 0x85, 0x16,
+    0xf1, 0xf1, 0xff, 0xd2, 0x86, 0x54, 0x29, 0xb3, 0x7e, 0x2a, 0xbd, 0xf9,
+    0x53, 0x8c, 0xa0, 0x60, 0x60, 0xb2, 0x90, 0x7f, 0x3a, 0x11, 0x5f, 0x2a,
+    0x50, 0x74, 0x2a, 0xd1, 0x68, 0x78, 0xdb, 0x31, 0x1b, 0x8b, 0xee, 0xee,
+    0x18, 0x97, 0xf3, 0x50, 0x84, 0xc1, 0x8f, 0xe1, 0xc6, 0x01, 0xb4, 0x16,
+    0x65, 0x25, 0x0c, 0x03, 0xab, 0xed, 0x4f, 0xd6, 0xe6, 0x16, 0x23, 0xcc,
+    0x42, 0x93, 0xff, 0xfa, 0x92, 0x63, 0x33, 0x9e, 0x36, 0xb0, 0xdc, 0x9a,
+    0xb6, 0xaa, 0xd7, 0x48, 0xfe, 0x27, 0x01, 0xcf, 0x67, 0xc0, 0x75, 0xa0,
+    0x86, 0x9a, 0xec, 0xa7, 0x2e, 0xb8, 0x7b, 0x00, 0x7f, 0xd4, 0xe3, 0xb3,
+    0xfc, 0x48, 0xab, 0x50, 0x20, 0xd4, 0x0d, 0x58, 0x26, 0xc0, 0x3c, 0x09,
+    0x0b, 0x80, 0x9e, 0xaf, 0x14, 0x3c, 0x0c, 0x6e, 0x69, 0xbc, 0x6c, 0x4e,
+    0x50, 0x33, 0xb0, 0x07, 0x64, 0x6e, 0x77, 0x96, 0xc2, 0xe6, 0x3b, 0xd7,
+    0xfe, 0xdc, 0xa4, 0x2f, 0x18, 0x5b, 0x53, 0xe5, 0xdd, 0xb6, 0xce, 0xeb,
+    0x16, 0xb4, 0x25, 0xc6, 0xcb, 0xf2, 0x65, 0x3c, 0x4f, 0x94, 0xa5, 0x11,
+    0x18, 0xeb, 0x7b, 0x62, 0x1d, 0xd5, 0x02, 0x35, 0x76, 0xf6, 0xb5, 0x20,
+    0x27, 0x21, 0x9b, 0xab, 0xf4, 0xb6, 0x8f, 0x1a, 0x70, 0x1d, 0x12, 0xe3,
+    0xb9, 0x8e, 0x29, 0x52, 0x25, 0xf4, 0xba, 0xb4, 0x25, 0x2c, 0x91, 0x11,
+    0xf2, 0xae, 0x7b, 0xbe, 0xb6, 0x67, 0xd6, 0x08, 0xf8, 0x6f, 0xe7, 0xb0,
+    0x16, 0xc5, 0xf6, 0xd5, 0xfb, 0x07, 0x71, 0x5b, 0x0e, 0xe1, 0x02, 0x03,
+    0x01, 0x00, 0x01, 0xa3, 0x53, 0x30, 0x51, 0x30, 0x1d, 0x06, 0x03, 0x55,
+    0x1d, 0x0e, 0x04, 0x16, 0x04, 0x14, 0xaa, 0xe7, 0x7f, 0xcf, 0xf8, 0xb4,
+    0xe0, 0x8d, 0x39, 0x9a, 0x1d, 0x4f, 0x86, 0xa2, 0xac, 0x56, 0x32, 0xd9,
+    0x58, 0xe3, 0x30, 0x1f, 0x06, 0x03, 0x55, 0x1d, 0x23, 0x04, 0x18, 0x30,
+    0x16, 0x80, 0x14, 0xaa, 0xe7, 0x7f, 0xcf, 0xf8, 0xb4, 0xe0, 0x8d, 0x39,
+    0x9a, 0x1d, 0x4f, 0x86, 0xa2, 0xac, 0x56, 0x32, 0xd9, 0x58, 0xe3, 0x30,
+    0x0f, 0x06, 0x03, 0x55, 0x1d, 0x13, 0x01, 0x01, 0xff, 0x04, 0x05, 0x30,
+    0x03, 0x01, 0x01, 0xff, 0x30, 0x0d, 0x06, 0x09, 0x2a, 0x86, 0x48, 0x86,
+    0xf7, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x05, 0x00, 0x03, 0x82, 0x04, 0x02, 0x00,
+    0x00, 0x0a, 0x0a, 0x81, 0xb5, 0x2e, 0xac, 0x52, 0xab, 0x0f, 0xeb, 0xad,
+    0x96, 0xd6, 0xd6, 0x59, 0x8f, 0x55, 0x15, 0x56, 0x70, 0xda, 0xd5, 0x75,
+    0x47, 0x12, 0x9a, 0x0e, 0xd1, 0x65, 0x68, 0xe0, 0x51, 0x89, 0x59, 0xcc,
+    0xe3, 0x5a, 0x1b, 0x85, 0x14, 0xa3, 0x1d, 0x9b, 0x3f, 0xd1, 0xa4, 0x42,
+    0xb0, 0x89, 0x12, 0x93, 0xd3, 0x54, 0x19, 0x04, 0xa2, 0xaf, 0xaa, 0x60,
+    0xca, 0x03, 0xc2, 0xae, 0x62, 0x8c, 0xb6, 0x31, 0x03, 0xd6, 0xa5, 0xf3,
+    0x5e, 0x8d, 0x5c, 0x69, 0x4c, 0x7d, 0x81, 0x49, 0x20, 0x25, 0x41, 0xa4,
+    0x2a, 0x95, 0x87, 0x36, 0xa3, 0x9b, 0x9e, 0x9f, 0xed, 0x85, 0xf3, 0xb1,
+    0xf1, 0xe9, 0x1b, 0xbb, 0xe3, 0xbc, 0x3b, 0x11, 0x36, 0xca, 0xb9, 0x5f,
+    0xee, 0x64, 0xde, 0x2a, 0x99, 0x27, 0x91, 0xc0, 0x54, 0x9e, 0x7a, 0xd4,
+    0x89, 0x8c, 0xa0, 0xe3, 0xfd, 0x44, 0x6f, 0x02, 0x38, 0x3c, 0xee, 0x52,
+    0x48, 0x1b, 0xd4, 0x25, 0x2b, 0xcb, 0x8e, 0xa8, 0x1b, 0x09, 0xd6, 0x30,
