Bug 1373878 - part 1 - add --enable-rust-tests configure option; r=rillian
authorNathan Froyd <froydnj@mozilla.com>
Mon, 02 Oct 2017 09:21:22 -0400
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Bug 1373878 - part 1 - add --enable-rust-tests configure option; r=rillian Because Rust tests require panic=unwind crates and therefore recompiling all crates we normally use (since most of our crates use panic=abort), we've elected to enable Rust tests only if the user asks for it. Hence, this configure option. The configure option also enables build-time execution of the crates, since it's not straightforward to determine at configure time the name of the test binary Cargo will produce (Cargo produces test binaries of the form ${NAME}-${HEX_FINGERPRINT}, but there's no way to determine what ${HEX_FINGERPRINT} is without actually compiling the test binary).
--- a/build/moz.configure/rust.configure
+++ b/build/moz.configure/rust.configure
@@ -235,8 +235,15 @@ def rust_target_env_name(triple):
 set_config('RUST_TARGET_ENV_NAME', rust_target_env_name)
 # This is used for putting source info into symbol files.
 set_config('RUSTC_COMMIT', depends(rustc_info)(lambda i: i.commit))
 # Until we remove all the other Rust checks in old-configure.
 add_old_configure_assignment('RUSTC', rustc)
 add_old_configure_assignment('RUST_TARGET', rust_target_triple)
+# This option is separate from --enable-tests because Rust tests are particularly
+# expensive in terms of compile time (especially for code in libxul).
+       help='Enable building of Rust tests, and build-time execution of them')
+set_config('MOZ_RUST_TESTS', depends('--enable-rust-tests')(lambda v: bool(v)))