Bug 913953 - Part ab: Remove unused WriteInto function; r=ehsan
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Tue, 10 Sep 2013 09:03:37 +0200
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Bug 913953 - Part ab: Remove unused WriteInto function; r=ehsan
--- a/ipc/chromium/src/base/string_util.h
+++ b/ipc/chromium/src/base/string_util.h
@@ -213,39 +213,16 @@ std::wstring StringPrintf(const wchar_t*
 const std::string& SStringPrintf(std::string* dst, const char* format, ...);
 const std::wstring& SStringPrintf(std::wstring* dst,
                                   const wchar_t* format, ...);
 // Append result to a supplied string
 void StringAppendF(std::string* dst, const char* format, ...);
 void StringAppendF(std::wstring* dst, const wchar_t* format, ...);
-// This is mpcomplete's pattern for saving a string copy when dealing with
-// a function that writes results into a wchar_t[] and wanting the result to
-// end up in a std::wstring.  It ensures that the std::wstring's internal
-// buffer has enough room to store the characters to be written into it, and
-// sets its .length() attribute to the right value.
-// The reserve() call allocates the memory required to hold the string
-// plus a terminating null.  This is done because resize() isn't
-// guaranteed to reserve space for the null.  The resize() call is
-// simply the only way to change the string's 'length' member.
-// XXX-performance: the call to wide.resize() takes linear time, since it fills
-// the string's buffer with nulls.  I call it to change the length of the
-// string (needed because writing directly to the buffer doesn't do this).
-// Perhaps there's a constant-time way to change the string's length.
-template <class string_type>
-inline typename string_type::value_type* WriteInto(string_type* str,
-                                                   size_t length_with_null) {
-  str->reserve(length_with_null);
-  str->resize(length_with_null - 1);
-  return &((*str)[0]);
 // Splits |str| into a vector of strings delimited by |s|. Append the results
 // into |r| as they appear. If several instances of |s| are contiguous, or if
 // |str| begins with or ends with |s|, then an empty string is inserted.
 // Every substring is trimmed of any leading or trailing white space.
 void SplitString(const std::wstring& str,