+    0x51, 0x15, 0x6c, 0x5c, 0x03, 0x76, 0xad, 0x64, 0x45, 0x50, 0xa2, 0xe1,
+    0x3c, 0x5a, 0x67, 0x87, 0xff, 0x8c, 0xed, 0x9a, 0x8d, 0x04, 0xc1, 0xac,
+    0xf9, 0xca, 0xf5, 0x2a, 0x05, 0x9c, 0xdd, 0x78, 0xce, 0x99, 0x78, 0x7b,
+    0xcd, 0x43, 0x10, 0x40, 0xf7, 0xb5, 0x27, 0x12, 0xec, 0xe9, 0xb2, 0x3f,
+    0xf4, 0x5d, 0xd9, 0xbb, 0xf8, 0xc4, 0xc9, 0xa4, 0x46, 0x20, 0x41, 0x7f,
+    0xeb, 0x79, 0xb0, 0x51, 0x8c, 0xf7, 0xc3, 0x2c, 0x16, 0xfe, 0x42, 0x59,
+    0x77, 0xfe, 0x53, 0xfe, 0x19, 0x57, 0x58, 0x44, 0x6d, 0x12, 0xe2, 0x95,
+    0xd0, 0xd3, 0x5a, 0xb5, 0x2d, 0xe5, 0x7e, 0xb4, 0xb3, 0xa9, 0xcc, 0x7d,
+    0x53, 0x77, 0x81, 0x01, 0x0f, 0x0a, 0xf6, 0x86, 0x3c, 0x7d, 0xb5, 0x2c,
+    0xbf, 0x62, 0xc3, 0xf5, 0x38, 0x89, 0x13, 0x84, 0x1f, 0x44, 0x2d, 0x87,
+    0x5c, 0x23, 0x9e, 0x05, 0x62, 0x56, 0x3d, 0x71, 0x4d, 0xd0, 0xe3, 0x15,
+    0xe9, 0x09, 0x9c, 0x1a, 0xc0, 0x9a, 0x19, 0x8b, 0x9c, 0xe9, 0xae, 0xde,
+    0x62, 0x05, 0x23, 0xe2, 0xd0, 0x3f, 0xf5, 0xef, 0x04, 0x96, 0x4c, 0x87,
+    0x34, 0x2f, 0xd5, 0x90, 0xde, 0xbf, 0x4b, 0x56, 0x12, 0x5f, 0xc6, 0xdc,
+    0xa4, 0x1c, 0xc4, 0x53, 0x0c, 0xf9, 0xb4, 0xe4, 0x2c, 0xe7, 0x48, 0xbd,
+    0xb1, 0xac, 0xf1, 0xc1, 0x8d, 0x53, 0x47, 0x84, 0xc0, 0x78, 0x0a, 0x5e,
+    0xc2, 0x16, 0xff, 0xef, 0x97, 0x5b, 0x33, 0x85, 0x92, 0xcd, 0xd4, 0xbb,
+    0x64, 0xee, 0xed, 0x17, 0x18, 0x43, 0x32, 0x99, 0x32, 0x36, 0x25, 0xf4,
+    0x21, 0x3c, 0x2f, 0x55, 0xdc, 0x16, 0x06, 0x4d, 0x86, 0xa3, 0xa9, 0x34,
+    0x22, 0xd5, 0xc3, 0xc8, 0x64, 0x3c, 0x4e, 0x3a, 0x69, 0xbd, 0xcf, 0xd7,
+    0xee, 0x3f, 0x0d, 0x15, 0xeb, 0xfb, 0xbd, 0x91, 0x7f, 0xef, 0x48, 0xec,
+    0x86, 0xb2, 0x78, 0xf7, 0x53, 0x90, 0x38, 0xb5, 0x04, 0x9c, 0xb7, 0xd7,
+    0x9e, 0xaa, 0x15, 0xf7, 0xcd, 0xc2, 0x17, 0xd5, 0x8f, 0x82, 0x98, 0xa3,
+    0xaf, 0x59, 0xf1, 0x71, 0xda, 0x6e, 0xaf, 0x97, 0x6d, 0x77, 0x72, 0xfd,
+    0xa8, 0x80, 0x25, 0xce, 0x46, 0x04, 0x6e, 0x40, 0x15, 0x24, 0xc0, 0xf9,
+    0xbf, 0x13, 0x16, 0x72, 0xcb, 0xb7, 0x10, 0xc7, 0x0a, 0xd6, 0x66, 0x96,
+    0x5b, 0x27, 0x4d, 0x66, 0xc4, 0x2f, 0x21, 0x90, 0x9f, 0x8c, 0x24, 0xa0,
+    0x0e, 0xa2, 0x89, 0x92, 0xd2, 0x44, 0x63, 0x06, 0xb2, 0xab, 0x07, 0x26,
+    0xde, 0x03, 0x1d, 0xdb, 0x2a, 0x42, 0x5b, 0x4c, 0xf6, 0xfe, 0x53, 0xfa,
+    0x80, 0x45, 0x8d, 0x75, 0xf6, 0x0e, 0x1d, 0xcc, 0x4c, 0x3b, 0xb0, 0x80,
+    0x6d, 0x4c, 0xed, 0x7c, 0xe0, 0xd2, 0xe7, 0x62, 0x59, 0xb1, 0x5a, 0x5d,
+    0x3a, 0xec, 0x86, 0x04, 0xfe, 0x26, 0xd1, 0x18, 0xed, 0x56, 0x7d, 0x67,
+    0x56, 0x24, 0x6d, 0x7c, 0x6e, 0x8f, 0xc8, 0xa0, 0xba, 0x42, 0x0a, 0x33,
+    0x38, 0x7a, 0x09, 0x03, 0xc2, 0xbf, 0x9b, 0x01, 0xdd, 0x03, 0x5a, 0xba,
+    0x76, 0x04, 0xb1, 0xc3, 0x40, 0x23, 0x53, 0xbd, 0x64, 0x4e, 0x0f, 0xe7,
+    0xc3, 0x4e, 0x48, 0xea, 0x19, 0x2b, 0x1c, 0xe4, 0x3d, 0x93, 0xd8, 0xf6,
+    0xfb, 0xda, 0x3d, 0xeb, 0xed, 0xc2, 0xbd, 0x14, 0x57, 0x40, 0xde, 0xd1,
+    0x74, 0x54, 0x1b, 0xa8, 0x39, 0xda, 0x73, 0x56, 0xd4, 0xbe, 0xab, 0xec,
+    0xc7, 0x17, 0x4f, 0x91, 0xb6, 0xf6, 0xcb, 0x24, 0xc6, 0x1c, 0x07, 0xc4,
