Bug 1231192 - Support clonebundles feature; r=smacleod
authorGregory Szorc <gps@mozilla.com>
Mon, 07 Dec 2015 13:03:17 -0800
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Bug 1231192 - Support clonebundles feature; r=smacleod bundleclone is the Mozilla-specific precursor to the "clonebundles" feature in Mercurial 3.6. Change the wizard to recognize when clonebundles is available and to favor it. Activating clonebundles will also disable bundleclone, as bundleclone is redundant with clonebundles. (If both are enabled, bundleclone detects this and gets out of the way.)
--- a/tools/mercurial/hgsetup/config.py
+++ b/tools/mercurial/hgsetup/config.py
@@ -204,8 +204,23 @@ class MercurialConfig(object):
     def clear_legacy_bugzilla_credentials(self):
         if 'bugzilla' not in self._c:
         b = self._c['bugzilla']
         for k in ('password', 'userid', 'cookie'):
             if k in b:
                 del b[k]
+    def have_clonebundles(self):
+        return 'clonebundles' in self._c.get('experimental', {})
+    def activate_clonebundles(self):
+        exp = self._c.setdefault('experimental', {})
+        exp['clonebundles'] = 'true'
+        # bundleclone is redundant with clonebundles. Remove it if it
+        # is installed.
+        ext = self._c.get('extensions', {})
+        try:
+            del ext['bundleclone']
+        except KeyError:
+            pass
--- a/tools/mercurial/hgsetup/wizard.py
+++ b/tools/mercurial/hgsetup/wizard.py
@@ -206,16 +206,25 @@ try syntax and pushes it to the try serv
 to be used in concert with other tools generating try syntax so that
 they can push to try without depending on mq or other workarounds.
 (Relevant config option: extensions.push-to-try)
 Would you like to activate push-to-try
+Mercurial 3.6 and hg.mozilla.org support transparently cloning from a CDN,
+making clones faster and more reliable.
+(Relevant config option: experimental.clonebundles)
+Would you like to activate this feature and have faster clones
 The bundleclone extension makes cloning faster and saves server resources.
 We highly recommend you activate this extension.
 (Relevant config option: extensions.bundleclone)
@@ -354,17 +363,23 @@ class MercurialSetupWizard(object):
         self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'bzexport', BZEXPORT_INFO)
         if hg_version >= BZPOST_MINIMUM_VERSION:
             self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'bzpost', BZPOST_INFO)
         if hg_version >= FIREFOXTREE_MINIMUM_VERSION:
             self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'firefoxtree', FIREFOXTREE_INFO)
-        if hg_version >= BUNDLECLONE_MINIMUM_VERSION:
+        # Functionality from bundleclone is experimental in Mercurial 3.6.
+        # There was a bug in 3.6, so look for 3.6.1.
+        if hg_version >= LooseVersion('3.6.1'):
+            if not c.have_clonebundles() and self._prompt_yn(CLONEBUNDLES_INFO):
+                c.activate_clonebundles()
+                print('Enabled the clonebundles feature.\n')
+        elif hg_version >= BUNDLECLONE_MINIMUM_VERSION:
             self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'bundleclone', BUNDLECLONE_INFO)
         if hg_version >= PUSHTOTRY_MINIMUM_VERSION:
             self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'push-to-try', PUSHTOTRY_INFO)
         if 'mq' in c.extensions:
             self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'mqext', MQEXT_INFO)