Bug 796463: enable PeerConnection by default r=roc
authorRandell Jesup <rjesup@jesup.org>
Mon, 18 Feb 2013 14:45:19 -0500
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Bug 796463: enable PeerConnection by default r=roc
--- a/modules/libpref/src/init/all.js
+++ b/modules/libpref/src/init/all.js
@@ -175,17 +175,17 @@ pref("media.webm.enabled", true);
 #ifdef MOZ_DASH
 pref("media.dash.enabled", false);
 pref("media.gstreamer.enabled", true);
 #ifdef MOZ_WEBRTC
 pref("media.navigator.enabled", true);
-pref("media.peerconnection.enabled", false);
+pref("media.peerconnection.enabled", true);
 pref("media.navigator.permission.disabled", false);
 pref("media.peerconnection.default_iceservers", "[{\"url\": \"stun:\"}]");
 pref("media.peerconnection.use_document_iceservers", true);
 // These values (aec, agc, and noice) are from media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc/common_types.h
 // kXxxUnchanged = 0, kXxxDefault = 1, and higher values are specific to each 
 // setting (for Xxx = Ec, Agc, or Ns).  Defaults are all set to kXxxDefault here.
 pref("media.peerconnection.aec_enabled", true);
 pref("media.peerconnection.aec", 1);
@@ -4115,9 +4115,9 @@ pref("ui.touch_activation.delay_ms", 100
 // nsMemoryInfoDumper can watch a fifo in the temp directory and take various
 // actions when the fifo is written to.  Disable this in general.
 pref("memory_info_dumper.watch_fifo", false);
 pref("captivedetect.maxWaitingTime", 5000);
 pref("captivedetect.pollingTime", 3000);
 pref("captivedetect.maxRetryCount", 5);
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