+    0xf3, 0xd0, 0x5e, 0x8d, 0xfa, 0x44, 0x98, 0x5c, 0x87, 0x36, 0x75, 0xb6,
+    0xa5, 0x31, 0xaa, 0xab, 0x7d, 0x38, 0x66, 0xb3, 0x18, 0x58, 0x65, 0x97,
+    0x06, 0xfd, 0x61, 0x81, 0x71, 0xc5, 0x17, 0x8b, 0x19, 0x03, 0xc8, 0x58,
+    0xec, 0x05, 0xca, 0x7b, 0x0f, 0xec, 0x9d, 0xb4, 0xbc, 0xa3, 0x20, 0x2e,
+    0xf8, 0xe4, 0xb1, 0x82, 0xdc, 0x5a, 0xd2, 0x92, 0x9c, 0x43, 0x5d, 0x16,
+    0x5b, 0x90, 0x80, 0xe4, 0xfb, 0x6e, 0x24, 0x6b, 0x8c, 0x1a, 0x35, 0xab,
+    0xbd, 0x77, 0x7f, 0xf9, 0x61, 0x80, 0xa5, 0xab, 0xa3, 0x39, 0xc2, 0xc9,
+    0x69, 0x3c, 0xfc, 0xb3, 0x9a, 0x05, 0x45, 0x03, 0x88, 0x8f, 0x8e, 0x23,
+    0xf2, 0x0c, 0x4c, 0x54, 0xb9, 0x40, 0x3a, 0x31, 0x1a, 0x22, 0x67, 0x43,
+    0x4a, 0x3e, 0xa0, 0x8c, 0x2d, 0x4d, 0x4f, 0xfc, 0xb5, 0x9b, 0x1f, 0xe1,
+    0xef, 0x02, 0x54, 0xab, 0x8d, 0x75, 0x4d, 0x93, 0xba, 0x76, 0xe1, 0xbc,
+    0x42, 0x7f, 0x6c, 0xcb, 0xf5, 0x47, 0xd6, 0x8a, 0xac, 0x5d, 0xe9, 0xbb,
+    0x3a, 0x65, 0x2c, 0x81, 0xe5, 0xff, 0x27, 0x7e, 0x60, 0x64, 0x80, 0x42,
+    0x8d, 0x36, 0x6b, 0x07, 0x76, 0x6a, 0xf1, 0xdf, 0x96, 0x17, 0x93, 0x21,
+    0x5d, 0xe4, 0x6c, 0xce, 0x1c, 0xb9, 0x82, 0x45, 0x05, 0x61, 0xe2, 0x41,
+    0x96, 0x03, 0x7d, 0x10, 0x8b, 0x3e, 0xc7, 0xe5, 0xcf, 0x08, 0xeb, 0x81,
+    0xd3, 0x82, 0x1b, 0x04, 0x96, 0x93, 0x5a, 0xe2, 0x8c, 0x8e, 0x50, 0x33,
+    0xf6, 0xf9, 0xf0, 0xfb, 0xb1, 0xd7, 0xc6, 0x97, 0xaa, 0xef, 0x0b, 0x87,
+    0xe1, 0x34, 0x97, 0x78, 0x2e, 0x7c, 0x46, 0x11, 0xd5, 0x3c, 0xec, 0x38,
+    0x70, 0x59, 0x14, 0x65, 0x4d, 0x0e, 0xd1, 0xeb, 0x49, 0xb3, 0x99, 0x6f,
+    0x87, 0xf1, 0x79, 0x21, 0xd9, 0x5c, 0x37, 0xb2, 0xfe, 0xc4, 0x7a, 0xc1,
+    0x67, 0xbd, 0x02, 0xfc, 0x02, 0xab, 0x2f, 0xf5, 0x0f, 0xa7, 0xae, 0x90,
+    0xc2, 0xaf, 0xdb, 0xd1, 0x96, 0xb2, 0x92, 0x5a, 0xfb, 0xca, 0x28, 0x74,
+    0x17, 0xed, 0xda, 0x2c, 0x9f, 0xb4, 0x2d, 0xf5, 0x71, 0x20, 0x64, 0x2d,
+    0x44, 0xe5, 0xa3, 0xa0, 0x94, 0x6f, 0x20, 0xb3, 0x73, 0x96, 0x40, 0x06,
+    0x9b, 0x25, 0x47, 0x4b, 0xe0, 0x63, 0x91, 0xd9, 0xda, 0xf3, 0xc3, 0xe5,
+    0x3a, 0x3c, 0xb7, 0x5f, 0xab, 0x1e, 0x51, 0x17, 0x4f, 0xec, 0xc1, 0x6d,
+    0x82, 0x79, 0x8e, 0xba, 0x7c, 0x47, 0x8e, 0x99, 0x00, 0x17, 0x9e, 0xda,
+    0x10, 0x42, 0x70, 0x25, 0x42, 0x84, 0xc8, 0xb1, 0x95, 0x56, 0xb2, 0x08,
+    0xa0, 0x4f, 0xdc, 0xcd, 0x9e, 0x31, 0x4b, 0x0c, 0x0b, 0x03, 0x5d, 0x2c,
+    0x26, 0xbc, 0xa9, 0x4b, 0x19, 0xdf, 0x90, 0x01, 0x9a, 0xe0, 0x06, 0x05,
+    0x13, 0x34, 0x9d, 0x34, 0xb8, 0xef, 0x13, 0x3a, 0x20, 0xf5, 0x74, 0x02,
+    0x70, 0x3b, 0x41, 0x60, 0x1f, 0x5e, 0x76, 0x0a, 0xb1, 0x17, 0xd5, 0xcf,
+    0x79, 0xef, 0xf7, 0xab, 0xe7, 0xd6, 0x0f, 0xad, 0x85, 0x2c, 0x52, 0x67,
+    0xb5, 0xa0, 0x4a, 0xfd, 0xaf};
\ No newline at end of file
--- a/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_dhe_unittest.cc
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_dhe_unittest.cc
@@ -470,16 +470,55 @@ TEST_P(TlsConnectTls13, NamedGroupMismat
   ConnectExpectAlert(server_, kTlsAlertHandshakeFailure);
+// Replace the key share in the server key exchange message with one that's
+// larger than 8192 bits.
