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--- a/js/src/nanojit/avmplus.h
+++ b/js/src/nanojit/avmplus.h
@@ -59,21 +59,24 @@
 #define AvmAssertMsg(x, y) 
 #define AvmDebugLog(x) printf x
 #ifdef _MSC_VER
  * Can we just take a moment to think about what it means that MSVC doesn't have stdint.h in 2008?
  * Thanks for your time.
-typedef JSUint8 uint8_t;
+typedef JSUint8  uint8_t;
+typedef JSInt8   int8_t;
 typedef JSUint16 uint16_t;
+typedef JSInt16  int16_t;
 typedef JSUint32 uint32_t;
 typedef JSInt32  int32_t;
 typedef JSUint64 uint64_t;
+typedef JSInt64  int64_t;
 #include <stdint.h>
 #if defined(__i386__)
 static __inline__ unsigned long long rdtsc(void)