+class TooLongDHEServerKEXFilter : public TlsHandshakeFilter {
+ public:
+  TooLongDHEServerKEXFilter(const std::shared_ptr<TlsAgent>& server)
+      : TlsHandshakeFilter(server, {kTlsHandshakeServerKeyExchange}) {}
+ protected:
+  virtual PacketFilter::Action FilterHandshake(const HandshakeHeader& header,
+                                               const DataBuffer& input,
+                                               DataBuffer* output) {
+    // Replace the server key exchange message very large DH shares that are
+    // not supported by NSS.
+    const uint32_t share_len = 0x401;
+    const uint8_t zero_share[share_len] = {0x80};
+    size_t offset = 0;
+    // Write dh_p.
+    offset = output->Write(offset, share_len, 2);
+    offset = output->Write(offset, zero_share, share_len);
+    // Write dh_g.
+    offset = output->Write(offset, share_len, 2);
+    offset = output->Write(offset, zero_share, share_len);
+    // Write dh_Y.
+    offset = output->Write(offset, share_len, 2);
+    offset = output->Write(offset, zero_share, share_len);
+    return CHANGE;
+  }
+TEST_P(TlsConnectGenericPre13, TooBigDHGroup) {
+  EnableOnlyDheCiphers();
+  MakeTlsFilter<TooLongDHEServerKEXFilter>(server_);
+  ConnectExpectAlert(client_, kTlsAlertIllegalParameter);
+  client_->CheckErrorCode(SSL_ERROR_DH_KEY_TOO_LONG);
 // Even though the client doesn't have DHE groups enabled the server assumes it
 // does. The client requires named groups and thus does not accept FF3072 as
 // custom group in contrast to the previous test.
 TEST_P(TlsConnectGenericPre13, RequireNamedGroupsMismatchPre13) {
   static const std::vector<SSLNamedGroup> server_groups = {ssl_grp_ffdhe_3072};
   static const std::vector<SSLNamedGroup> client_groups = {ssl_grp_ec_secp256r1,
--- a/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_extension_unittest.cc
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_extension_unittest.cc
@@ -316,17 +316,25 @@ TEST_P(TlsExtensionTestGeneric, AlpnMiss
   // This will leave the length of the second entry, but no value.
       client_, ssl_app_layer_protocol_xtn, 5));
 TEST_P(TlsExtensionTestGeneric, AlpnZeroLength) {
-  const uint8_t val[] = {0x01, 0x61, 0x00};
+  const uint8_t val[] = {0x00, 0x03, 0x01, 0x61, 0x00};
+  DataBuffer extension(val, sizeof(val));
+  ClientHelloErrorTest(std::make_shared<TlsExtensionReplacer>(
+      client_, ssl_app_layer_protocol_xtn, extension));
+TEST_P(TlsExtensionTestGeneric, AlpnLengthOverflow) {
+  EnableAlpn();
+  const uint8_t val[] = {0x00, 0x03, 0x01, 0x61, 0x01};
   DataBuffer extension(val, sizeof(val));
       client_, ssl_app_layer_protocol_xtn, extension));
 TEST_P(TlsExtensionTestGeneric, AlpnMismatch) {
   const uint8_t client_alpn[] = {0x01, 0x61};
   client_->EnableAlpn(client_alpn, sizeof(client_alpn));
--- a/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_hrr_unittest.cc
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_hrr_unittest.cc
@@ -612,16 +612,78 @@ TEST_P(TlsConnectTls13, RetryStatefulDro
   MakeTlsFilter<TlsExtensionDropper>(client_, ssl_tls13_cookie_xtn);
   ExpectAlert(server_, kTlsAlertMissingExtension);
+class TruncateHrrCookie : public TlsExtensionFilter {
+ public:
+  TruncateHrrCookie(const std::shared_ptr<TlsAgent>& a)
+      : TlsExtensionFilter(a) {}
+  virtual PacketFilter::Action FilterExtension(uint16_t extension_type,
+                                               const DataBuffer& input,
+                                               DataBuffer* output) {
+    if (extension_type != ssl_tls13_cookie_xtn) {
+      return KEEP;
+    }
+    // Claim a zero-length cookie.
+    output->Allocate(2);
+    output->Write(0, static_cast<uint32_t>(0), 2);
+    return CHANGE;
+  }
+TEST_P(TlsConnectTls13, RetryCookieEmpty) {
+  ConfigureSelfEncrypt();
+  EnsureTlsSetup();
+  TriggerHelloRetryRequest(client_, server_);
+  MakeTlsFilter<TruncateHrrCookie>(client_);
+  ExpectAlert(server_, kTlsAlertHandshakeFailure);
+  Handshake();
+  client_->CheckErrorCode(SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP);
+class AddJunkToCookie : public TlsExtensionFilter {
+ public:
+  AddJunkToCookie(const std::shared_ptr<TlsAgent>& a) : TlsExtensionFilter(a) {}
+  virtual PacketFilter::Action FilterExtension(uint16_t extension_type,
+                                               const DataBuffer& input,
+                                               DataBuffer* output) {
+    if (extension_type != ssl_tls13_cookie_xtn) {
+      return KEEP;
+    }
+    *output = input;
+    // Add junk after the cookie.
+    static const uint8_t junk[2] = {1, 2};
+    output->Append(DataBuffer(junk, sizeof(junk)));
+    return CHANGE;
+  }
+TEST_P(TlsConnectTls13, RetryCookieWithExtras) {
+  ConfigureSelfEncrypt();
+  EnsureTlsSetup();
+  TriggerHelloRetryRequest(client_, server_);
+  MakeTlsFilter<AddJunkToCookie>(client_);
+  ExpectAlert(server_, kTlsAlertHandshakeFailure);
+  Handshake();
+  client_->CheckErrorCode(SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP);
 // Stream only because DTLS drops bad packets.
 TEST_F(TlsConnectStreamTls13, RetryStatelessDamageFirstClientHello) {
   auto damage_ch =
       MakeTlsFilter<TlsExtensionInjector>(client_, 0xfff3, DataBuffer());
--- a/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_staticrsa_unittest.cc
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_staticrsa_unittest.cc
@@ -16,16 +16,17 @@ extern "C" {
 #include "libssl_internals.h"
 #include "gtest_utils.h"
 #include "scoped_ptrs.h"
 #include "tls_connect.h"
 #include "tls_filter.h"
 #include "tls_parser.h"
+#include "rsa8193.h"
 namespace nss_test {
 const uint8_t kBogusClientKeyExchange[] = {
     0x01, 0x00, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff,
     0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff,
     0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff,
     0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff,
@@ -95,9 +96,44 @@ TEST_P(TlsConnectStreamPre13,
        ConnectExtendedMasterSecretStaticRSABogusPMSVersionIgnore) {
   MakeTlsFilter<TlsClientHelloVersionChanger>(client_, server_);
+// Replace the server certificate with one that uses 8193-bit RSA.
+class TooLargeRSACertFilter : public TlsHandshakeFilter {
+ public:
+  TooLargeRSACertFilter(const std::shared_ptr<TlsAgent> &server)
+      : TlsHandshakeFilter(server, {kTlsHandshakeCertificate}) {}
+ protected:
+  virtual PacketFilter::Action FilterHandshake(const HandshakeHeader &header,
+                                               const DataBuffer &input,
+                                               DataBuffer *output) {
+    const uint32_t cert_len = sizeof(rsa8193);
+    const uint32_t outer_len = cert_len + 3;
+    size_t offset = 0;
+    offset = output->Write(offset, outer_len, 3);
+    offset = output->Write(offset, cert_len, 3);
+    offset = output->Write(offset, rsa8193, cert_len);
+    return CHANGE;
+  }
+TEST_P(TlsConnectGenericPre13, TooLargeRSAKeyInCert) {
+  EnableOnlyStaticRsaCiphers();
+  MakeTlsFilter<TooLargeRSACertFilter>(server_);
+  ConnectExpectAlert(client_, kTlsAlertIllegalParameter);
+TEST_P(TlsConnectGeneric, ServerAuthBiggestRsa) {
+  Reset(TlsAgent::kRsa8192);
+  Connect();
+  CheckKeys();
 }  // namespace nss_test
--- a/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_tls13compat_unittest.cc
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/ssl_tls13compat_unittest.cc
@@ -431,9 +431,25 @@ TEST_F(TlsConnectDatagram13, CompatModeD
   uint32_t session_id_len = 0;
   EXPECT_TRUE(server_hello->buffer().Read(2 + 32, 1, &session_id_len));
   EXPECT_EQ(0U, session_id_len);
+TEST_F(Tls13CompatTest, ConnectWith12ThenAttemptToResume13CompatMode) {
+  ConfigureVersion(SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_TLS_1_2);
+  Connect();
+  Reset();
+  ExpectResumption(RESUME_NONE);
+  version_ = SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_TLS_1_3;
+  client_->SetVersionRange(SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_TLS_1_2,
+                           SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_TLS_1_3);
+  server_->SetVersionRange(SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_TLS_1_2,
+                           SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_TLS_1_3);
+  EnableCompatMode();
+  Connect();
 }  // namespace nss_test
--- a/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/tls_agent.cc
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/tls_agent.cc
@@ -28,16 +28,17 @@ extern "C" {
 extern std::string g_working_dir_path;
 namespace nss_test {
 const char* TlsAgent::states[] = {"INIT", "CONNECTING", "CONNECTED", "ERROR"};
 const std::string TlsAgent::kClient = "client";    // both sign and encrypt
 const std::string TlsAgent::kRsa2048 = "rsa2048";  // bigger
+const std::string TlsAgent::kRsa8192 = "rsa8192";  // biggest allowed
 const std::string TlsAgent::kServerRsa = "rsa";    // both sign and encrypt
 const std::string TlsAgent::kServerRsaSign = "rsa_sign";
 const std::string TlsAgent::kServerRsaPss = "rsa_pss";
 const std::string TlsAgent::kServerRsaDecrypt = "rsa_decrypt";
 const std::string TlsAgent::kServerEcdsa256 = "ecdsa256";
 const std::string TlsAgent::kServerEcdsa384 = "ecdsa384";
 const std::string TlsAgent::kServerEcdsa521 = "ecdsa521";
 const std::string TlsAgent::kServerEcdhRsa = "ecdh_rsa";
--- a/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/tls_agent.h
+++ b/security/nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/tls_agent.h
@@ -64,16 +64,17 @@ static const uint8_t kD13 = TLS_1_3_DRAF
 class TlsAgent : public PollTarget {
   enum Role { CLIENT, SERVER };
   static const std::string kClient;     // the client key is sign only
   static const std::string kRsa2048;    // bigger sign and encrypt for either
+  static const std::string kRsa8192;    // biggest sign and encrypt for either
   static const std::string kServerRsa;  // both sign and encrypt
   static const std::string kServerRsaSign;
   static const std::string kServerRsaPss;
   static const std::string kServerRsaDecrypt;
   static const std::string kServerEcdsa256;
   static const std::string kServerEcdsa384;
   static const std::string kServerEcdsa521;
   static const std::string kServerEcdhEcdsa;
--- a/security/nss/lib/pkcs12/p12d.c
+++ b/security/nss/lib/pkcs12/p12d.c
@@ -808,16 +808,17 @@ sec_pkcs12_decoder_asafes_notify(void *a
     if (!before) {
         /* if one is being decoded, finish the decode */
         if (p12dcx->currentASafeP7Dcx != NULL) {
             SEC_PKCS7ContentInfo *cinfo;
             unsigned int cnt = p12dcx->safeContentsCnt - 1;
             safeContentsCtx = p12dcx->safeContentsList[cnt];
             if (safeContentsCtx->safeContentsA1Dcx) {
+                SEC_ASN1DecoderClearFilterProc(p12dcx->aSafeA1Dcx);
                 safeContentsCtx->safeContentsA1Dcx = NULL;
             cinfo = SEC_PKCS7DecoderFinish(p12dcx->currentASafeP7Dcx);
             p12dcx->currentASafeP7Dcx = NULL;
             if (!cinfo) {
                 p12dcx->errorValue = PORT_GetError();
                 goto loser;
--- a/security/nss/lib/pkcs7/p7decode.c
+++ b/security/nss/lib/pkcs7/p7decode.c
@@ -555,16 +555,17 @@ sec_pkcs7_decoder_start_decrypt(SEC_PKCS
                                  (PRBool)(p7dcx->cb != NULL));
     p7dcx->worker.depth = depth;
     p7dcx->worker.decryptobj = decryptobj;
     return SECSuccess;
+    PK11_FreeSymKey(bulkkey);
      * For some reason (error set already, if appropriate), we cannot
      * decrypt the content.  I am not sure what exactly is the right
      * thing to do here; in some cases we want to just stop, and in
      * others we want to let the decoding finish even though we cannot
      * decrypt the content.  My current thinking is that if the caller
      * set up a content callback, then they are really interested in
      * getting (decrypted) content, and if they cannot they will want
@@ -1026,16 +1027,21 @@ SEC_PKCS7DecoderStart(SEC_PKCS7DecoderCo
  * again in case that is the easiest route for our caller to take.
  * We simply detect it and do not do anything except keep setting
  * that error in case our caller has not noticed it yet...
 SEC_PKCS7DecoderUpdate(SEC_PKCS7DecoderContext *p7dcx,
                        const char *buf, unsigned long len)
+    if (!p7dcx) {
+        return SECFailure;
+    }
     if (p7dcx->cinfo != NULL && p7dcx->dcx != NULL) {
         PORT_Assert(p7dcx->error == 0);
         if (p7dcx->error == 0) {
             if (SEC_ASN1DecoderUpdate(p7dcx->dcx, buf, len) != SECSuccess) {
                 p7dcx->error = PORT_GetError();
                 if (p7dcx->error == 0)
                     p7dcx->error = -1;
--- a/security/nss/lib/ssl/SSLerrs.h
+++ b/security/nss/lib/ssl/SSLerrs.h
@@ -544,8 +544,11 @@ ER3(SSL_ERROR_TOO_MANY_KEY_UPDATES, (SSL
     "SSL handshake has already failed. No more operations possible.")
     "SSL received an invalid resumption token.")
     "SSL received a malformed DTLS ACK")
+    "SSL received a DH key share that's too long (>8192 bit).")
--- a/security/nss/lib/ssl/ssl3con.c
+++ b/security/nss/lib/ssl/ssl3con.c
@@ -5567,23 +5567,30 @@ ssl3_SendRSAClientKeyExchange(sslSocket 
     pms = ssl3_GenerateRSAPMS(ss, ss->ssl3.pwSpec, NULL);
     if (pms == NULL) {
         goto loser;
     /* Get the wrapped (encrypted) pre-master secret, enc_pms */
-    enc_pms.len = SECKEY_PublicKeyStrength(svrPubKey);
+    unsigned int svrPubKeyBits = SECKEY_PublicKeyStrengthInBits(svrPubKey);
+    enc_pms.len = (svrPubKeyBits + 7) / 8;
+    /* Check that the RSA key isn't larger than 8k bit. */
+    if (svrPubKeyBits > SSL_MAX_RSA_KEY_BITS) {
+        (void)SSL3_SendAlert(ss, alert_fatal, illegal_parameter);
+        goto loser;
+    }
     enc_pms.data = (unsigned char *)PORT_Alloc(enc_pms.len);
     if (enc_pms.data == NULL) {
         goto loser; /* err set by PORT_Alloc */
-    /* wrap pre-master secret in server's public key. */
+    /* Wrap pre-master secret in server's public key. */
     rv = PK11_PubWrapSymKey(CKM_RSA_PKCS, svrPubKey, pms, &enc_pms);
     if (rv != SECSuccess) {
         goto loser;
 #ifdef TRACE
     if (ssl_trace >= 100) {
@@ -5676,17 +5683,17 @@ ssl3_SendDHClientKeyExchange(sslSocket *
     const ssl3DHParams *params;
     ssl3DHParams customParams;
     const sslNamedGroupDef *groupDef;
     static const sslNamedGroupDef customGroupDef = {
         ssl_grp_ffdhe_custom, 0, ssl_kea_dh, SEC_OID_TLS_DHE_CUSTOM, PR_FALSE
     sslEphemeralKeyPair *keyPair = NULL;
     SECKEYPublicKey *pubKey;
-    PRUint8 dhData[1026]; /* Enough for the 8192-bit group. */
+    PRUint8 dhData[SSL_MAX_DH_KEY_BITS / 8 + 2];
     sslBuffer dhBuf = SSL_BUFFER(dhData);
     PORT_Assert(ss->opt.noLocks || ssl_HaveSSL3HandshakeLock(ss));
     PORT_Assert(ss->opt.noLocks || ssl_HaveXmitBufLock(ss));
     isTLS = (PRBool)(ss->version > SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_3_0);
     /* Copy DH parameters from server key */
@@ -6159,38 +6166,48 @@ ssl_ClientSetCipherSuite(sslSocket *ss, 
 /* Check that session ID we received from the server, if any, matches our
  * expectations, depending on whether we're in compat mode and whether we
  * negotiated TLS 1.3+ or TLS 1.2-.
 static PRBool
 ssl_CheckServerSessionIdCorrectness(sslSocket *ss, SECItem *sidBytes)
-    PRBool sid_match = PR_FALSE;
-    PRBool sent_fake_sid = ss->opt.enableTls13CompatMode && !IS_DTLS(ss);
-    /* If in compat mode and we received a session ID with the right length
-     * then compare it to the fake one we sent in the ClientHello. */
-    if (sent_fake_sid && sidBytes->len == SSL3_SESSIONID_BYTES) {
-        PRUint8 buf[SSL3_SESSIONID_BYTES];
-        ssl_MakeFakeSid(ss, buf);
-        sid_match = PORT_Memcmp(buf, sidBytes->data, sidBytes->len) == 0;
-    }
-    /* TLS 1.2: SessionID shouldn't match the fake one. */
+    sslSessionID *sid = ss->sec.ci.sid;
+    PRBool sidMatch = PR_FALSE;
+    PRBool sentFakeSid = PR_FALSE;
+    PRBool sentRealSid = sid && sid->version < SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_TLS_1_3;
+    /* If attempting to resume a TLS 1.2 connection, the session ID won't be a
+     * fake. Check for the real value. */
+    if (sentRealSid) {
+        sidMatch = (sidBytes->len == sid->u.ssl3.sessionIDLength) &&
+                   PORT_Memcmp(sid->u.ssl3.sessionID, sidBytes->data, sidBytes->len) == 0;
+    } else {
+        /* Otherwise, the session ID was a fake if TLS 1.3 compat mode is
+         * enabled.  If so, check for the fake value. */
+        sentFakeSid = ss->opt.enableTls13CompatMode && !IS_DTLS(ss);
+        if (sentFakeSid && sidBytes->len == SSL3_SESSIONID_BYTES) {
+            PRUint8 buf[SSL3_SESSIONID_BYTES];
+            ssl_MakeFakeSid(ss, buf);
+            sidMatch = PORT_Memcmp(buf, sidBytes->data, sidBytes->len) == 0;
+        }
+    }
+    /* TLS 1.2: Session ID shouldn't match if we sent a fake. */
     if (ss->version < SSL_LIBRARY_VERSION_TLS_1_3) {
-        return !sid_match;
-    }
-    /* TLS 1.3: [Compat Mode] Session ID should match the fake one. */
-    if (sent_fake_sid) {
-        return sid_match;
-    }
-    /* TLS 1.3: [Non-Compat Mode] Server shouldn't send a session ID. */
+        return !sentFakeSid || !sidMatch;
+    }
+    /* TLS 1.3: We sent a session ID.  The server's should match. */
+    if (sentRealSid || sentFakeSid) {
+        return sidMatch;
+    }
+    /* TLS 1.3: The server shouldn't send a session ID. */
     return sidBytes->len == 0;
 /* Called from ssl3_HandleHandshakeMessage() when it has deciphered a complete
  * ssl3 ServerHello message.
  * Caller must hold Handshake and RecvBuf locks.
 static SECStatus
@@ -6713,16 +6730,20 @@ ssl_HandleDHServerKeyExchange(sslSocket 
     if (rv != SECSuccess || minDH <= 0) {
         minDH = SSL_DH_MIN_P_BITS;
     dh_p_bits = SECKEY_BigIntegerBitLength(&dh_p);
     if (dh_p_bits < (unsigned)minDH) {
         goto alert_loser;
+    if (dh_p_bits > SSL_MAX_DH_KEY_BITS) {
+        errCode = SSL_ERROR_DH_KEY_TOO_LONG;
+        goto alert_loser;
+    }
     rv = ssl3_ConsumeHandshakeVariable(ss, &dh_g, 2, &b, &length);
     if (rv != SECSuccess) {
         goto loser; /* malformed. */
     /* Abort if dh_g is 0, 1, or obviously too big. */
     dh_g_bits = SECKEY_BigIntegerBitLength(&dh_g);
     if (dh_g_bits > dh_p_bits || dh_g_bits <= 1) {
         goto alert_loser;
--- a/security/nss/lib/ssl/sslcert.c
+++ b/security/nss/lib/ssl/sslcert.c
@@ -251,17 +251,18 @@ ssl_PopulateKeyPair(sslServerCert *sc, s
                 /* Unsupported curve. */
                 return SECFailure;
         /* Get the size of the cert's public key, and remember it. */
         sc->serverKeyBits = SECKEY_PublicKeyStrengthInBits(keyPair->pubKey);
-        if (sc->serverKeyBits == 0) {
+        if (sc->serverKeyBits == 0 ||
+            (keyType == rsaKey && sc->serverKeyBits > SSL_MAX_RSA_KEY_BITS)) {
             return SECFailure;
         sc->serverKeyPair = ssl_GetKeyPairRef(keyPair);
         if (SSL_CERT_IS(sc, ssl_auth_rsa_decrypt)) {
--- a/security/nss/lib/ssl/sslerr.h
+++ b/security/nss/lib/ssl/sslerr.h
@@ -258,15 +258,16 @@ typedef enum {
     SSL_ERROR_END_OF_LIST   /* let the c compiler determine the value of this. */
 } SSLErrorCodes;
 /* clang-format on */
 #endif /* __SSL_ERR_H_ */
--- a/security/nss/lib/ssl/sslimpl.h
+++ b/security/nss/lib/ssl/sslimpl.h
@@ -116,16 +116,20 @@ typedef enum { SSLAppOpRead = 0,
 /* The maximum time to wait between retransmissions. */
 /* Time to wait in FINISHED state for retransmissions. */
 /* default number of entries in namedGroupPreferences */
+/* The maximum DH and RSA bit-length supported. */
+#define SSL_MAX_DH_KEY_BITS 8192
+#define SSL_MAX_RSA_KEY_BITS 8192
 /* Types and names of elliptic curves used in TLS */
 typedef enum {
     ec_type_explicitPrime = 1,      /* not supported */
     ec_type_explicitChar2Curve = 2, /* not supported */
     ec_type_named = 3
 } ECType;
 typedef enum {
@@ -806,17 +810,17 @@ typedef struct {
 struct ssl3DHParamsStr {
     SSLNamedGroup name;
     SECItem prime; /* p */
     SECItem base;  /* g */
 typedef struct SSLWrappedSymWrappingKeyStr {
-    PRUint8 wrappedSymmetricWrappingkey[512];
+    PRUint8 wrappedSymmetricWrappingkey[SSL_MAX_RSA_KEY_BITS / 8];
     CK_MECHANISM_TYPE symWrapMechanism;
     /* unwrapped symmetric wrapping key uses this mechanism */
     CK_MECHANISM_TYPE asymWrapMechanism;
     /* mechanism used to wrap the SymmetricWrappingKey using
      * server's public and/or private keys. */
     PRInt16 wrapMechIndex;
     PRUint16 wrapKeyIndex;
     PRUint16 wrappedSymKeyLen;
--- a/security/nss/lib/ssl/tls13exthandle.c
+++ b/security/nss/lib/ssl/tls13exthandle.c
@@ -855,22 +855,22 @@ tls13_ServerHandleCookieXtn(const sslSoc
     rv = ssl3_ExtConsumeHandshakeVariable(ss, &xtnData->cookie, 2,
                                           &data->data, &data->len);
     if (rv != SECSuccess) {
         return SECFailure;
     if (xtnData->cookie.len == 0) {
         return SECFailure;
     if (data->len) {
         return SECFailure;
     /* Keep track of negotiated extensions. */
     xtnData->negotiated[xtnData->numNegotiated++] = ssl_tls13_cookie_xtn;
     return SECSuccess;
--- a/security/nss/lib/util/secasn1d.c
+++ b/security/nss/lib/util/secasn1d.c
@@ -170,17 +170,17 @@ static int /* bool */
             sprintf(buf, " %s", type_names[k]);
             if ((k == SEC_ASN1_SET || k == SEC_ASN1_SEQUENCE) &&
                 (kind & SEC_ASN1_GROUP)) {
                 buf += strlen(buf);
                 sprintf(buf, "_OF");
     } else {
-        sprintf(buf, " [%d]", k);
+        sprintf(buf, " [%lu]", k);
     buf += strlen(buf);
     for (k = kind >> 8, i = 0; k; k >>= 1, ++i) {
         if (k & 1) {
             sprintf(buf, " %s", flag_names[i]);
             buf += strlen(buf);
@@ -977,17 +977,17 @@ sec_asn1d_prepare_for_contents(sec_asn1d
     SECItem *item;
     PLArenaPool *poolp;
     unsigned long alloc_len;
     sec_asn1d_state *parent;
-        printf("Found Length %d %s\n", state->contents_length,
+        printf("Found Length %lu %s\n", state->contents_length,
                state->indefinite ? "indefinite" : "");
      * The maximum length for a child element should be constrained to the
      * length remaining in the first definite length element in the ancestor
      * stack. If there is no definite length element in the ancestor stack,
@@ -2712,26 +2712,25 @@ dump_states(SEC_ASN1DecoderContext *cx)
     for (; state; state = state->child) {
         int i;
         for (i = 0; i < state->depth; i++) {
             printf("  ");
         i = formatKind(state->theTemplate->kind, kindBuf);
-        printf("%s: tmpl %08x, kind%s",
+        printf("%s: tmpl kind %s",
                (state == cx->current) ? "STATE" : "State",
-               state->theTemplate,
         printf(" %s", (state->place >= 0 && state->place <= notInUse) ? place_names[state->place] : "(undefined)");
         if (!i)
-            printf(", expect 0x%02x",
+            printf(", expect 0x%02lx",
                    state->expect_tag_number | state->expect_tag_modifiers);
-        printf("%s%s%s %d\n",
+        printf("%s%s%s %lu\n",
                state->indefinite ? ", indef" : "",
                state->missing ? ", miss" : "",
                state->endofcontents ? ", EOC" : "",
@@ -2749,17 +2748,17 @@ SEC_ASN1DecoderUpdate(SEC_ASN1DecoderCon
     if (cx->status == needBytes)
         cx->status = keepGoing;
     while (cx->status == keepGoing) {
         state = cx->current;
         what = SEC_ASN1_Contents;
         consumed = 0;
-        printf("\nPLACE = %s, next byte = 0x%02x, %08x[%d]\n",
+        printf("\nPLACE = %s, next byte = 0x%02x, %p[%lu]\n",
                (state->place >= 0 && state->place <= notInUse) ? place_names[state->place] : "(undefined)",
                len ? (unsigned int)((unsigned char *)buf)[consumed] : 0,
                buf, consumed);
 #endif /* DEBUG_ASN1D_STATES */
         switch (state->place) {
             case beforeIdentifier:
                 consumed = sec_asn1d_parse_identifier(state, buf, len);
@@ -2972,17 +2971,17 @@ SEC_ASN1DecoderUpdate(SEC_ASN1DecoderCon
     return SECSuccess;
 SEC_ASN1DecoderFinish(SEC_ASN1DecoderContext *cx)
     SECStatus rv;
-    if (cx->status == needBytes) {
+    if (!cx || cx->status == needBytes) {
         rv = SECFailure;
     } else {
         rv = SECSuccess;
      * XXX anything else that needs to be finished?
--- a/security/nss/tests/ssl_gtests/ssl_gtests.sh
+++ b/security/nss/tests/ssl_gtests/ssl_gtests.sh
@@ -42,16 +42,17 @@ certscript() {
 make_cert() {
   unset type_args trust sign
   case $type in
     dsa) type_args='-g 1024' ;;
     rsa) type_args='-g 1024' ;;
     rsa2048) type_args='-g 2048';type=rsa ;;
+    rsa8192) type_args='-g 8192';type=rsa ;;
     rsapss) type_args='-g 1024 --pss';type=rsa ;;
     p256) type_args='-q nistp256';type=ec ;;
     p384) type_args='-q secp384r1';type=ec ;;
     p521) type_args='-q secp521r1';type=ec ;;
     rsa_ca) type_args='-g 1024';trust='CT,CT,CT';type=rsa ;;
     rsa_chain) type_args='-g 1024';sign='-c rsa_ca';type=rsa;;
     rsapss_ca) type_args='-g 1024 --pss';trust='CT,CT,CT';type=rsa ;;
     rsapss_chain) type_args='-g 1024';sign='-c rsa_pss_ca';type=rsa;;
@@ -78,16 +79,17 @@ ssl_gtest_certs() {
   ${BINDIR}/certutil -N -d "${PROFILEDIR}" --empty-password 2>&1
   html_msg $? 0 "create ssl_gtest database"
   make_cert client rsa sign
   make_cert rsa rsa sign kex
   make_cert rsa2048 rsa2048 sign kex
+  make_cert rsa8192 rsa8192 sign kex
   make_cert rsa_sign rsa sign
   make_cert rsa_pss rsapss sign
   make_cert rsa_decrypt rsa kex
   make_cert ecdsa256 p256 sign
   make_cert ecdsa384 p384 sign
   make_cert ecdsa521 p521 sign
   make_cert ecdh_ecdsa p256 kex
   make_cert rsa_ca rsa_ca ca